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1 Mar 2024
@knoppix:4d2.orgknoppixwhere did you get the exxersice and why?22:47:15
@logicmatter:matrix.orglogicmatteri skipped mathematics22:47:39
@logicmatter:matrix.orglogicmatterwhen i was young22:47:43
@knoppix:4d2.orgknoppixand why do you need it now?22:48:00
@logicmatter:matrix.orglogicmatteram i allowed to ask why such question?22:48:20
@knoppix:4d2.orgknoppixto understand where is the problem sit22:48:47
@logicmatter:matrix.orglogicmatteri forgot the combination of my padlock22:49:09
@knoppix:4d2.orgknoppixto give you a proper suggestion22:49:10
@logicmatter:matrix.orglogicmatteri have sleep problems and forget things22:49:45
@knoppix:4d2.orgknoppixso just try 0000, 0001, 0002,..., 0009, 0010, 001022:50:02
@knoppix:4d2.orgknoppix* so just try 0000, 0001, 0002,..., 0009, 0010, 001122:50:08
@knoppix:4d2.orgknoppixlike counting22:50:15
@knoppix:4d2.orgknoppix* so just try 0000, 0001, 0002,..., 0009, 0010, 0011, 0012,...22:50:28
@logicmatter:matrix.orglogicmatterif i use the formula will it be faster or your method is better?22:50:39
@knoppix:4d2.orgknoppixit will not be faster22:50:53
@logicmatter:matrix.orglogicmatteris it the same speed?22:51:10
@knoppix:4d2.orgknoppixyou need to try all of the combos22:51:28
@logicmatter:matrix.orglogicmatterthank you 22:51:35
@knoppix:4d2.orgknoppixif youre lucky, you will be done in some 60 min22:51:53
@knoppix:4d2.orgknoppixgood luck ;)22:52:40
* @knoppix:4d2.orgknoppix saves this hilarious case on HDD22:55:06
@zorakw:matrix.orgzorakw! stands for factorial23:01:02
In reply to@logicmatter:matrix.org
In reply to @hpotsirhc:matrix.org
You want a formula for the number of combinations or a formula for the combinations?
what's the ! stand for?
@zorakw:matrix.orgzorakwn! = n×(n-1)×(n-2)×...×2×123:02:07
@zorakw:matrix.orgzorakwwith, by definition 0! = 123:02:29
In reply to@logicmatter:matrix.org
i forgot the combination of my padlock
better watch the lockpick lawyer and learn to pick the padlock

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