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3 Apr 2020
19:56:53@freenode_rafael-ec:matrix.orgrafael-ecIf we could have a binary of Mumble that runs in every Linux it would be nice
19:57:01@freenode_quite:matrix.orgquite i'll put on my todo to investigate cipher-suites in mumla (my plumble-fork)
19:57:04@freenode_micah:matrix.orgmicahi guess what id be interested in is the best settings that prefer PFS first, and then I can tweak it for clients are discovered to have issues
19:57:21@freenode_micah:matrix.orgmicah i didn't know there was a plumble fork
19:57:30@freenode_quite:matrix.orgquitemicah: only since this week :)
19:57:34@freenode_micah:matrix.orgmicahthat is nice to hear
20:01:00@freenode_micah:matrix.orgmicahquite: so what are you using for the cipher line ?
20:06:28@freenode_quite:matrix.orgquitei have honestly not dug around anything in the crypto yet
20:11:43@freenode_quite:matrix.orgquite i'd say mumla/plumble uses the defaults of the age-old spongycastle java crypto apis (forked off bouncycastle, for some reason)
20:12:25@freenode_quite:matrix.orgquite i'm sure this needs to be addressed
20:14:15@freenode_micah:matrix.orgmicahyeah :(
20:15:24@freenode_micah:matrix.orgmicahquite: thanks for working on that!
20:15:38@freenode_micah:matrix.orgmicahquite: where can I follow dev?
20:16:01@freenode_quite:matrix.orgquitemicah: minimal project page here w links https://mumla-app.gitlab.io/
20:16:26@freenode_micah:matrix.orgmicahquite: cool, thanks!
20:17:36@freenode_quite:matrix.orgquite i'm done with the requesting of overlay drawing permission now. works on a couple of modern android releases at least :)
20:17:38@freenode_quite:matrix.orgquitegood night
20:17:52@freenode_micah:matrix.orgmicahgood night
20:18:26@freenode_quite:matrix.orgquitegah. git stash have begun stashing staged stuff?!
20:18:35@freenode_quite:matrix.orgquitelost me work! :D
20:19:03@freenode_quite:matrix.orgquite (well it's in the scrollback, but damn)
20:19:15@freenode_quite:matrix.orgquite i'm sure it didn't do this before
22:09:11@timo:koesters.xyzTimo Use git stash -k to keep staged changes
22:09:31@timo:koesters.xyzTimo * Use git stash -k to keep staged changes
22:19:42@freenode_rafael-ec:matrix.orgrafael-ecquite, have a nice weekend, I am very interested about mumla
4 Apr 2020
18:33:53@freenode_quite:matrix.orgquiteLartza: reading your plumble fork.. why did you move `Set up TTS` to after messagelog setup?

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