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Project management discussions specific to blockchain projects. For example, how can project management be used to make blockchain projects successful?1 Servers

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16 Nov 2017
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19 Jan 2018
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5 Feb 2018
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19:05:50@jkaczala:matrix.orgjkaczalaHey Chris, thanks for the call today, good to meet you!
19:07:52@jkaczala:matrix.orgjkaczalaHere are two project management meetup groups that I've been participating in for the past year or so: https://www.meetup.com/NYC-Scrum-User-Group
19:08:33@jkaczala:matrix.orgjkaczalaand https://www.meetup.com/nyc-kanban
19:09:00@jkaczala:matrix.orgjkaczalaboth are interesting and have good presentations on a monthly basis
19:09:45@jkaczala:matrix.orgjkaczalaLean/Kanban also has two weekly "Lean Coffee" meetups where members get together and talk about various issues/ask each other advice over coffee. One is in Manhattan on Friday mornings, and the other in Brooklyn on Wednesdays
8 Feb 2018
14:34:20@chris.remus:matrix.org@chris.remus:matrix.org jkaczala: Thanks for starting the conversation here. I'm going to invite people as they contact me. Please do the same!
14:35:40@chris.remus:matrix.org@chris.remus:matrix.orgMy sense is going to blockchain meetups is a more beneficial use of time, rather than going to general PM meetups. This way you get to know that community. Then, over time, you'll begin to spread the word about your interest in helping manage blockchain projects.
9 Feb 2018
21:33:42@jkaczala:matrix.orgjkaczala Chris Remus / Chainflow.io: Will invite others as opportunities arise, agree that this is a good forum to get us together in one place
21:35:07@jkaczala:matrix.orgjkaczalaregarding the resources above vs. attending blockchain meetups, I find that they're separate efforts, one is to keep my PM skills sharp and learn new techniques, while the other is growing my network in the blockchain space and convincing people of the value of project management... there's definitely need for both
13 Feb 2018
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22 Jun 2018
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6 Aug 2018
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