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The Disruptive Collective: A Space dedicated to the exploration of Large Language Models (LLM), Artificial Intelligence (AI), effective Accelerationism, and futurism. This platform is a convergence point for senior software engineers, tech enthusiasts, futurists, and thought leaders who are passionate about leveraging AI for societal and technological advancement. In this community, members engage in rich discussions about the transformative potential of LLMs and AI, focusing on impacts across industries, human-computer interaction, and the evolution of intelligence. The server also explores the broader implications of AI in societal changes, discussing ethical AI deployment, the future of work in an AI-driven era, and maintaining a balance between technological growth and human values. A prominent theme is Effective Accelerationism, where members discuss strategies for navigating the fast-paced world of technological development for sustainable and equitable societal advancement. The server is a platform for debating, sharing ideas, and collaborating on actionable insights and innovative solutions in the tech space. "The Disruptive Collective" is not just a discussion forum but a hub for the latest in AI research, trends, and developments. It features expert-led discussions, collaborative projects, and networking opportunities, perfect for those eager to be at the leading edge of the AI revolution. The server values open-mindedness, intellectual rigor, and a progressive mindset. Join our vibrant community, committed to shaping a future where technology enhances human potential and fosters a more advanced and interconnected world. Connect with Us: Twitter: https://twitter.com/@DisruptiveCLCTV Discord: https://discord.gg/Rs5yT28pts Matrix: https://matrix.to/#/#disruptive-collective:matrix.org Donate $XMR: 44N2cCF49rRgmC7jR42DKrbiT6c6AEpiDd7xraAWB2CeMgMqhwXqENvLdnasvf99hUbWK3XNWMugKiPY6sHbg29pJSczoWf28 Servers

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28 Feb 2024
@dictvm:matrix.orgκαταραμένος joined the room.16:32:52
@dictvm:matrix.orgκαταραμένος changed their display name from dictvm to καταραμένος.16:36:07
@thedisruptivecollective:matrix.orgThe Disruptive Collective | Join Our Space #disruptive-collective:matrix.orghttps://www.hyperspace.computer/node21:30:00
29 Feb 2024
@thedisruptivecollective:matrix.orgThe Disruptive Collective | Join Our Space #disruptive-collective:matrix.orgAlibaba's EMO model, any image of a face can get turned into a video expressing the words and emotions from any audio file.18:23:29
@thedisruptivecollective:matrix.orgThe Disruptive Collective | Join Our Space #disruptive-collective:matrix.orgDownload EMOmodel.mp418:23:33
@fxhp:matrix.orgfxhpyeah that's trippy. saw a demo reel18:42:16
@grop3r:matrix.orgGrop3rAre you kidding me 19:04:42
@_slack_disruptivecollective_U0494S0EJ58:matrix.orgDisruptive Collective Pop stars and musicians are dead fam lol 19:05:15
@grop3r:matrix.orgGrop3rNah originality , creativity and uniqueness will thrive always 19:14:37
In reply to @_slack_disruptivecollective_U0494S0EJ58:matrix.org
Pop stars and musicians are dead fam lol
Do you have a link, I want to try with a line from the matrix lol
@_slack_disruptivecollective_U0494S0EJ58:matrix.orgDisruptive Collective OK but the actual person isn't required 19:15:32
@_slack_disruptivecollective_U0494S0EJ58:matrix.orgDisruptive Collective I don't know if they dropped it for free 19:16:14
@_slack_disruptivecollective_U0494S0EJ58:matrix.orgDisruptive Collective https://www.alibabacloud.com/solutions/ai/data-intelligence 19:19:09
In reply to @grop3r:matrix.org
Nah originality , creativity and uniqueness will thrive always
explain disney/marvel movies/pop music then
@kapoorsudartha:matrix.orgjoskyeDisney/Marvel was creative. Now it's kinda stale. Trends are cyclical. Avengers was the first 18 movie long form movie plot so arguably pretty creative as a piece of cinematic long form storytelling.23:19:57

I dont really watch movies but I'll watch a marvel movie. Although lately I noticed some "woke" directing so havent really seen anything since Avengers endgame .

I still read comics just to be happy lol

1 Mar 2024
@_slack_disruptivecollective_U0494S0EJ58:matrix.orgDisruptive Collective Last movie I watched was Leave The World Behind and before that I honestly don't remember the last time I consumed solely entertainment 10:32:55

Guilty pleasure, most times I'll just be in the room when someone is watching a movie while I do my thing , take a few glances , pickup on dialogue and it gets so predictable youd think I'd seen it before.

But I will watch something when I'm sick .

@_slack_disruptivecollective_U0494S0EJ58:matrix.orgDisruptive Collective Has to be really good, controversial or related to something I'm interested in now. 10:38:30
@_slack_disruptivecollective_U0494S0EJ58:matrix.orgDisruptive Collective I refuse to consume that Netflix shit lol 10:38:41
@alecanque:matrix.orgshomonUsed to be if you wanted to hear a song you'd have to wait until it was played on the radio or TV or go and make friends with someone with a record player.. Or just learn to play and play it yourself. 10:40:38
@_slack_disruptivecollective_U0494S0EJ58:matrix.orgDisruptive Collective I grew up taping songs from the radio as a kid but my teen years were spent on IRC and LimeWire/Kazaa etc I still remember downloading a 5mb .mp3 on dial up, look a while lol 10:42:32
@alecanque:matrix.orgshomonNow with it all on streaming services I forget about the music that isn't in there or that I forgot to ask it for.. Also a lot of those tastes came from personal connections or experiences.. If ai generated a song I don't know if it can replace stuff like psychedelic Malian music etc without going through colonialism, independence, repression, depression etc.. Maybe to some it would sound authentic but it wasn't there in those years10:45:27
@_slack_disruptivecollective_U0494S0EJ58:matrix.orgDisruptive Collective One area I have thought about recently is personalized generative content. Apple Vision Pro for example could give both me and you a completely different experience of the same movie 10:47:00
@_slack_disruptivecollective_U0494S0EJ58:matrix.orgDisruptive Collective My view would feature a protagonist aimed to resonate with me and your view with you and so 10:47:16
@_slack_disruptivecollective_U0494S0EJ58:matrix.orgDisruptive Collective Regarding streaming services though I sometimes have choice paralysis and leaving it down to Spotify makes life easier 10:48:11
@alecanque:matrix.orgshomonCould fix the resonating issue.. People see ai as not resonating.. Artificial plastic nonsense.. But when I watch films I want to relax and enjoy.. Maybe not 'play' them but just consume.. 10:49:27
@_slack_disruptivecollective_U0494S0EJ58:matrix.orgDisruptive Collective That's a very valid point actually. the difference between passively consuming and essentially interaction with the same content. 10:56:08
@_slack_disruptivecollective_U0494S0EJ58:matrix.orgDisruptive Collective Might even be the case that some people can't mentally handle it. 10:56:31
@_slack_disruptivecollective_U0494S0EJ58:matrix.orgDisruptive Collective I'm waiting for VR psychosis to become a thing 10:56:48

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