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20 Dec 2019
01:13:17@luismbo:matrix.orgluismboLispworks probably has the best interface. You can place breakpoints and then easily step through.
01:14:09@luismbo:matrix.orgluismbo In SLIME, you can start stepping by pressing 's' in the debugger
01:15:45@fouric:riot.firechicken.netf𝗈uricohhhhhh ty
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24 Dec 2019
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25 Dec 2019
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26 Dec 2019
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27 Dec 2019
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31 Dec 2019
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3 Jan 2020
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5 Jan 2020
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7 Jan 2020
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8 Jan 2020
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9 Jan 2020
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11 Jan 2020
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24 Jan 2020
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22:43:39@fouric:riot.firechicken.netf𝗈uricdoes anyone know if SBCL stack frames are actually stored on the stack, or if they're allocated on the heap
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25 Jan 2020
In reply to @fouric:riot.firechicken.net
does anyone know if SBCL stack frames are actually stored on the stack, or if they're allocated on the heap
Stack, yes, definitely.

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