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23 Jan 2022
@_discord_603378931932069918:t2bot.ioKim My homie bought it 01:42:42
@_discord_603378931932069918:t2bot.ioKim It shooter/hentai game 01:42:44
@_discord_603378931932069918:t2bot.ioKim With Stalin as a female 01:42:45
@_discord_794118663187595284:t2bot.io주름_ 😄 01:42:47
@_discord_212003172154212353:t2bot.iokib Cursed 03:55:26
@_discord_385956807769849856:t2bot.iosuperleaf1995 changed their display name from superleaf1995 to superleaf1995#5912.05:30:45
@_discord_385956807769849856:t2bot.iosuperleaf1995 changed their display name from superleaf1995#5912 to superleaf1995.05:30:47
@_discord_482949864607449099:t2bot.iorandom person WTF, but then again after "Mein Waifu ist der Führer", should i really be surprised? 08:26:06
@_discord_298148752315777026:t2bot.iosalmmanfred Oh god 08:41:51
@_discord_482949864607449099:t2bot.iorandom personunknown.png
Download unknown.png
@_discord_482949864607449099:t2bot.iorandom person superleaf1995 about allies being useless... 09:19:06
@_discord_482949864607449099:t2bot.iorandom person the UK joined all of the in total 6 ongoing wars. sure you have to savescum or write a custom event to get rid of the infamy you will inevitably get otherwise, but allies are very helpful if you have low infamy 09:20:03
@_discord_611670083080552487:t2bot.ioMr Fantastic changed their display name from Mr Fantastic to Mr Fantastic#0982.11:24:38
@_discord_611670083080552487:t2bot.ioMr Fantastic changed their display name from Mr Fantastic#0982 to Mr Fantastic.11:24:39
@_discord_611670083080552487:t2bot.ioMr Fantastic E 11:24:40
24 Jan 2022
Download Screenshots_2022-01-24-12-05-42.png
@_discord_603378931932069918:t2bot.ioKim A thing i am workin on 17:07:49
@_discord_603378931932069918:t2bot.ioKim Tryin to practice beveling 17:07:59
@_discord_603378931932069918:t2bot.ioKim And making certain shapes 17:08:07
@_discord_256508827569094658:t2bot.ioErik Looks really good 17:14:07
@_discord_256508827569094658:t2bot.ioErik What is beveling? 17:14:13
@_discord_603378931932069918:t2bot.ioKim Beveling is like 17:14:42
@_discord_603378931932069918:t2bot.ioKim https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bevel 17:15:29
@_discord_603378931932069918:t2bot.ioKim That can explain it better than me 17:15:51
@_discord_603378931932069918:t2bot.ioKim Very helpful of tryin to make a square smoth 17:16:15
@_discord_603378931932069918:t2bot.ioKim Or making a phone 17:16:23
@_discord_256508827569094658:t2bot.ioErik Aha I get it 17:17:04
@_discord_385956807769849856:t2bot.iosuperleaf1995 nice pc 17:51:56
@_discord_482949864607449099:t2bot.iorandom person is your pc more or less modern? 17:54:41
@_discord_385956807769849856:t2bot.iosuperleaf1995 inbetween 17:55:19

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