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8 Feb 2019
@alexgleason:matrix.orgAlex wekhter (fontenddev): Would you be interested in having the physical book? I'm going through a minimalism purge 15:58:51
@_discord_399599648546750466:t2bot.iowekhter (fontenddev) i 15:59:17
@_discord_399599648546750466:t2bot.iowekhter (fontenddev) *i'd love to say yes but our apartment already is full to the gills of stuff and there's no more room on the bookshelves as-is 🙄 we really need to move into a place where i can have my own office 16:01:25
@alexgleason:matrix.orgAlexHaha you've got the same problem as me then16:01:53
@_discord_399599648546750466:t2bot.iowekhter (fontenddev) my partner works retail in a geeky store in a mall and has a bad habit of coming home with cool stuff all the time. too much stuff! 16:04:03
@alexgleason:matrix.orgAlexYou should do a purge16:04:42
@alexgleason:matrix.orgAlexyou probably don't really need all that shit16:04:50
@alexgleason:matrix.orgAlexwatch Marie Kondo16:04:55
@alexgleason:matrix.orgAlexor Minimalist Podcast16:05:09
@_discord_399599648546750466:t2bot.iowekhter (fontenddev) we definitely don't and i'm doing my best to stop it 16:05:18
@_discord_399599648546750466:t2bot.iowekhter (fontenddev) but it's a problem my partner kinda needs to work through on his own (just telling someone to not do something usually fails to be successful) which is why i'd at least like an apartment big enough for me to have my own office so i can have a space free of all this junk 16:07:02
@alexgleason:matrix.orgAlexDo you have Netflix?16:10:25
@alexgleason:matrix.orgAlexI suggest you Netflix and chill with some Marie Kondo16:10:36
@_discord_399599648546750466:t2bot.iowekhter (fontenddev) not right now. i only ever subscribe to netflix for a month, watch my fill of things (ie i have a list of things on netflix and watch them during the month), and then cancel. i don't keep subscriptions when i'm not using them 16:15:30
@alexgleason:matrix.orgAlexI think netflix is bad for freedom anyway. I pirated the Kondo episodes. I'll send you one.16:16:29
@_discord_399599648546750466:t2bot.iowekhter (fontenddev) i do know what you're talking about (does it spark joy) but the issue is that all this stuff isn't mine 16:16:24
@alexgleason:matrix.orgAlexYeah, I think he needs to watch it haha16:16:53
@_discord_399599648546750466:t2bot.iowekhter (fontenddev) lol, thanks 16:17:40
@_discord_399599648546750466:t2bot.iowekhter (fontenddev) i'm also mad at netflix currently because i resubscribed specifically to rewatch a certain movie and it turned out they'd removed it, so i figured i'd watch a certain TV series i had on my list... and they'd removed it as well 16:19:04
@alexgleason:matrix.orgAlexGod damn16:19:17
@alexgleason:matrix.orgAlexSubscribe to a VPN instead and use The Pirate Bay16:19:24
@alexgleason:matrix.orgAlex wekhter (fontenddev): sent you an email with the episode, also here: https://cloud.disroot.org/s/NfzYg4WAf57F6LX 16:46:49
@alexgleason:matrix.orgAlexit's the one gay episode, and tbh their relationship is kind of toxic, but maybe it'll amuse you16:47:21
@alexgleason:matrix.orgAlexthey're all like "we met on Friday, spent the whole weekend together, then said 'i love you' by the end of it"16:47:58
@_discord_399599648546750466:t2bot.iowekhter (fontenddev) thanks! 👌 16:48:12
@alexgleason:matrix.orgAlexthis will awaken him16:48:55
@alexgleason:matrix.orgAlexalso she speaks japanese so it'll be fun for you16:49:25
@_discord_399599648546750466:t2bot.iowekhter (fontenddev) hopefully we'll have time for it this weekend! 16:49:29
@_discord_399599648546750466:t2bot.iowekhter (fontenddev) haha cool 😃 i've been trying to study more lately anyway 16:49:52
@_discord_212148861852975104:t2bot.ioQasim#4403 changed their profile picture.18:06:09

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