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Discussions about the very extensible text editors that are Vim and Emacs. Other DistroTube Rooms: https://matrix.to/#/!AnJpfYMpaCdwEFxNku:matrix.org?via=matrix.org&via=halogen.city&via=nitro.chat10 Servers

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16 Sep 2021
@bowuigi---now-more-based:kde.orgBowuigiThe Emacs Web Wowser (yeah, I know)16:49:49
@gi-yt:matrix.orgAryaIt cant display normal css16:51:22
@bowuigi---now-more-based:kde.orgBowuigiYeah, but it can display headers and similar stuff16:52:41
@bowuigi---now-more-based:kde.orgBowuigiAlso images16:52:43
@gi-yt:matrix.orgAryanot enough for the 21st century lol16:53:15
@bowuigi---now-more-based:kde.orgBowuigiWell, it is a lisp interpreter, what do you expect16:54:12
@bowuigi---now-more-based:kde.orgBowuigiI am 90% sure it will be super slow if it ever gets to render CSS or execute JS16:54:39
@bowuigi---now-more-based:kde.orgBowuigiMainly because of the single-threadness of Emacs16:54:56
@gi-yt:matrix.orgAryathats why eaf is nice16:55:07
In reply to @habibkhan:matrix.org
is it just me or is anyone else amazed by emacs tetris
tbh when you realized people created an entire init system with emacs you find enything else hard to be amazed at
@root:kde.orgfakerootemacs operating system17:21:35
In reply to fakeroot
emacs operating system
Did you mean GNU/Hurd?
@bowuigi---now-more-based:kde.orgBowuigi* Did you mean **GNU/Hurd**?17:24:34
@root:kde.orgfakeroothurd is fake17:25:26
17 Sep 2021
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18 Sep 2021
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19 Sep 2021
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20 Sep 2021
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21 Sep 2021
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23 Sep 2021
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