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2 Oct 2023
@_discord_1065356682642849963:t2bot.iodh5aav#0 hi, i use D for Droidstar...H for Hotspot...G for Gateway...Station ID none and CAN 0...CAN is like CTCSS on analog... 08:37:02
@_discord_468126631035142145:t2bot.iom0fxbandreas Hi - Just did this :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GP7_X5Ut56U&ab_channel=HAMRADIOSCANNER-HOBBYDIARYM0FXB 08:47:36
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@_discord_468126631035142145:t2bot.iom0fxbandreas Is there a Daily chat ? 11:17:16
@_discord_898135641471217684:t2bot.ioadf7021 You can set an hour and start one 11:17:40
@_discord_468126631035142145:t2bot.iom0fxbandreas I have my Module 17 cable arriving today so i can connect it to my Yaesu Radio i plan to then use my Pistar Hotspot to make a M17 contact using the W0CHP software . 11:19:53
@_discord_1102752278949134336:t2bot.ioDemba what is the use of the M17 prototype? 12:04:57
@_discord_789915595071422484:t2bot.iow0chp What prototype? 12:29:05
@_discord_789915595071422484:t2bot.iow0chp To expand on M17's "Stattion ID", it's akin to DMR's ESSID suffix. Case in point: I'm connected to M17-M17 from 5 devices, each with their own Station ID (W0CHP-n):
@_discord_898135641471217684:t2bot.ioadf7021 Maybe Module17 13:01:41
@_discord_468126631035142145:t2bot.iom0fxbandreas Gonna call on M17-M17 C in two mins if anyone is about i will be with M6LSJ Doid star at mo . 13:41:16
@_discord_771492214743367688:t2bot.iokc1awv You can monitor your transmissions as they come off RF on https://sdr.m17labs.org 13:42:54
@_discord_898135641471217684:t2bot.ioadf7021 You didn't call 13:53:32
@_discord_946898626536439908:t2bot.ion1iimbonnie Thats cool, I want a color display for mine, where did you get that 15:23:25
@_discord_771492214743367688:t2bot.iokc1awv It’s not color, it’s partially blue and partially yellow. 15:29:32
@_discord_771492214743367688:t2bot.iokc1awv * It’s not full color, it’s partially blue and partially yellow. 15:48:38
@_discord_946898626536439908:t2bot.ion1iimbonnie yeah, mine is black and white so blue/yellow is an upgrade 15:52:46
@_discord_771492214743367688:t2bot.iokc1awv Not really, it’s just a text display. The screen is laid out that most of it is blue, and there’s (I think) 16 lines at the bottom in yellow. I don’t know what kind of improvement that makes against a full monochrome display for hotspot text 15:56:59
@_discord_946898626536439908:t2bot.ion1iimbonnie I like color! 15:57:25
@_discord_946898626536439908:t2bot.ion1iimbonnie Personal preference 15:57:34
@_discord_771492214743367688:t2bot.iokc1awv Then white should be perfect, it’s the presence of all color 15:57:54
@_discord_946898626536439908:t2bot.ion1iimbonnie Why do I bother!!! 15:58:06
@_discord_771492214743367688:t2bot.iokc1awv I’m just telling you it’s not a full color display, that’s all. It has no practical advantage on a hotspot 15:58:56
@_discord_468126631035142145:t2bot.iom0fxbandreas It's a normal DUAL Oled yellow and blue or White and Blue but in settings you select INVERT. 16:39:58
@_discord_625397837785595942:t2bot.ioBastien ON4BCY91JYZ-zXvnL.jpg
Download 91JYZ-zXvnL.jpg
@_discord_625397837785595942:t2bot.ioBastien ON4BCY This is apparently a blue colored tube for making party. 16:40:09
Download image0.jpg
@_discord_365540114476040212:t2bot.ioDB9MAT Imma tap dat 18:20:04
@_discord_356876862192091136:t2bot.iotarxvf Mondays. 19:56:37
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