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7 Jan 2018
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The moar you know.
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"gainful employment and contributing to society in a beneficial way is how the evil cisheteropatriarchy normalizes their cistems of power and oppresses marginalized peoples. real freedom and empowerment is sucking dicks for drug money."
8 Jan 2018
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January 2018 memes ranked
02:41:16@tnspshitpostbot:matrix.orgTNSP Shitpost Bot new post alert -- https://redd.it/7ovghz
From Fire and Fury: The Gorilla Channel?
02:47:31@tnspshitpostbot:matrix.orgTNSP Shitpost Bot new post alert -- https://redd.it/7ovhsc
mfw I finally find The Gorilla Channel
02:55:43@tnspshitpostbot:matrix.orgTNSP Shitpost Bot new post alert -- https://redd.it/7ovjhw
Seriously though, why isn't there a Gorilla Channel?
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"Let's do that 14/88 thing but with Asian girls" - Richard Spencer
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he want teh small orang
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hey topnotchshitposting, are you ready to be called a bunch of evil racist sexist homophobic transphobic islamaphobic xenophobic disgusting bigot FUCKING WHITE MALES more than ever in 2020? DEAL WITH IT, SHITLORDS.
23:14:53@porncounselor:matrix.orgporncounseloroh hell yes
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my mom is a gamer
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BASED JEWS showing gratitude, bigly!
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Wow so wholesome! Just two guys ADULTING! haha!
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Even last stage capitalism isn't so fucking bugged
9 Jan 2018
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showing up to work got me like
00:18:33@tnspshitpostbot:matrix.orgTNSP Shitpost Bot new post alert -- https://redd.it/7p33ll
try not to laugh
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TNSP Pony of the Day
03:13:44@tnspshitpostbot:matrix.orgTNSP Shitpost Bot new post alert -- https://redd.it/7p47kf
What's going on big guy?
03:14:16@tnspshitpostbot:matrix.orgTNSP Shitpost Bot new post alert -- https://redd.it/7p47py
pornographic update
03:14:47@tnspshitpostbot:matrix.orgTNSP Shitpost Bot new post alert -- https://redd.it/7p47w4
Choco Milkers 2020
23:44:58@porncounselor:matrix.orgporncounselorhmm da bot broke or summit
23:45:28@porncounselor:matrix.orgporncounselorfuck it nobody reads this shit
24 Sep 2018
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8 Oct 2018
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25 Oct 2018
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20 Nov 2018
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