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Burstcoin enables you to connect people and companies without intermediaries in order to communicate, do business or sign contracts. Burst as a decentralized open source platform – acts as a scalable, environmentally friendly and adaptable blockchain. It allows you to move value – according to your own rules – within a scalable, green and customizable ledger. Naturally decentralized: Hard drives are cheap and easily accessible. Burst was released without any ICO or premine. Energy efficient: Burst is mined with low power hard drives instead of energy hungry CPUs, GPUs and ASICs.32 Servers

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30 Sep 2020
@telegram_266975753:tchncs.deSamus Aran (Telegram)Download mp4.mp406:23:45
@telegram_515533833:tchncs.deTamara Sanchez (Telegram)* Hey maybe they have a message but present something or talk about it. No, sorry be about it. πŸ˜…06:24:17
@telegram_515533833:tchncs.deTamara Sanchez (Telegram)
In reply to Samus Aran (Telegram)
sent a video
Dexter’s lab
@telegram_515533833:tchncs.deTamara Sanchez (Telegram)I loved him so much and Dee Dee06:24:32
@telegram_1393124552:tchncs.deRobert Fash (Telegram)Placing more buy order at 22 sat... Lolll13:39:28
@telegram_504154669:tchncs.deDan Dares (Telegram)Trading talk in trading channel :-)13:40:18
@telegram_1393124552:tchncs.deRobert Fash (Telegram)Where is trading channel?13:41:57
@telegram_504154669:tchncs.deDan Dares (Telegram)Trading channel, link in the pinned message :-)13:42:41
@telegram_515533833:tchncs.deTamara Sanchez (Telegram)
In reply to Dan Dares (Telegram)
Trading channel, link in the pinned message :-)
In the trading channel. You trade one for another one or you just look up πŸ˜…
@telegram_504154669:tchncs.deDan Dares (Telegram)Discuss anything & everything, no limits and barely any moderation, it's a safe space for people who want to talk prices14:59:22
@telegram_504154669:tchncs.deDan Dares (Telegram)Yep15:00:33
@telegram_571267897:tchncs.deJP DZahr (Telegram)Do you have one listed here?15:01:26
@telegram_504154669:tchncs.deDan Dares (Telegram)All in the pinned message at top15:01:55
@telegram_504154669:tchncs.deDan Dares (Telegram)It's a good read15:02:10
@telegram_504154669:tchncs.deDan Dares (Telegram)How to and pools15:02:02
@telegram_571267897:tchncs.deJP DZahr (Telegram)Are there data centers with mining machines installed anywhere?15:02:48
@telegram_504154669:tchncs.deDan Dares (Telegram)No clue, you'd have to ask the miners15:03:11
@telegram_504154669:tchncs.deDan Dares (Telegram)But i presume so15:03:30
@telegram_571267897:tchncs.deJP DZahr (Telegram)OK Thanks15:03:39
@telegram_571267897:tchncs.deJP DZahr (Telegram)I'm reading your introduction page15:04:13
@telegram_571267897:tchncs.deJP DZahr (Telegram)OK I got it = use your free HDD space for mining15:04:47
@telegram_504154669:tchncs.deDan Dares (Telegram)Proof of capacity15:05:06
@telegram_504154669:tchncs.deDan Dares (Telegram)That is the consensus mechanism15:05:20
@telegram_504154669:tchncs.deDan Dares (Telegram)Yep15:04:56
@telegram_571267897:tchncs.deJP DZahr (Telegram)There's no contact link on the web site so is this Telegram group the only contact available?15:07:49
@telegram_504154669:tchncs.deDan Dares (Telegram)Whom do you wish to contact?15:08:19
@telegram_571267897:tchncs.deJP DZahr (Telegram)I'll shoot you a PM15:09:02
@telegram_504154669:tchncs.deDan Dares (Telegram)You could say here,15:09:29
@telegram_266975753:tchncs.deSamus Aran (Telegram)Congrats15:35:13
@telegram_266975753:tchncs.deSamus Aran (Telegram)
In reply to JP DZahr (Telegram)
OK I got it = use your free HDD space for mining
Thats a large leap within the burst community

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