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9 Dec 2018
17:51:03@jd-west-1:matrix.orgjd-west-1 joined the room.
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22:59:18@pmanam:matrix.orgpmanamhello all! anyone on here that can help with Java?
23:02:30@aaron:raim.istAaron Raimist
In reply to @pmanam:matrix.org
hello all! anyone on here that can help with Java?
Help with java in what way? This room is for the Riot chat client.
23:03:04@cliffindor:matrix.orgcliffindorProbably not, but I'll listen to your problem and maybe point you in the right direction
23:09:51@dracknife:matrix.orgDrackNife joined the room.
23:10:24@dracknife:matrix.orgDrackNifeHello, why me and my friends have "Offline" status?
23:10:54@dracknife:matrix.orgDrackNifeSo, how can I solve this?
23:11:23@JGB:matrix.orgJustinSomeone can correct me if I'm wrong, but status is disabled on the matrix.org server to reduce strain
In reply to @dracknife:matrix.org
Hello, why me and my friends have "Offline" status?
matrix.org has presence disabled for performance reasons
In reply to @dracknife:matrix.org
So, how can I solve this?
you can solve it by moving to another server
23:11:52@dracknife:matrix.orgDrackNifeOw, gotcha, thank you
23:12:02@dracknife:matrix.orgDrackNifeHave a good day!
23:12:19@tulir:maunium.nettuliror by waiting for the next-gen server implementation so that matrix.org can re-enable presence
23:12:24@cliffindor:matrix.orgcliffindorthat was easy
23:17:55@dracknife:matrix.orgDrackNifeHey, Do I need to create a new account to change the server?
23:18:23@cliffindor:matrix.orgcliffindorI don't believe so, no.
In reply to @dracknife:matrix.org
Hey, Do I need to create a new account to change the server?
23:18:47@cliffindor:matrix.orgcliffindorBut my belief is based on hearing someone else say 'no' a couple days ago, so it's possible Tulir is correct.
23:19:20@dracknife:matrix.orgDrackNifeOk, thank you
23:19:23@tulir:maunium.nettulir account migrations and/or roaming accounts are planned, but don't exist yet
23:19:43@tulir:maunium.nettulirthough I think account migration scripts that just rejoin your rooms do exist
23:20:04@dracknife:matrix.orgDrackNifeThank you
23:51:33@nindwen:matrix.orgNindwen set a profile picture.
10 Dec 2018
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