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24 Jan 2020
19:47:18@_discord_504053067197579276:jauriarts.orgdremeier On strange thing after I opend the QT-Designer: the Form geometry!
19:48:39@lcvette:matrix.orgLcvetteso you did change things
19:50:14@_discord_504053067197579276:jauriarts.orgdremeier no, I did not change some thing , realy
19:50:46@lcvette:matrix.orgLcvettemaybe you did not mean too, but you did
19:50:50@_discord_504053067197579276:jauriarts.orgdremeier I just opend the fresh pb in the qt-designer
19:50:57@lcvette:matrix.orgLcvettethe stock size is:
19:53:05@_discord_504053067197579276:jauriarts.orgdremeier hey, after I deletet everything what has to do with pb, I checked it out fresh. thats all. so there must be some corresponding settings which has effect on the Form!
19:54:28@lcvette:matrix.orgLcvettewhere are you getting the config from?
19:54:30@lcvette:matrix.orgLcvetteprobe basic?
19:54:41@lcvette:matrix.orgLcvetteor are you in the outdated qtpyvcp exmaples?
19:54:58@lcvette:matrix.orgLcvetteprobe basic has its own repo
19:54:49@_discord_504053067197579276:jauriarts.orgdremeier Is there any file which stores somthing outside the pb dirĀ“s?
19:55:08@lcvette:matrix.orgLcvette * probe basic has its own repo
19:55:09@_discord_504053067197579276:jauriarts.orgdremeier no direct from probe_basic repro
19:56:40@lcvette:matrix.orgLcvettemaybe the ini file has a position for the screen i think
19:57:19@lcvette:matrix.orgLcvetteive never seen that before
19:57:38@lcvette:matrix.orgLcvetteyou may need to start over from scratch
19:57:50@lcvette:matrix.orgLcvettetrying to find what you did or verify a seting could take days
19:58:01@_discord_504053067197579276:jauriarts.orgdremeier from scratch with fres OS?
19:58:04@lcvette:matrix.orgLcvettei would pip uninstall everything
19:58:17@lcvette:matrix.orgLcvetteremove the repo
19:58:24@lcvette:matrix.orgLcvetteand reinstall everything
19:58:46@lcvette:matrix.orgLcvettethere are many other settings wrong there
19:58:47@lcvette:matrix.orgLcvettethe text size in the image you sent is all wrong
19:59:05@lcvette:matrix.orgLcvetteyou got a can of worms there my friend
22:12:12@_discord_504053067197579276:jauriarts.orgdremeier solved, long time ago I had changed the 'resolution dots per inch' so text will be bigger, because of the 4K screen, on the HD (1920x1080) screen the Qt becomes a problem I guess. On the 4K screen Qt works fine!
25 Jan 2020
02:03:47@freenode_c-log:matrix.org@freenode_c-log:matrix.org left the room.

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