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17 Apr 2021
@joco_nz:matrix.orgJocojust the top live kernel03:21:58
@joco_nz:matrix.orgJoconah - just delete all the paritions on it03:22:16
Download 20210416_232225_1589807753362873371.jpg
@lcvette:matrix.orgLcvettehow do i delete thaty?03:22:45
@joco_nz:matrix.orgJocojust make sure you apply the changes03:22:52
@lcvette:matrix.orgLcvettenow it is yelling at me that the cdrom is not correct03:26:22
@lcvette:matrix.orgLcvetteLcvette is getting beat up by linux03:28:59
@lcvette:matrix.orgLcvettelcvette can't win tonight04:05:41
@lcvette:matrix.orgLcvettei resigned to swapping monitors around only to find the monitor i swap is 1920x120004:06:11
@TurBoss:jauriarts.orgTurBossno 1080?04:09:01
Download image.png
@lcvette:matrix.orgLcvettelcvette got whipped today04:15:21
@lcvette:matrix.orgLcvettei will order a new monitor04:17:53
@lcvette:matrix.orgLcvettei guess i could use this just have to verify sizing things on a 1920x108004:22:46
@joco_nz:matrix.orgJocoyou can set your UI size to 1920x108004:25:03
@joco_nz:matrix.orgJocoin designer04:25:10
@joco_nz:matrix.orgJoconot as nice as having a 1080p screen04:25:22
@lcvette:matrix.orgLcvettethis is for my dev machine to work on the gui04:26:18
@lcvette:matrix.orgLcvettebut the gui is sized 1920x108004:26:31
@lcvette:matrix.orgLcvetteits just nice to be able to test by running probe basic ont he right sizee screen04:26:50
@lcvette:matrix.orgLcvettei truly cannot believe buster is giving me such a fit04:27:03
@lcvette:matrix.orgLcvettewith that monitor04:27:15
@lcvette:matrix.orgLcvettebut mint and stretch work with it04:27:23
@lcvette:matrix.orgLcvetteabsolutely crazy04:27:29
@joco_nz:matrix.orgJocoI can believe it. After the pain I have had with Buster nothing surprises me05:06:09
@lcvette:matrix.orgLcvettecome on debian 1105:25:51

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