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27 Sep 2020
@lcvette:matrix.orgLcvette hazzy: do you know whose conversational this is? 15:26:06
@lcvette:matrix.orgLcvetteis there more?15:26:09
@lcvette:matrix.orgLcvettethis looks great15:26:18
@lcvette:matrix.orgLcvettethis is amazing!!!15:29:37
@lcvette:matrix.orgLcvettebut who did it?15:29:40
@lcvette:matrix.orgLcvette@adargel are you here?15:36:37
@roguish:matrix.orgroguish Lcvette: that is by Aaron Dargel, check the room people list 15:37:03
@roguish:matrix.orgroguish Lcvette: ya, that's him..... 15:37:53
@roguish:matrix.orgroguishI think he's working on several more....15:38:07
@lcvette:matrix.orgLcvette adargel: are you still working on the conversational for probe basic? 15:38:45
@lcvette:matrix.orgLcvette roguish: thanks! 15:38:52
@gabriel:ggc-project.degabriel joined the room.17:28:49
@joco_nz:matrix.orgJocoThat conversational is looking rather good20:02:26
In reply to @lcvette:matrix.org
hazzy: do you know whose conversational this is?
think its all sitting in pull requests on the framework
@joco_nz:matrix.orgJocoits now closed: https://github.com/kcjengr/qtpyvcp/pull/4920:07:29
@lcvette:matrix.orgLcvetteWhat's that mean? 20:11:46
@joco_nz:matrix.orgJocoit measns I'm not sure where things ended up. On the face of it it looks like a good candiadate for a widget so it can be dropped into any gui. But I'm not sure if it got that far.20:12:52
@lcvette:matrix.orgLcvetteYeah would be a great start to conversational page20:13:19
@joco_nz:matrix.orgJocoThe author has a forked version of PB where its been added in20:13:22
@joco_nz:matrix.orgJocothat pull request comments list has a link to his repo20:13:42
@lcvette:matrix.orgLcvetteI don't know how to do all that stuff 20:14:37
@lcvette:matrix.orgLcvetteI only know the kraken way20:14:55
@lcvette:matrix.orgLcvette* I only know the kraken way20:15:06
@lcvette:matrix.orgLcvetteMaybe turboss or hazzy can bring it to kraken20:15:35
@joco_nz:matrix.orgJoco TurBossseems to have been in conversation with adargel so when hes about worth asking what he knows. 20:18:03
@lcvette:matrix.orgLcvetteYes! 20:18:29

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