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17 Mar 2020
05:12:01@pie3.141:matrix.orgpie3.141 joined the room.
19 Mar 2020
03:14:35@PC-Admin:perthchat.orgPC-AdminCould BTC end up a winner in 2020? If hyperinflation occurs perhaps.
03:24:58@mitch:matrix.helixnetworks.net.auCube I highly doubt people are going to flock to Bitcoin especially when they can't really spend it on anything useful. As I've mentioned before the adoption just isn't there people can't go to the supermarket and buy milk. Where as one Australian dollar equals 1 Australian dollar unfortunately the volatility doesn't really help. It certainly fine for investing but not for purchasing everyday products etcetera at this point in time in my opinion
03:25:21@mitch:matrix.helixnetworks.net.auCube Personally I wouldn't use Bitcoin if it was available to purchase items from the normal shopping centres simply because of the volatility
03:56:45@commanderdan:jabawok.netcommatrixdanyeah looking pretty bleak at present, noone can predict anything accurately in this climate
04:20:58@mitch:matrix.helixnetworks.net.auCubeIve stopped trading wayyyy too volatile
18:52:05@koalakid:matrix.orgkoalakid joined the room.
20 Mar 2020
10:04:28@matrixwok:jabawok.netmatrixwokstrong up on hourly.. waiting for a pullback and might enter with tight stop
10:15:16@commanderdan:jabawok.netcommatrixdanYoure game! But high risk high reward
10:18:14@commanderdan:jabawok.netcommatrixdanYeah looks positive uptick
22 Mar 2020
12:07:15@bobfett:flobob.ovhbobfett Now: Sell everything! Buy nothing!
In a few days: sell your money!
23 Mar 2020
13:22:23@mitch:matrix.helixnetworks.net.auCubeMassive ROE at the moment big buy then massive dump. Go the short
24 Mar 2020
00:10:48@matrixwok:jabawok.netmatrixwokreturn on equity? i'm not familiar with that, whats your thinking for the short?
00:12:12@matrixwok:jabawok.netmatrixwokor did that not play out in the short term
09:25:59@PC-Admin:perthchat.orgPC-Admin changed their profile picture.
25 Mar 2020
11:58:28@commanderdan:jabawok.netcommatrixdanAlmost touched 7k again
11:58:52@commanderdan:jabawok.netcommatrixdanVolatility level: 11
12:09:42@matrixwok:jabawok.netmatrixwokyah i closed out a long in profit, looking for another pullback
2 Apr 2020
17:46:20@matrixwok:jabawok.netmatrixwokthat be an uptrend
6 Apr 2020
06:43:15@commanderdan:jabawok.netcommatrixdanUptrend continues, 7k
06:51:07@mitch:matrix.helixnetworks.net.auCubeLooking like a pump n dump
9 Apr 2020
09:44:06@bobfett:flobob.ovhbobfettit seems nice

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