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27 Nov 2022
@_discord_898135641471217684:t2bot.ioadf7021 Will do, tomorrow morning 17:30:59
@_discord_898135641471217684:t2bot.ioadf7021 Sorry for the delay 🙂 17:31:04
@_discord_480724378812940298:t2bot.ioDutra_CGI (PU4THZ)#5538 ok 🙂 17:31:24
@_discord_898135641471217684:t2bot.ioadf7021 Dutra_CGI (PU4THZ) im getting a white, empty window 19:01:43
@_discord_898135641471217684:t2bot.ioadf7021 and it closes after a few seconds 19:01:51
@_discord_448860468518453249:t2bot.iorobrob-K9OJ changed their display name from robrob-K9OJ to robrob-K9OJ#6584.19:06:06
@_discord_448860468518453249:t2bot.iorobrob-K9OJ changed their display name from robrob-K9OJ#6584 to robrob-K9OJ.19:06:08
@_discord_448860468518453249:t2bot.iorobrob-K9OJ Latest update of my "trying to get on the air with M17 saga" is that Mike, W2FBI, who did the hardware modification of my MD-UV380G agrees that it sounds like the microphone mod has probably broken loose causing carrier only transmission. Mike believes the resistor probably broke in half. I'm taking the radio apart and have to run to Lowe's to get a T6 Torx bit to separate the PTT board from the heatsink. Hopefully I can repair the microphone mod. 19:06:09
@_discord_480724378812940298:t2bot.ioDutra_CGI (PU4THZ)#5538 hm strange, try running it via cmd and see if something shows up 19:39:09
Download obraz.png
@_discord_480724378812940298:t2bot.ioDutra_CGI (PU4THZ)#5538 hm strange 19:52:28
@_discord_480724378812940298:t2bot.ioDutra_CGI (PU4THZ)#5538 do you have the latest driver ? 19:58:11
@_discord_480724378812940298:t2bot.ioDutra_CGI (PU4THZ)#5538 for gpu 19:58:13
@_discord_898135641471217684:t2bot.ioadf7021 Yea I think so 20:01:17
@_discord_898135641471217684:t2bot.ioadf7021 Why do you ask 😄 20:01:22
@_discord_480724378812940298:t2bot.ioDutra_CGI (PU4THZ)#5538 it could be some opengl error 20:12:27
@_discord_771492214743367688:t2bot.iokc1awv well that's interesting 20:40:07
@_discord_771492214743367688:t2bot.iokc1awv I can transmit into the repeater with SDRangel 20:40:17
@_discord_771492214743367688:t2bot.iokc1awv I believe I have the Allstar stuff figured out now 23:09:34
@_discord_771492214743367688:t2bot.iokc1awv The analog bridge to M17 C should hopefully stay up now 23:09:52
28 Nov 2022
@_discord_387715206777798666:t2bot.iovk3jed#5126 I could have done that for ya. 😄 00:20:23
@_discord_387715206777798666:t2bot.iovk3jed#5126 Building bridges is my thing. 😄 00:20:59
@_discord_448860468518453249:t2bot.iorobrob-K9OJ The M17 saga continues. I opened up my modified MD-UV380GPS but the mic mod looks and tests good. Hmmm. 02:01:05
@_discord_448860468518453249:t2bot.iorobrob-K9OJ * The M17 saga continues. I opened up my modified MD-UV380GPS but the mic mod looks and tests good. Hmmm. I'm going to send an IQ recording of the transmit signal to Mike for analysis. 02:40:12
@niceride:matrix.orgShadow AI6FSis there a mobile (50W-100W) transceiver recommended for M17 operation? something that may be on sale for US colonial invasion holiday?05:20:24
@_discord_387715206777798666:t2bot.iovk3jed#5126 Nothing directly modifiable, but a Yaesu with a 9600 port is compatible with Module17. 05:57:09
@_discord_387715206777798666:t2bot.iovk3jed#5126 Other radios with 9600 ports will probably work, but a few of us have had best results with Yaesu. 05:57:48
@_discord_898135641471217684:t2bot.ioadf7021 👋 09:23:11
@_discord_898135641471217684:t2bot.ioadf7021 ahoy 😄 09:23:15
@_discord_898135641471217684:t2bot.ioadf7021 ive just updated the TODO list for SDR++

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