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2 Jul 2020
@freenode_plus11:matrix.orgplus11no luck though19:10:59
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@krzmbrzl_raven:matrix.orgkrzmbrzlThe plugin has to be compiled with the same compiler as Mumble itself 19:39:41
@krzmbrzl_raven:matrix.orgkrzmbrzlFurthermore the architecture has to match up (32bit in this case) 19:39:56
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@freenode_plus11:matrix.orgplus11so i need to use 32 bit mumble?19:43:13
@freenode_plus11:matrix.orgplus11 also does this mean that i can't use my plugin with the version from the website? 19:43:47
@freenode_plus11:matrix.orgplus11 i already knew about the mumble compiler thing i just didn't know its extent 19:44:10
@freenode_plus11:matrix.orgplus11honestly i might as well just make an in tree build instead of scratching my head over out of tree19:44:39
@krzmbrzl_raven:matrix.orgkrzmbrzlIf you're using a 64bit mumble version, you'll have to use a 64bit plugin and for 32bit Mumble you need a 32bit plugin 19:54:44
In reply to@freenode_plus11:matrix.org
honestly i might as well just make an in tree build instead of scratching my head over out of tree
With the current plhgin system that might indeed be easier
@krzmbrzl_raven:matrix.orgkrzmbrzlThe situation will be improved in 1.4.0 though :) 19:55:26
@freenode_plus11:matrix.orgplus11yeah i saw20:01:41
@freenode_plus11:matrix.orgplus11i really wanted to do out of tree to give to my friends :/20:02:06
@freenode_plus11:matrix.orgplus11how do you compile a 64 bit plugin? i only saw headers for Win32, when i tried building x64 i got a error for missing linux headers lol20:03:37
@freenode_plus11:matrix.orgplus11 thanks for the help btw you're been *really* helpful, i probably would've never figured it out 20:04:15
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