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19 Sep 2019
22:58:10@freenode_Not-5e4d:matrix.orgNot-5e4d [qtpyvcp] KurtJacobson pushed 1 commit to gh-pages [+460/-0/±0] https://git.io/Je32m
22:58:12@freenode_Not-5e4d:matrix.orgNot-5e4d [qtpyvcp] traviscibot 428a649 - Deploy kcjengr/qtpyvcp to github.com/kcjengr/qtpyvcp.git:gh-pages
23:01:19@lcvette:matrix.orgLcvette hazzy: \o/
23:01:28@lcvette:matrix.orgLcvettei did!
23:02:47@lcvette:matrix.orgLcvettenow if thats the pull request, i just do a regular update from the qtpyvcp line in the qtpuvcp quickstart guise and it will update the files?
23:02:51* @freenode_jthornton:matrix.orgjthornton orders a wood slicer resaw blade for the rikon... got 7 1/2 logs on the ground today
23:02:58@lcvette:matrix.orgLcvette jthornton: 4realz
23:03:18@kcjengr:matrix.orghazzy Lcvette: yep, and the ATC should show up!
23:03:31@freenode_jthornton:matrix.orgjthorntonyea 5 1/2 white oak and 2 red oak
23:03:32@kcjengr:matrix.orghazzy jthornton: do you have a sawmill?
23:03:50@freenode_jthornton:matrix.orgjthorntonmy buddy does, I need to order some blades for it
23:03:51* @kcjengr:matrix.orghazzy wants to buils one, saved the wheels from a metal cutting saw for it
23:04:11@freenode_jthornton:matrix.orgjthorntondid you see the log arch I built for him?
23:05:11@kcjengr:matrix.orghazzyok, I have a good source for sawmill bandsaw blades, min order is 10 but they are cheap and excellent quality
23:05:34* @kcjengr:matrix.orghazzy tries to think of the name of the blade company lol
23:06:24@freenode_jthornton:matrix.orgjthorntonhe asked me one day do you know how to build a log arch, I said what is a log arch
23:06:46@freenode_jthornton:matrix.orgjthorntonlooked it up and sent him a text yea I can build one, do you have any material?
23:07:01@lcvette:matrix.orgLcvetteIs it the word place hazzy?
23:07:05@freenode_jthornton:matrix.orgjthorntonwe cut up an old home made trailer to get the material and wheels
23:08:42@kcjengr:matrix.orghazzy Lcvette: I use the highland hardware woodslicers on my 14in vertical, they are fantastic, but too expencive for a sawmill
23:09:09@freenode_jthornton:matrix.orgjthornton and they don't come in the right size for a sawmill
23:09:40@lcvette:matrix.orgLcvette https://www.highlandwoodworking.com/wood-slicer-resaw-bandsaw-blades.aspx
23:10:11@lcvette:matrix.orgLcvetteYeah jthornton said no size for his
23:10:18@freenode_jthornton:matrix.orgjthornton his sawmill blades are 144" x 1 1/4" x 0.035
23:10:24@kcjengr:matrix.orghazzyprobably not in stock, but they will make them whatever size you like if you ask
23:10:45@freenode_jthornton:matrix.orgjthorntonthey have the size for my Rikon but not his sawmill

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