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29 Jun 2022
@_discord_387715206777798666:t2bot.iovk3jed#5126 Yeah you’ve found the new one. 12:35:40
@_discord_387715206777798666:t2bot.iovk3jed#5126 I can’t help with building it, I certainly don’t have the tools 12:36:36
@_discord_771492214743367688:t2bot.iokc1awv I just switched to an iPhone last week, and driving into Boston today I was given the opportunity to download the COVID Exposure Warning app thing. Pretty neat tech. 12:38:03
@_discord_946898626536439908:t2bot.ioBonnie (N1IIM) I have decided I'm immune... 12:41:25
Download 67C166DA-3D92-4466-9AAC-EEF889092E26.png
@_discord_771492214743367688:t2bot.iokc1awv looking good here 😄 12:45:53
@_discord_717372994066055299:t2bot.ioG4KLX#0483 It’s good to have it back. I would have joined the net on Friday as I was in my hotel room on my own ☹️ 12:47:40
@_discord_387715206777798666:t2bot.iovk3jed#5126 I'm possibly immune, but the jury's still out on that. 🙂 21:01:13
@_discord_387715206777798666:t2bot.iovk3jed#5126 Hmm, it might have come in time, as I was using DroidStar on iOS on Sunday my time, and I'd had it a couple of days at least by then. 21:01:54
@_discord_387715206777798666:t2bot.iovk3jed#5126 And on my multimode system, M17 is the mode of choice to enter the network. 🙂 21:02:27
@_discord_365540114476040212:t2bot.ioDB9MAT Yep, also got two pings from Saturday. Tested every day, all negative so far 21:17:48
@_discord_717372994066055299:t2bot.ioG4KLX#0483 I bet I would have been pinged at FHN if I had the DL version of the app. Mine probably pinged from being near UK people on my return. 21:20:02
@_discord_365540114476040212:t2bot.ioDB9MAT I thought the iPhone apps all used the same mechanism?! But I might be wrong 21:20:53
@_discord_717372994066055299:t2bot.ioG4KLX#0483 Same mechanism but differs apps, so I don’t think they work together. 21:24:13
@_discord_717372994066055299:t2bot.ioG4KLX#0483 * Same mechanism but different apps, so I don’t think they work together. 21:24:25
@_discord_365540114476040212:t2bot.ioDB9MAT How convenient. 21:25:04
@_discord_365540114476040212:t2bot.ioDB9MAT In any case: good night and 🤞 21:25:23
@_discord_717372994066055299:t2bot.ioG4KLX#0483 Thanks Mathis. Sleep well 21:25:38
@_discord_387715206777798666:t2bot.iovk3jed#5126 Let's hope for negative results all round 21:29:30
@_discord_387715206777798666:t2bot.iovk3jed#5126 Morning Jonathan 🙂 21:29:44
@_discord_717372994066055299:t2bot.ioG4KLX#0483 I was this morning, and I don’t feel ill, so I expect tomorrow to be negative also. 21:30:17
@_discord_717372994066055299:t2bot.ioG4KLX#0483 Morning Tony 21:30:26
@_discord_387715206777798666:t2bot.iovk3jed#5126 🤞 21:30:30
@_discord_387715206777798666:t2bot.iovk3jed#5126 So far, so good 21:30:43
@_discord_387715206777798666:t2bot.iovk3jed#5126 These days, one doesn't have to go far to encounter covid 21:31:17
@_discord_717372994066055299:t2bot.ioG4KLX#0483 Indeed. However all legal controls have ended here now, as they seem to have in Germany and Switzerland also. 21:33:13
@_discord_387715206777798666:t2bot.iovk3jed#5126 Very limited controls here, really only in healthcare settings and on public transport 21:33:46
@_discord_387715206777798666:t2bot.iovk3jed#5126 Though being involved in emergency services, I am subject to extra policy controls that exceed the legal controls 21:34:44
@_discord_387715206777798666:t2bot.iovk3jed#5126 Like they brought in the concept of "at risk" person - someone who doesn't meet the legal definition of a close contact, but has been in a known contact situation. 21:36:55
@_discord_772831399546978314:t2bot.ioemturan joined the room.21:50:59

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