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30 Sep 2023
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1 Oct 2023
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@_discord_888477017220206692:t2bot.ioneonima#0 no i dont think like that. current homework system is trash but it doesnt mean they are completely useless. you practice with homeworks, homeworks shows you the different types of what you are learning. a teacher cant show you the every variation but homeworks can. 13:39:43
@_discord_1126474477073616946:t2bot.ioisrkyy But taking all of the after-school time of students shouldn't be how do you teach things to students better. They have a social life and they are not robots made for using pencils. They have family, friends, they want to take part in social activities, and we cannot decline that humans are social beings. But with homeworks we do block all of the things I've write above. And I think it's so stupid of teaching things. I've skipped my sleep 34 times this year because of homeworks. Is it education or is it a new way of torturing teen people? 14:11:38
@_discord_652167754899783700:t2bot.iohikmetavci2004@msn.com school SUCKS!(in my opinion) 14:12:47
@_discord_964590469893984347:t2bot.iokreatoo There is a limit to homework, as with everything else. Homework should exist, just not an outrageous amount should be fine. 14:12:57
@_discord_1126474477073616946:t2bot.ioisrkyy Yeah, I agree with you but does a teacher who cares about that limit exist? 14:38:05
@_discord_964590469893984347:t2bot.iokreatoo Well, they do exist, its just that they are pretty rare. 14:42:49
@_discord_1126474477073616946:t2bot.ioisrkyy Yeah so we can't use this system properly (as Turks) and we should not use it completely instead of not using properly. 15:41:56
@_discord_379295260066578433:t2bot.iojomo.sh well then im a robot 16:38:16
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2 Oct 2023
@_discord_241678264030986241:t2bot.iosystemd slayer changed their display name from systemd slayer to j_titor#0.01:00:12
@_discord_241678264030986241:t2bot.iosystemd slayer changed their display name from j_titor#0 to systemd slayer.01:00:17
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@_discord_996844633877397578:t2bot.iomuhammedbilgtkn#0 Ich komme aus der Türkei. 20:42:09
@_discord_996844633877397578:t2bot.iomuhammedbilgtkn#0 I spreche nicht Deutch. 20:42:18
3 Oct 2023
@_discord_888477017220206692:t2bot.ioneonima#0 bro... 00:22:14
@_discord_888477017220206692:t2bot.ioneonima#0 this the english chat 00:22:18
@_discord_888477017220206692:t2bot.ioneonima#0 obtain realism 00:22:24
@_discord_888477017220206692:t2bot.ioneonima#0 i think you didnt get my point. current system is not good but that doesnt mean homeworks are bad 00:23:37
@_discord_996844633877397578:t2bot.iomuhammedbilgtkn#0 Was ist Englisch? 06:48:51

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