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11 Aug 2021
@gnupluslinux:matrix.orggnupluslinuxBut why17:05:23
@gnupluslinux:matrix.orggnupluslinuxCommon Lisp is written in C17:05:33
In reply to @gnupluslinux:matrix.org
Common Lisp is written in C
Common Lisp is a standard that's been implemented in several different languages.
@replikvlt:matrix.orgMyonDepends on what C you are talking about17:40:31
@gnupluslinux:matrix.orggnupluslinuxSbcl, ccl bootstrap with C Ecl - C Allegro, Lispworks -???17:45:48
@gnupluslinux:matrix.orggnupluslinuxSICL 100% CL but not developed17:46:20
@akater:matrix.orgakaterI think Movitz doesn't need any C.18:29:49
@luismbo:matrix.orgLuรญs OliveiraSBCL bootstraps from C and Common Lisp. (A C compiler alone is not enough.) 18:34:44
@irvise:matrix.orgIrviseI think GNU Mes is written in assembly.18:41:01
In reply to @cthulhux:matrix.org

If you like freedom, try OpenBSD. Unlike Linux, its head developer and the surrounding foundation are from Canada, not from the US, and the license is much more liberal.

So the correct question would be: if you want to avoid Windows, why not keep an open mind for other systems?

Not to contactdict you, but merely to provide an alternate perspective:

Linux is based on the GPLv2, which is possible one of the most free licenses you can get. It is superior to the BSD-license in the sense that it ensures that the software stays free, where as BSD-licensed software can be put into chains by propitiatory developers. In fact, that happened to FreeBSD, when MacOSX was created, unless I'm mistaken.
Oh, and the Linux kernel was written by a fin from Finland, not by a US-American. ๐Ÿ˜
Have a great evening.

@neoreo:matrix.org////\\\never used bsd 20:00:22
@neoreo:matrix.org////\\\btw i use arch20:00:29
@cthulhux:matrix.org@cthulhux:matrix.orgRedacted or Malformed Event20:04:03
@neoreo:matrix.org////\\\give me reasons why bsd is better than linux20:05:33
@neoreo:matrix.org////\\\i will try20:05:42
@cthulhux:matrix.org@cthulhux:matrix.orgRedacted or Malformed Event20:09:25
@neoreo:matrix.org////\\\alright what do you guys think of GNU Guix20:11:04
@neoreo:matrix.org////\\\i think you guys will love it20:11:45
In reply to @luismbo:matrix.org
How so?
I'm guessing, that what they mean, is that Windows is super slow, even when it runs GNU Emacs.
@mrtnmrtn:matrix.orgMrtn* I'm guessing, that what perse means, is that Windows is super slow, even when it runs GNU Emacs.20:16:24
In reply to @cthulhux:matrix.org

The GPL is not free.


Also, Linus Torvalds is a Fin from Sweden, but heโ€™s been an US citizen for quite some time now.

Yes, GPLv2 and better are free. You can argue, that there was some technical problems with GPL over time, but with GPLv3 and affeo, most of those problems (if not all) have been solved. Despite this, GPLv2 was always free, ensuring the user the four fundamental freedoms.
Linus was from Finland. It's also true, that he does speak Swedish among other languages, but he is born and raised in Finland, and that is where he wrote the first Linux kernel, and that is where he assigned the GPLv2 to it, as far as I know.
@mrtnmrtn:matrix.orgMrtn(and I read the blog entry. It only seems to consolidate GPLv2+ as being free licenses).20:32:32
In reply to @neoreo:matrix.org
alright what do you guys think of GNU Guix
I use nixos No idea of what's happening
@dehydrated12:matrix.orgdehydrated12The BSD license is something you put on software you really don't care about.21:45:18
@gnupluslinux:matrix.orggnupluslinuxBSD either gets proprietarized or stolen by GPL chads22:24:27
In reply to @dehydrated12:matrix.org
The BSD license is something you put on software you really don't care about.
isn't mit for that?
@cthulhux:matrix.org@cthulhux:matrix.orgRedacted or Malformed Event23:06:34
@cthulhux:matrix.org@cthulhux:matrix.orgRedacted or Malformed Event23:07:26
@cthulhux:matrix.org@cthulhux:matrix.orgRedacted or Malformed Event23:08:42
@mrtnmrtn:matrix.orgMrtn Cthulhux Thank you for acknowledging this. We all make mistakes; what separates the sheep from the goats is whether we're willing to correct ourselves. ๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ‘ 23:13:05

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