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18 Dec 2018
06:03:36@kcjengr:matrix.orghazzyI think they need to go to ground, but it may depend on the type of encoder
06:04:32@kcjengr:matrix.orghazzydon't rely on me on that
06:04:47@lcvette:matrix.orgLcvettethink they would be left unconnected
06:05:09@lcvette:matrix.orgLcvettesince the encoder already is receiving voltage
06:05:20@lcvette:matrix.orgLcvetteit would make those two just outputs
06:05:43@kcjengr:matrix.orghazzyI guess they are probably not completely floating, so you are probably correct
06:05:55@lcvette:matrix.orgLcvettebut i don't know either just have a "feeling"
06:06:50@lcvette:matrix.orgLcvetteits just a seperate sensor pulsing the falling edge correct?
06:07:39@lcvette:matrix.orgLcvetteor rising edge i guess it could be depending on which way you wired it to the control
06:07:53@lcvette:matrix.orgLcvetteie, one sensor is in front of the other
06:08:43@lcvette:matrix.orgLcvettei posed it to pcw in the main linuxcnc chat
06:09:50@kcjengr:matrix.orghazzythe A+ and A- are differential signals, meaning one is pushing and the other is pulling. that results in better noise immunity and is what is specifies in the RS422 standard
06:10:04@kcjengr:matrix.orghazzyso both A+ and A- are the same signal
06:10:21@kcjengr:matrix.orghazzypretty sure that is correct
06:10:57@kcjengr:matrix.orghazzyits been a while since I took instruments and controls ...
06:11:17* @kcjengr:matrix.orghazzy should get out his text books
06:11:28@lcvette:matrix.orgLcvettelcvette hates text books
06:11:55@lcvette:matrix.orgLcvettelcvette goes to the youtube
06:12:12* @kcjengr:matrix.orghazzy goes to sleep
06:12:22@kcjengr:matrix.orghazzybeen a long day
06:12:26@lcvette:matrix.orgLcvettehappy birthday youngman
06:12:28@kcjengr:matrix.orghazzybut a lot of fun
06:12:40@lcvette:matrix.orgLcvettesleep well
12:11:31@freenode_jthornton:matrix.orgjthornton hazzy: got Ctrl c to give me a clean exit finally! https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/RQN5fKTcGj/

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