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3 Apr 2020
20:34:46@jusoko:matrix.orgjusokoRedacted or Malformed Event
20:34:51@jusoko:matrix.orgjusokoRedacted or Malformed Event
20:37:21@lewdorangutan:privacytools.ioLividDamn... I'd let her throat fuck me anyday and feed me her cum
20:48:26@lizaxxx:matrix.org@lizaxxx:matrix.org left the room.
20:55:51@toastyboi132:matrix.orgtoastyboiMy friends I made a new beat!!
20:56:02@toastyboi132:matrix.orgtoastyboiIsz gonna be famous
20:56:50@wolfthe2nd:matrix.orgWolfieBetter not start with boop
21:15:45@mightymightymightman:matrix.orgGunslingerKnightMercerLove futa
In reply to @lizaxxx:matrix.org
Adult dating site 🔞🤫 https://is.gd/lWo2pX
lol nice
21:57:58@toastyboi132:matrix.orgtoastyboiHey Basil can u join the chat room I invited u to?
22:08:27@lowlander1:matrix.orglowlander1aaahhh lizaxxx the russian guy with a mobile who posts his fake dating sites !!!
22:10:09@lewdorangutan:privacytools.ioLividHe's quite the guy huh
22:14:55@lowlander1:matrix.orglowlander1you didn't actually believe he was a girl did you ?
22:15:33@toastyboi132:matrix.orgtoastyboiNah when I see a link that tells me there is no pussy
22:16:09@lowlander1:matrix.orglowlander1don't lie you had your cock in yer hand as soon he posted ha ha
22:17:34@toastyboi132:matrix.orgtoastyboiNah I had my cock in my hand before that
22:18:33@lowlander1:matrix.orglowlander1too much super glue ?
22:19:06@toastyboi132:matrix.orgtoastyboiIt said use only a drop I used haft the bottle
22:19:53@lowlander1:matrix.orglowlander1well it's eith er cut your hand or your dick off
22:20:34@toastyboi132:matrix.orgtoastyboi Nah I'll just wait for it to not be as sticky
23:23:08@savytbp:librem.onesavyTBP joined the room.
23:24:02@toastyboi132:matrix.orgtoastyboiHello new comer
23:56:02@savytbp:librem.onesavyTBP left the room.
4 Apr 2020
00:18:05@ilhc:matrix.orgilhc joined the room.
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