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12 Jun 2022
@potatopcer:matrix.orgPatrick Batemani am using lunarvim recently as my main editor, but neotree (File explorer) doesn't show me the files in the current directory but shows me all the files listed in my home directory07:33:48
@daksh:tchncs.dedakshlunar vim is not a text editor07:34:18
@daksh:tchncs.dedakshit's a bunch of neovim modules07:34:30
@potatopcer:matrix.orgPatrick Bateman
In reply to @daksh:tchncs.de
it's a bunch of neovim modules
yes but is there a way i can fix it??
@potatopcer:matrix.orgPatrick BatemanDownload 2022-06-12_13-06-05.mp407:37:19
@potatopcer:matrix.orgPatrick Batemanyo07:38:58
@potatopcer:matrix.orgPatrick Bateman daksh: can we do anything 07:41:47
@daksh:tchncs.dedakshno idea, sorry07:42:48
@daksh:tchncs.dedakshalthough i think that might be intended afterall 07:43:28
@daksh:tchncs.dedakshsince it does maximize the folder you are in07:43:39
14 Jun 2022
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15 Jun 2022
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@potatopcer:matrix.orgPatrick Batemanno problems it actually worked10:53:47
@potatopcer:matrix.orgPatrick Batemani reinstalled it again10:53:59
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16 Jun 2022
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17 Jun 2022
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18 Jun 2022
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@potatopcer:matrix.orgPatrick BatemanYo14:12:13
@potatopcer:matrix.orgPatrick BatemanIs there a way for a split to switch between buffers in that split and switch between all buffers?14:28:51
@potatopcer:matrix.orgPatrick BatemanI am using barbar.nvim for managing buffers 14:29:16
19 Jun 2022
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20 Jun 2022
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21 Jun 2022
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22 Jun 2022
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25 Jun 2022
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