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2 Dec 2018
18:51:56@greenjon:matrix.orggreenjon You had another kid, bamfic ?!?
18:55:07@bamfic:spaz.orgbamficNaw, that picture is 18 years old next week :)
18:57:59@greenjon:matrix.orggreenjonPSA: Total lunar eclipse is Sunday, January 20. Visible over the entire US, probably Mexico too. It's also a "supermoon" (moon at perigee syzygy) so it'll be a fat red moon.
5 Dec 2018
18:59:58@spukkin:matrix.orgspukkin invited @hannaq:matrix.orghannaq.
23:44:45@hannaq:matrix.orghannaq joined the room.
7 Dec 2018
01:36:33@jonah_bumonah:matrix.orgjonah_bumonahMaking summer plans and want to avoid a clash with AMF. Can we figure out dates on this?
01:41:17@PrismLab:matrix.org@PrismLab:matrix.org Later in the summer in Washington area?
01:46:15@tenkay23:matrix.org@tenkay23:matrix.org Full moons:
Monday June 17
Tuesday July 16
Thursday August 15
01:48:34@annputation2323:matrix.organnputation2323 June would probably be better for fire danger, and those who go to the toasty man. Just not near the 4th of July again please.
01:54:41@Tavo-Montavo:matrix.orgTavo-MontavoMy vote is towards mid July and more north. Would be good to have more time to scout
01:55:38@annputation2323:matrix.organnputation2323 I like that idea
02:37:15@horrorshow:matrix.orghorrorshow July, and in Olympic NF because that was the most gorgeous spot I've ever been to.
02:40:35@bamfic:spaz.orgbamficno 4th july fo sho. olympic sounds good. this is amf #23?
02:54:55@greenjon:matrix.orggreenjonDonna (Beauty Cave) will be out of the country July 8-18, so let's NOT do it then. Otherwise, I don't care when or where it is.
05:34:20@jonah_bumonah:matrix.orgjonah_bumonahAlso I think it should be 23 days long :)
09:42:57@realisation:matrix.orgrealisation joined the room.
19:17:05@noitom.e:matrix.orgnoitom.eEarly june is my vote.. fires are only getting worse, no matter how north, the eay things erupt so quickly these days is terrifying..and im teaching second half of july
8 Dec 2018
06:10:04@DiordnamA:matrix.org@DiordnamA:matrix.org Sometime in the second two weeks of june or early july...like
june 17th-24th...or
June 24th-1st....
23:47:18@ripley:matrix.orgripleyI like early middle of June full moon
9 Dec 2018
00:04:53@dropacat:matrix.orgdropacat joined the room.
22:37:26@bamfic:spaz.orgbamficis the full moon usually on the last day or the first?
22:58:15@greenjon:matrix.orggreenjonIt's been on the first, last, & middle. Anything goes. I'm not sure we've ever done one that's neither on a full nor new moon, but I'm not opposed.
23:38:27@sleep_dep:matrix.orgsleep_dep joined the room.
10 Dec 2018
02:42:27@Murdabad:matrix.orgRobby invited @opal.toad:matrix.orgopalllescent.
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11 Dec 2018
05:07:08@dropacat:matrix.orgdropacatHi y'all! First time posting, and it's a big one! I made a doodle poll for the ever dreaded date vote! Share where appropriate, let me know if I should update something. https://doodle.com/poll/amrcedakhwunnnsv
05:16:21@horrorshow:matrix.orghorrorshowWhy no August dates?
05:26:06@bamfic:spaz.orgbamficfire hazard

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