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13 Apr 2021
@_discord_189939058812649472:t2bot.ioSic *
Access to Types
xtaggrocount XTAggroCount
character character
spawn spawn
target target
xtarget xtarget
class class
${Me} is a character object, so has access to all the properties of the character reference type. The character type also has access to the properties of the spawn type.
@_discord_189939058812649472:t2bot.ioSic so me brings in a few other things 22:18:01
@_discord_189939058812649472:t2bot.ioSic target brings in target and spawn stuff 22:18:15
@_discord_189939058812649472:t2bot.ioSic https://www.macroquest2.com/wiki/index.php/DataType:targettype 22:18:28
@_discord_189939058812649472:t2bot.ioSic on the mq2 wiki it will normally say what stuff is inherited 22:18:59
@_discord_475285327364358144:t2bot.iorawmotion Thanks. Yeah, I'm looking through these pages trying to get things working 22:19:13
@_discord_189939058812649472:t2bot.ioSic it takes a bit as some of it is circular and confusing 22:19:25
@_discord_189939058812649472:t2bot.ioSic but you'll get the hang of it 22:19:30
@_discord_475285327364358144:t2bot.iorawmotion Trying to set up a condition that only does stuff if I actually have a target, and if it's within melee range.... I think I have it right now: ${Me.Target.ID} && ${Target.Distance} < 15 22:20:38
@_discord_511716273067917333:t2bot.ioexspes007 ${Target.ID} 22:22:13
@_discord_189939058812649472:t2bot.ioSic ^ 22:22:43
@_discord_475285327364358144:t2bot.iorawmotion oh yeah, right 22:22:51
@_discord_208058185368469504:t2bot.ioGenjo hi all 22:23:11
@_discord_475285327364358144:t2bot.iorawmotion Is there a condition to check if autoattack is on? Haven't found anything in the docs. 22:25:36
@_discord_511716273067917333:t2bot.ioexspes007 me.combat 22:25:45
@_discord_189939058812649472:t2bot.ioSic combat / combatstate 22:25:51
@_discord_475285327364358144:t2bot.iorawmotion Ah okay, so ${Me.CombatState.Equal[COMBAT]} just checks if you're in a fight, but ${Me.Combat} checks if autoattack is on? 22:27:08
@_discord_511716273067917333:t2bot.ioexspes007 combatstate checks like active engage, rest, a few things. me.combat checks if you are swinging. 22:27:48
@_discord_473722265918373901:t2bot.ioPoD Rock posted a new thread: The dream.. (https://www.redguides.com/community/threads/the-dream.77219/) 22:48:49
@_discord_473722265918373901:t2bot.ioPoD SomeTester posted a new thread: EQ burnout (https://www.redguides.com/community/threads/eq-burnout.77221/) 23:04:40
14 Apr 2021
@_discord_473722265918373901:t2bot.ioPoD Nickdriver77 posted a new thread: Target Quest NPC from Quest preview Window (https://www.redguides.com/community/threads/target-quest-npc-from-quest-preview-window.77222/) 00:05:58
Download unknown.png
@_discord_137773013293596673:t2bot.ioLudacrits ah ok that makes more sense, ty 00:52:39
@_discord_473722265918373901:t2bot.ioPoD Brahndi posted a new thread: Cant start my ini (https://www.redguides.com/community/threads/cant-start-my-ini.77223/) 01:18:27
@_discord_243096365658406920:t2bot.iohytiek damn Hylander that's a lot of dex 02:33:14
@_discord_428714910323703831:t2bot.ioHylander yeah SK is a crit monster 03:00:57
@_discord_814547277494091797:t2bot.ioYannaM I swear if they offered a convert to Sk potion in the market place I'd drop a hundo on it 03:16:34
@_discord_288461607720189955:t2bot.ioHellfyre nice I'm 3102 with tribute and ps 03:38:29
@_discord_473722265918373901:t2bot.ioPoD rawmotion posted a new thread: React clickes are buggy? (https://www.redguides.com/community/threads/react-clickes-are-buggy.77224/) 06:18:22
@_discord_473722265918373901:t2bot.ioPoD Myysterio posted a new thread: Gnoll Reaver Fortitude (https://www.redguides.com/community/threads/gnoll-reaver-fortitude.77225/) 06:41:10

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