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Burst is an open-source decentralized platform that connects people, companies, and financial institutions. It allows you to move value – according to your own rules – within a scalable, green and customizable ledger. Naturally decentralized: Hard drives are cheap and easily accessible. Burst was released without any ICO or premine. Energy efficient: Burst is mined with low power hard drives instead of energy hungry CPUs, GPUs and ASICs.3 Servers

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13 Sep 2019
23:02:10@telegram_949659522:tchncs.deJaCk Man (Telegram) joined the room.
14 Sep 2019
01:25:05@telegram_882667478:tchncs.delay dalio (Telegram) joined the room.
15 Sep 2019
15:17:39@telegram_451919782:tchncs.deAlgirdas (Telegram) After intensive testing https://www.blockplay.io/auction ready! Now you can bid and win unique custom mug or clip with key chain. Decentralized auctions made using smart contracts in the burst blockchain! Create your auction, we will help you.
17:28:39@telegram_451919782:tchncs.deAlgirdas (Telegram)so then SC gets transaction it only then works(checks values, sets values and etc)
17:30:38@telegram_451919782:tchncs.deAlgirdas (Telegram)So you sugest in FAQ write about uncorfirmed transactions?
17:43:36@telegram_25111035:tchncs.deLev Lybin (Telegram)For me not clear, I suggest change "Biders list"(what list, why current bid below in thisliast) on "Bids in pending"(What is "pending" may be also not clear not sure), "Bids in next block" (may be too technical..) What if merge "Current bid" and "Biders list" and show only in "Current bid" highest.
16 Sep 2019
16:56:20@telegram_451919782:tchncs.deAlgirdas (Telegram)you are beating or get beaten? :)
16:57:35@telegram_847090896:tchncs.deبنوش💘• (Telegram) joined the room.
20:13:43@telegram_909987585:tchncs.deRich the ♥ (Telegram) joined the room.
20:12:57@telegram_909987585:tchncs.deRich the ♥ (Telegram) Hello💰Get Your Earn 9.99% Interest Ethereum Per Day💵 - 100% Asset-Backed Guarantee🏦

17 Sep 2019
18:30:00@telegram_25111035:tchncs.deLev Lybin (Telegram)no one won nice keychain today?
18 Sep 2019
05:26:31@telegram_451919782:tchncs.deAlgirdas (Telegram)you can do this too, every one who wants to auction something just say
05:25:00@telegram_451919782:tchncs.deAlgirdas (Telegram)
In reply to Lev Lybin (Telegram)
no one won nice keychain today?
won, just forget to promote
05:25:14@telegram_451919782:tchncs.deAlgirdas (Telegram)this time Chinease guy
10:16:46@telegram_25111035:tchncs.deLev Lybin (Telegram) 0.5 PT already, let's join, https://bmf100pool.burstcoin.ro
11:26:27@telegram_972222457:tchncs.deLok Lok (Telegram) joined the room.
11:26:15@telegram_972222457:tchncs.deLok Lok (Telegram) Forwarded message from Canada4
We are ready for today. Only 6 hours and 38 minutes left. Yesterday I spoke about a long-term strategy. A lot of people DM'ed me about it. It is a quite simple strategy. Our team had contact with various news channels. Once the initial pump is done (the buys of you guys) and outsiders see the coin going up, we will spread news via various news channels which make outsiders interested and slowly buy in on the coin. This gives our members a perfect window to sell their coins with a decent profit.

One Link, One time, One Profit
20:02:20@telegram_25111035:tchncs.deLev Lybin (Telegram)Probably, top message is overloaded, may be think about cut it
20:02:53@telegram_504154669:tchncs.deDan Dares (Telegram)But then: 'where is XXXX'
20:03:05@telegram_504154669:tchncs.deDan Dares (Telegram)If people do not read
20:03:44@telegram_25111035:tchncs.deLev Lybin (Telegram)More readable imho
19 Sep 2019
08:17:21@telegram_25111035:tchncs.deLev Lybin (Telegram)image.jpg
08:17:21@telegram_25111035:tchncs.deLev Lybin (Telegram)may be he means this one..
09:45:51@telegram_451919782:tchncs.deAlgirdas (Telegram) @lybin what are you coding now?
09:50:15@telegram_25111035:tchncs.deLev Lybin (Telegram)project by work
17:04:10@telegram_451919782:tchncs.deAlgirdas (Telegram) https://www.reddit.com/r/burst/comments/d6gyx9/have_you_tried_decentralized_trustless_fighting/
20 Sep 2019
03:59:10@telegram_954289404:tchncs.deluc A (Telegram) joined the room.
21 Sep 2019
22:32:56@telegram_970121891:tchncs.deKiera Dean (Telegram) joined the room.
22 Sep 2019
03:10:44@telegram_881560673:tchncs.deMillie Bates (Telegram) joined the room.
03:28:06@telegram_942470401:tchncs.deSofia Peters (Telegram) joined the room.

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