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22 Jan 2022
@cptplanet:perthchat.orgcptplanetwhos raging03:26:08
@michael:perthchat.orgMichaelScreenshot from 2022-01-22 11-25-16.png
Download Screenshot from 2022-01-22 11-25-16.png
@michael:perthchat.orgMichaeli didn't respond myself, definitely a scammer03:26:31
In reply to @cptplanet:perthchat.org
whos raging
some 1100 pound Scottish scammer i'm guessing
In reply to @cptplanet:perthchat.org
whos raging
* some 1100 pound. male, Scottish scammer i'm guessing
@michael:perthchat.orgMichael * some 1100 pound, male, Scottish scammer i'm guessing 03:27:24
@wings:perthchat.orgWingswow she said exactly that to me too03:29:03
@wings:perthchat.orgWingsI wonder if it's a script or something03:29:04
@cptplanet:perthchat.orgcptplanettry and inject code into his program03:29:24
@zergling.man:perthchat.orgzergling.manA man, da Drew.03:30:51
In reply to @wings:perthchat.org
Price keeps cratering tho
set a range of buy orders from 20c to 1c then experience the average of the dip IMO
@michael:perthchat.orgMichaeltry not to FOMO, but also get 1 order in the door today just in case it flies up03:33:50
@michael:perthchat.orgMichaelwould be my advice03:34:03
@wings:perthchat.orgWingsEh, I'll just miss out on DEM GAINZ03:35:28
@michael:perthchat.orgMichaelhaving a real job is also a good way to make money hehe03:35:49
@zergling.man:perthchat.orgzergling.manI refuse to believe you have a real job, Michael.03:36:34
@michael:gomatrixhosting.comMichaelnever said i did03:37:04
@michael:gomatrixhosting.comMichaelbuy the coin 🌈03:37:18
Download ima_c826771.jpeg
@michael:perthchat.orgMichaelexplaining btc to someone10:45:19
@michael:perthchat.orgMichaelhoping for further bloodshed so all my buy orders fill :311:33:25
@michael:perthchat.orgMichaellowest DOGE coin order is at 9c AUD, let's pray together friends11:34:37
@wings:perthchat.orgWingsfuck the whole market is in freefall16:56:34
@wings:perthchat.orgWingswhen to buy in i guess16:56:37
23 Jan 2022
@michael:perthchat.orgMichaelnot sure how many people here keep up with South Park, but Butters apparently becomes a NFT scammer in the future: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N8f-BQFo7lw01:08:49
@matrixwok:jabawok.netmatrixwokhaha thats hillarious01:09:09
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