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2 Mar 2024
@_discord_1187028267862081647:t2bot.ioaka_rico. ok 05:01:58
@_discord_1187028267862081647:t2bot.ioaka_rico. jaoheah thanks 05:02:18
@_discord_278834060053446666:t2bot.ioValkyrja You're thanking too much ó_ò 05:02:19
@_discord_315583781207539712:t2bot.iojaoheah Yw 05:02:24
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@telegram_5147455420:t2bot.ioMohamed Amer Forwarded message from Mohamed Amer
after sucsess installation blend os dosent boot into dual boot .it boot into windows.and when i checked efi boot partitio i found it empty...any help please
@_discord_789561823863111742:t2bot.ioム丂イ乇尺ノ丂ズ Stop 13:04:28
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@_discord_789561823863111742:t2bot.ioム丂イ乇尺ノ丂ズ sudo system track <track> 14:37:15
@_discord_789561823863111742:t2bot.ioム丂イ乇尺ノ丂ズ is your wifi card made by broadcom?1 14:58:38
@_discord_789561823863111742:t2bot.ioム丂イ乇尺ノ丂ズ * is your wifi card made by broadcom? 14:58:44
@_discord_789561823863111742:t2bot.ioム丂イ乇尺ノ丂ズ * is your wifi card made by broadcom 14:58:46
@_discord_789561823863111742:t2bot.ioム丂イ乇尺ノ丂ズ * is your wifi card made by broadcom? 14:58:48
@_discord_1187028267862081647:t2bot.ioaka_rico. yes is broadcom 14:59:13
@_discord_789561823863111742:t2bot.ioム丂イ乇尺ノ丂ズ you'll have to wait for v4 14:59:28
@_discord_789561823863111742:t2bot.ioム丂イ乇尺ノ丂ズ it has the needed drivers 14:59:33
@_discord_789561823863111742:t2bot.ioム丂イ乇尺ノ丂ズ they can't be installed in v3 14:59:37
@_discord_789561823863111742:t2bot.ioム丂イ乇尺ノ丂ズ unless you build your own ISO 14:59:41
@_discord_1187028267862081647:t2bot.ioaka_rico. when v4 reliase 15:00:18
@_discord_1187028267862081647:t2bot.ioaka_rico. but when using blendos deeping my wifi drive is working fine 15:01:14
@_discord_1187028267862081647:t2bot.ioaka_rico. * but when i am using blendos deepin my wifi drive is working fine 15:03:02
@_discord_789561823863111742:t2bot.ioム丂イ乇尺ノ丂ズ ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 15:14:54
@_discord_1187028267862081647:t2bot.ioaka_rico. ? 15:17:58
@_discord_789561823863111742:t2bot.ioム丂イ乇尺ノ丂ズ Idk why 16:40:56
@_discord_789561823863111742:t2bot.ioム丂イ乇尺ノ丂ズ but on v4 there will be a uniform fix 16:41:06
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3 Mar 2024
@telegram_5895152016:t2bot.ioMardi @jaoheah I wanted to thank you for the step by step guide you provided me for the triple boot installation with blend OS. Even though Blend documentation covers the part, well I wasn't able to fully understand the guide in documentation because I had additional doubts but you really tried to help. So I'm really thankful to you.

Well, I'm still not able to get a system with Blend OS triple boot. The good news is I've found a solution for my need so I'm happy.

Thankyou again to this open source culture

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