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Welcome to #antergos-offtopic, Antergos' social chat channel. Please take support questions to #antergos, not here.2 Servers

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8 Apr 2019
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10 Apr 2019
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16 Apr 2019
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17 Apr 2019
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11 Jul 2019
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13 Jul 2019
02:55:51@freenode_Botergos:matrix.orgBotergos [TG] iskra . joined the Telegram group (added by iskra .), say hello!
03:01:11@freenode_Botergos:matrix.orgBotergos [TG] <iskra .> hi. anybody is able to help? got a problem with booting Antergos after updating few things. I was updating one after another. One thing took too long (had to get out from home) and i stopped it as I did many times before. After maybe 40 mint i shut down laptop and get out. When i got back and started my laptop I saw normal screen, then loading kernel and then Starting version 242.32-1-arch and.. im
06:32:43@freenode_Botergos:matrix.orgBotergos [TG] Isaiah Cooper joined the Telegram group (added by Isaiah Cooper), say hello!
15 Jul 2019
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18 Jul 2019
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23 Jul 2019
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24 Jul 2019
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25 Aug 2019
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