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14 Jan 2020
14:20:31@PC-Admin:perthchat.orgPC-AdminChart voodoo
14:25:49@monssidus:perthchat.orgmonssidusAaah fairo ill just be summoning the cashlord Luxmy indian god of dollardollarbling
14:34:01@monsid:perthchat.orgmonsid joined the room.
15:14:45@mitch:matrix.helixnetworks.net.auCubeUsually I can tell if the tide is coming in because my pants fall off
15 Jan 2020
00:35:37@matrixwok:jabawok.netmatrixwokbig stuff happenning in BSV land which could affect things. If anyone hasnt been following the court case between craig wright and ira klienman, heres a TLDR: the court ordered craig to produce a list of his assets, so they could distribute them 50/50 with Ira (brother of decieced Dave, who supposedly invented bitcoin with craig).
00:36:53@matrixwok:jabawok.netmatrixwokSo Craig has previously told the court he cant access his assets until a bonded courior shows up with the keys to the original mined bitcoin in january 2020, as organised in 2013
00:38:19@matrixwok:jabawok.netmatrixwokapparently the courier has just shown up with the keys. This would supposedly prove he and dave were "satoshi". Hence BSV price right now. Craig wright has filed a notice of compliance with the court, but hasnt cryptographically proven anything yet.
00:41:31@matrixwok:jabawok.netmatrixwokSo theres supposedly about 1 million BTC at play in that wallet. If Ira gets 50%, he will ironically almost immediately need to liquidate most of it to pay his immense newly gained estate taxes. Depending on how that's done, we could see a BTC price dump.
00:44:22@matrixwok:jabawok.netmatrixwoknot sure what the timeframe on that is, but i'm guessing not for a while at least.
00:46:21@matrixwok:jabawok.netmatrixwoksomeone let meknow if any of that needs correcting, i'm only loosely following it
01:00:09@mitch:matrix.helixnetworks.net.auCubeWill you be dumping yours
01:53:39@matrixwok:jabawok.netmatrixwoksome, maybe
01:54:50@matrixwok:jabawok.netmatrixwokor just short on margin. If the price dumps, its just a buy opportunity
01:56:02@matrixwok:jabawok.netmatrixwokas of now, i think any such dump will recover, but will be watching closely to see how it plays out.
17 Jan 2020
01:23:31@matrixwok:jabawok.netmatrixwoktextbook bullish pennant almost complete on btcusd
01:37:55@commanderdan:jabawok.netcommatrixdanNice pennant!
01:42:01@matrixwok:jabawok.netmatrixwokyah should be safe to bring my stops up a bit soon hopefully
01:43:57@matrixwok:jabawok.netmatrixwokthe market seems a lot less spikey or stophunty nowdays, or at least at the moment
01:44:07@matrixwok:jabawok.netmatrixwokcompared to 6 months ago
06:17:11@commanderdan:jabawok.netcommatrixdanYieww nice call
19 Jan 2020
04:47:29@matrixwok:jabawok.netmatrixwoknice time to make some gains against usd atm.. you can jump in on any top10 coin for easy profit
04:47:49@matrixwok:jabawok.netmatrixwokjust wait for pullback opportunities, theres plenty of 'em
13:25:59@matrixwok:jabawok.netmatrixwoklike... for example now
13:27:25@matrixwok:jabawok.netmatrixwokstill an uptrend on 4h

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