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20 Mar 2023
@_discord_771492214743367688:t2bot.iokc1awv Tonight, Ed and I will be on TO.'s Ham Nuggets! Be sure to watch, it's going to be a fun one! https://youtube.com/live/BAaOtTjpVZo 16:07:26
@_discord_898135641471217684:t2bot.ioadf7021 Morgan ON4MOD test video stream at #m17-live 17:09:49
@_discord_235422841862881290:t2bot.ioDrCampy Omw 17:10:59
@_discord_898135641471217684:t2bot.ioadf7021 something is wrong 😄 17:37:44
@_discord_898135641471217684:t2bot.ioadf7021 i broke it haha 😄 17:37:50
@_discord_898135641471217684:t2bot.ioadf7021 hmm, its fixed 17:52:20
@_discord_804843936081379328:t2bot.ioM0VUB - Shane docker is your friend 19:49:05
@_discord_387715206777798666:t2bot.iovk3jed#5126 Yes! 20:09:13
@_discord_804475076984176732:t2bot.iokd4e When it doesn't make you crazy with the extra layer of complexity ... or at least that's been my experience ... 20:30:11
@_discord_466153961523511296:t2bot.iotmiw okay, so M4 RX kinda works on my TNC4. needed to invert RX polarity 20:36:06
@_discord_466153961523511296:t2bot.iotmiw * okay, so M17 RX kinda works on my TNC4. needed to invert RX polarity 20:36:14
@_discord_466153961523511296:t2bot.iotmiw TX is still problematic. will have to play some more 20:36:55
@_discord_898135641471217684:t2bot.ioadf7021 tmiw how to generate FreeDV baseband so I can transmit it with an ssb modulator? 20:37:16
@_discord_466153961523511296:t2bot.iotmiw without the GUI app? there are freedv_rx and freedv_tx tools in libcodec2 that will take audio files and process them accordingly 20:38:16
@_discord_387715206777798666:t2bot.iovk3jed#5126 I'd love a FreeDV that can be run headless (i.e. no GUI or optional networked GUI). 20:39:42
@_discord_898135641471217684:t2bot.ioadf7021 And spit out a .raw or wave or such? 20:39:45
@_discord_466153961523511296:t2bot.iotmiw .raw file IIRC 20:39:51
@_discord_466153961523511296:t2bot.iotmiw 16 bit int samples @ 8K 20:40:02
@_discord_898135641471217684:t2bot.ioadf7021 Cool then, very cool as I can load that up in the sig gen 20:40:16
@_discord_898135641471217684:t2bot.ioadf7021 Will test with the OpenHT 20:40:30
@_discord_898135641471217684:t2bot.ioadf7021 Maybe even livestream 20:40:37
@_discord_387715206777798666:t2bot.iovk3jed#5126 Livestream not so useful for me 20:40:56
@_discord_898135641471217684:t2bot.ioadf7021 Recorded! 20:41:04
@_discord_387715206777798666:t2bot.iovk3jed#5126 Much better! I'm almost never in sync with the world enough to join a livestream 20:41:34
@_discord_898135641471217684:t2bot.ioadf7021 No worries, we gotcha covered 😄 20:42:04
@_discord_466153961523511296:t2bot.iotmiw I've actually considered adding a setting to enable a "lighter" GUI before. mainly so I could use FreeDV on my Hermes Lite over VNC remotely 20:43:54
@_discord_466153961523511296:t2bot.iotmiw turns out cable internet has horrible upload speeds 20:44:17
@_discord_387715206777798666:t2bot.iovk3jed#5126 I don't want a GUI at all for some of my applications, there won't be a local X server 20:44:47
@_discord_387715206777798666:t2bot.iovk3jed#5126 though the ability to connect to such a FreeDV daemon with a separate GUI would be handy at times. 20:45:32
@_discord_1087440591446618264:t2bot.ioM17-M17 C joined the room.22:19:30

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