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6 Jul 2020
@TurBoss:jauriarts.orgTurBossjust did the linear atc thing then i played the conway game19:05:13
@TurBoss:jauriarts.orgTurBossnow I'm bored19:05:16
@joco_nz:matrix.orgJoco lol. I started a basic mapping of my X axis ball screw last night. 4 measurements over 300mm. Man C7 screws are not very consistent 19:23:58
@freenode_CaptHindsight:matrix.orgCaptHindsight joined the room.19:34:37
@freenode_CaptHindsight:matrix.orgCaptHindsighthow far are they off?19:34:38
@freenode_CaptHindsight:matrix.orgCaptHindsight Joco: what are you using to measure? 19:35:18
@joco_nz:matrix.orgJocoJust a set of metric 123 blocks. So took readings at 75, 150, 225 and 300 mm19:54:36
Download ima_0a9e282.jpeg
@joco_nz:matrix.orgJoco This setup. Just moved the parallel and measured relative from righthand side. 19:56:01
@joco_nz:matrix.orgJoco Physically pulled on the table at setup position with a DTI ensuring set to 0. Then after the nominal move did same to ensure backlash was out and see the difference on dti. 19:57:26
Download ima_ce84db8.jpeg
@joco_nz:matrix.orgJoco These are the measurements. I actually took 4 tests at each position to ensure repeatability. But rubbed out the excess to make easier to see in photo. 19:59:36
@joco_nz:matrix.orgJoco The delta’s are in 0.01mm units. 20:01:19
@joco_nz:matrix.orgJocoIts not linear. I took an average of the resulting steps/mm calc and using that setting get -3 at 75mm and +2 at 225mm20:03:21
@joco_nz:matrix.orgJoco“Such fun”20:04:29
@joco_nz:matrix.orgJoco I might try and work out how the compensation file method is supposed to work and try that. It might give a better result 20:07:07
@joco_nz:matrix.orgJocoAdded it to calendar. 7am for me20:18:26
@TurBoss:jauriarts.orgTurBossCaptura de pantalla de 2020-07-06 22-18-42.png
Download Captura de pantalla de 2020-07-06 22-18-42.png
@roguish:matrix.orgroguish TurBoss: some people never have anything nice to say about anything. just constant criticism. 20:54:42
@TurBoss:jauriarts.orgTurBossits fun20:55:12
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@joco_nz:matrix.orgJocoI'm supporting a friend moving from Mach3/Windows to Linuxcnc. He's ok with the lcnc side, althought I do peridoidically get a moan a long the lines of "in Mach3 I could just ...". But that is NOTHING like the grief I get about linux. Makes the above tongue and cheek comment funny20:57:29
@joco_nz:matrix.orgJocohe's the one who talked me out of angular thrust bearings for my ball screws20:58:21
@roguish:matrix.orgroguishjust remind him it's a machine controller, not a game or media box.21:00:41
@joco_nz:matrix.orgJocoyeah - did that once. MISTAKE21:01:05
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