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23 Nov 2022
@galgofa:matrix.orgMr S joined the room.19:41:26
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24 Nov 2022
@pspspsps420:techsaviours.orgvitorg joined the room.01:54:09
@ericjmorey:matrix.orgericjmorey joined the room.03:46:50
@commie:wetfish.chatcommie joined the room.04:07:45
@captaincalliope:spacecadets.chatLyre Calliope joined the room.04:38:15
@captaincalliope:spacecadets.chatLyre Calliope changed their display name from captaincalliope to Lyre Calliope.05:16:04
@captaincalliope:spacecadets.chatLyre Calliope set a profile picture.06:35:51
@mukt:matrix.orgmukt joined the room.06:45:04
@erciccione:haveno.networkErCiccione (for now use: @erciccione_:matrix.org) changed their display name from ErCiccione to ErCiccione (for now use: @erciccione_:matrix.org).08:26:00
@marktchekan:matrix.orgMarchord joined the room.11:34:21
@mcnesium:exma.de@mcnesium:exma.de left the room.09:15:10
@schnusch:matrix.orgschnusch joined the room.11:56:06
@burts:envs.net@burts:envs.net joined the room.13:21:02
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@michaelw:element.ioMichael Weimann changed their display name from Michael Weimann to Michael Weimann, back 25th.14:57:42
@kidanger:kidanger.net@kidanger:kidanger.net joined the room.19:07:53
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25 Nov 2022
@array.in.a.matrix:chatinamatrix.xyzArray in a Matrix changed their profile picture.01:04:10
@devabrain:matrix.orgdevabrain changed their profile picture.07:57:28
@michaelw:element.ioMichael Weimann changed their display name from Michael Weimann, back 25th to Michael Weimann.08:24:06
@pspspsps420:techsaviours.orgvitorg changed their profile picture.16:04:29
@maria_rodriguez:matrix.orgmaria_rodriguez joined the room.16:42:04
@pf010:matrix.orgpf changed their display name from PF to pf.16:49:33
@sohamp19:matrix.org@sohamp19:matrix.org left the room.23:45:52
26 Nov 2022
@scarfacelol:matrix.orgscarfacelol joined the room.08:12:22
@paul.neocube:matrix.orgPaul (Neocube) joined the room.15:45:27
@morpheus:matrix.gridp7.deMorpheus joined the room.18:58:17
@heyanurag:matrix.orgAnurag Singh joined the room.19:48:30
@ctwelve:arkmuse.orgcTwelve changed their display name from SquircleDisrespector to cTwelve.19:56:28

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