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18 Feb 2019
18:03:27@kcjengr:matrix.orghazzyset upstream to lcvette and push
18:03:34@kcjengr:matrix.orghazzyyou will need to force
18:05:32@lcvette:matrix.orgLcvetteit was the force push
18:05:42@lcvette:matrix.orgLcvettenow we are master buddies again
18:14:02@lcvette:matrix.orgLcvetteis it ok?
18:14:08@lcvette:matrix.orgLcvettenot broken now is it?
18:14:17@kcjengr:matrix.orghazzyyeah, its great!
18:15:10@lcvette:matrix.orgLcvettelooked different this time when i started probe basic in terminal is why i asked
18:15:23@lcvette:matrix.orgLcvettebefore with the datachannel it was different
18:15:31@lcvette:matrix.orgLcvettenow it looks like it did before datachannel
18:15:42@lcvette:matrix.orgLcvettecan you verify?
18:16:14@kcjengr:matrix.orghazzyit should look the same
18:16:23@kcjengr:matrix.orghazzywhat does qtpyvcp -v say?
Machine configuration directory is '/home/chris/dev/qtpyvcp-master/sim'
Machine configuration file is 'xyz.ini'
Starting LinuxCNC...
Unrecognized line skipped: ;Tool  Pocket X Offset Y Offset Z Offset Diameter Remark
Found file(REL): ./hallib/core_sim_3.hal
Note: Using POSIX realtime
Found file(REL): ./hallib/spindle_sim.hal
Found file(REL): ./hallib/simulated_home.hal
Before: spindle 0 speed 0.000000
Before: spindle 1 speed 0.000000
Before: spindle 2 speed 0.000000
After: spindle 0 speed 300.000000
After: spindle 1 speed 0.000000
After: spindle 2 speed 0.000000
[qtpyvcp][INFO]  Logging to /home/chris/dev/qtpyvcp-master/sim/sim.log (logger.py:103)
[qtpyvcp.utilities.info][INFO]  The machine has 3 axes and 3 joints (info.py:366)
[qtpyvcp.utilities.info][INFO]  The Axis/Joint mapping is: (info.py:367)
[qtpyvcp.utilities.info][INFO]  Axis X --> Joint 0 (info.py:375)
[qtpyvcp.utilities.info][INFO]  Axis Y --> Joint 1 (info.py:375)
[qtpyvcp.utilities.info][INFO]  Axis Z --> Joint 2 (info.py:375)
[qtpyvcp][INFO]  Loading QSS stylesheet file: /home/chris/dev/qtpyvcp-master/examples/probe_basic/probe_basic.qss (application.py:171)
[qtpyvcp.utilities.info][INFO]  No subroutine folder or program prefix given in self.ini file (info.py:319)

QtPyVCP v0.1.16+82.g4b5f4f95
18:18:15@kcjengr:matrix.orghazzyyour good!
18:18:42@lcvette:matrix.orgLcvettemaybe it was just different when i was launching from the datachannel checkout
18:19:19@kcjengr:matrix.orghazzyit shouldn't have been, that is a little odd if it looked different
18:19:50@lcvette:matrix.orgLcvettehad lots and lots of white G5x stuff
18:20:00@lcvette:matrix.orgLcvettei remember it being different
18:21:16@lcvette:matrix.orgLcvettei also think i remember it having some image file stuff
18:21:54@lcvette:matrix.orgLcvetteif you say its good its good
18:22:18@lcvette:matrix.orgLcvettei just wanted to note my observations in the event i needed to undo anything before it was too late
18:22:43@kcjengr:matrix.orghazzyyes, thats good, thanks

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