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21 Sep 2019
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21:48:25@_discord_300814101272330240:t2bot.ioMaloney The UK is classifying it as gambling and outlawing it, that's all I knw
22 Sep 2019
00:17:31@_discord_338145494637215744:t2bot.ioCrookiNari many places around the world are putting forth their professional opinion that loot boxes should be considered gambling and regulated as such, though with the exception of Belgium (as far as I know), no country is actually banning them due to the current laws they have
00:18:38@_discord_338145494637215744:t2bot.ioCrookiNari the ESRB and PEGI have put forth very weak responses as to why gambling riddled video games have gotten the equivalent child friendly ratings (ESRB's E and PEGI's 3)
00:19:47@_discord_338145494637215744:t2bot.ioCrookiNari I decided to reach out to the Australian Classification Board to hear their reasoning for the G rating they gave, because unlike the ESRB and PEGI they are a government body, and hopefully not riddled with the same kind of corruption
00:49:18@_discord_210562650634059779:t2bot.ioTepokato joined the room.
00:56:03@_discord_267048655624732673:t2bot.ioCluedrew Even if you aren't on the corprate side the corprate lawyers and money do (unfortunately) hold sway. Plus this did come on slowly. Maybe they assigned that in a more innocent time. Although if you uncover an official answer I would like to hear it.
01:00:54@_discord_210562650634059779:t2bot.ioTepokato changed their display name from Tepokato to Tepokato#9400.
01:00:58@_discord_210562650634059779:t2bot.ioTepokato changed their display name from Tepokato#9400 to Tepokato.
01:31:01@_discord_338145494637215744:t2bot.ioCrookiNari I will be sure to share the answer I get around as much as possible
01:40:24@_discord_300814101272330240:t2bot.ioMaloney If it was considered gambling, it’d be banned here in Indiana
01:40:39@_discord_300814101272330240:t2bot.ioMaloney Where all gambling is completely outlawed
01:40:55@_discord_300814101272330240:t2bot.ioMaloney And you can’t buy liquor on Sundays
01:41:11@_discord_300814101272330240:t2bot.ioMaloney And if a woman’s shirt is too revealing it’s public indecency
02:05:57@_discord_338145494637215744:t2bot.ioCrookiNari the AAA gaming industry can currently hide behind the technicalities of loot boxes not being considered gambling under the law, but I'm so frustrated with this bullshit that I want to help change that
02:12:14@_discord_300814101272330240:t2bot.ioMaloney Bro if Indiana makes tf2 illegal
02:12:28@_discord_300814101272330240:t2bot.ioMaloney I’m hopping state lines
02:12:33@_discord_300814101272330240:t2bot.ioMaloney I’ll move to
02:12:44@_discord_300814101272330240:t2bot.ioMaloney Oslo is nice, yes?
02:17:44@_discord_338145494637215744:t2bot.ioCrookiNari goodness me, an entire continent change?
03:50:51@_discord_345697936661020682:t2bot.iokittycatrock (jenny) changed their display name from chocobars to kittycatrock (jenny)#8428.
03:50:54@_discord_345697936661020682:t2bot.iokittycatrock (jenny) changed their display name from kittycatrock (jenny)#8428 to kittycatrock (jenny).
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