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20 Mar 2019
19:09:59@_discord_424410146895167488:t2bot.ioMaxatrillionator#7725 Haha, I guess I don't.
19:12:37@_discord_399599648546750466:t2bot.iowekhter (fontenddev) to be fair, i think a lot of people don't count them haha. i still think it's pretty strange that they even bothered to localize rupeeland to english for EU only
20:06:16@_discord_383315548827811840:t2bot.ioBinbin#7332 changed their display name from Binbin to Binbin#7332.
22:51:34@_discord_321461848828542976:t2bot.iollamazing Wasn't Minish Cap by Capcom?
22:56:12@_discord_358714705906237451:t2bot.ioyoshimario2000#3972 Capcom also did the oracle games.
23:41:27@_discord_424410146895167488:t2bot.ioMaxatrillionator#7725 Which means the last time Nintendo did pixel are for Hyrule was Link's Awakening, wow.

Capcom is definitely a different level of studio than the people who did crypt of the necrodancer. I think contracting with an indie dev is a first here
21 Mar 2019
00:04:21@_discord_321461848828542976:t2bot.iollamazing Well to be fair, indie studios weren't really a thing 20 years ago. It was more like just Bob working from out of his basement.
00:08:56@_discord_399599648546750466:t2bot.iowekhter (fontenddev) to be fair, that time nintendo licensed out zelda for the philips cd-i didn't exactly work out too well, so i can't really blame them for wanting to keep the IP pretty reined in. so fingers crossed this game turns out well and sets a much better precedent, haha
00:28:40@_discord_321461848828542976:t2bot.iollamazing And while this may be the first case of contracting with an indie dev for the Zelda franchise, I wouldn't say it's a first for Nintendo. Mario's Game Gallery comes to mind, which is probably the closest thing to an indie developer back then.
00:41:57@_discord_424410146895167488:t2bot.ioMaxatrillionator#7725 Good points. They also apparently had some issues licensing out Metroid Prime 4 I heard. So it's like they've been hurt in the past, but they're getting back out there.

I wonder what the process is to become a Nindie too. I'd love to have that kinda PR, haha
11:56:51@alexgleason:matrix.orgAlex Ocean's Heart is better than Zelda
13:39:03@_discord_190517062865649664:t2bot.ioRenkineko maybe, but ocean's heart can be better than zelda + crypt of the necrodancer reunited :p
13:39:14@_discord_190517062865649664:t2bot.ioRenkineko don't mess up with the necrodancer Alex, it's a dangerous path
13:40:36@_discord_190517062865649664:t2bot.ioRenkineko CotN is one of my fav game, so maybe my judgement is a little biased
13:41:23@alexgleason:matrix.orgAlex I have it but didn't really "get" it
13:41:55@alexgleason:matrix.orgAlex You're supposed to move at the beat, but 1) I don't wanna, 2) it's so lenient it seems to barely matter
13:41:55@_discord_190517062865649664:t2bot.ioRenkineko but nintendo is clearly more open minded than before. Old generations are passing away/retiring =]
13:42:15@_discord_190517062865649664:t2bot.ioRenkineko if you don't want you can play with the bard
13:42:21@_discord_190517062865649664:t2bot.ioRenkineko (to move at the beat)
13:43:05@_discord_190517062865649664:t2bot.ioRenkineko and it's not THAT lenient, if you try it with a real dance pad :p
13:43:59@_discord_190517062865649664:t2bot.ioRenkineko I tried, it's so difficult... But I love the musics and the principle ^^ maybe the game isn't flawless, but just because I miss DDR so much, anything close to it is directly beloved by my little dancing heart
13:44:15@alexgleason:matrix.orgAlex I bet it wouldn't be too hard to make Crypt of the Necromancer in Solarus
13:46:25@_discord_190517062865649664:t2bot.ioRenkineko I think that idea came to my mind in the past, and i agree : i'm sure it's quite easily doable
15:02:56@_discord_424410146895167488:t2bot.ioMaxatrillionator#7725 Aww, thanks @Alex : )


maybe, but ocean's heart can be better than zelda + crypt of the necrodancer reunited :p

maybe, but ocean's heart can't be better than zelda + crypt of the necrodancer reunited :p

22 Mar 2019
08:51:34@_discord_163274529286782976:t2bot.ioTwilCynder#9617 changed their profile picture.
14:11:26@_discord_197802521664684033:t2bot.ioMedoc joined the room.
23 Mar 2019
01:50:59@_discord_267048655624732673:t2bot.ioCluedrew I would replace "rich" with "stylish". And probably be harder on mac than windows.
13:53:49@alexgleason:matrix.orgAlex Everyone, LibrePlanet has begun! You can watch the stream here: https://libreplanet.org/2019/live/

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