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Pen Testing at its finest. A Kali Linux kernel for Android devices. Jam packed with pen testing tools for wireless cracking and MITM attacks as well as Rubber Ducky and Wifi Pineapple. Morw info can be found at Kali.org.25 Servers

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15 Apr 2021
@cybi:hackbrettl.deviceYes it does.09:19:23
@cybi:hackbrettl.deviceI don’t know.09:19:32
@cybi:hackbrettl.device Check the GitHub repo? 09:19:45
@k1nk0z:subr0sa.0j0.jpk1nk0zso it is not really replacing the stock OS of the phone?09:24:51
@k1nk0z:subr0sa.0j0.jpk1nk0zI do not really want to run OnePlus' oxygenos and was thinking of replacing it anyway, with LineageOS09:25:22
@k1nk0z:subr0sa.0j0.jpk1nk0zWoudl it be possible to install lineageOS and then nethunter on top of it?09:25:39
@cybi:hackbrettl.deviceYou have to try09:32:01
Als Antwort auf @k1nk0z:subr0sa.0j0.jp
Woudl it be possible to install lineageOS and then nethunter on top of it?
I installed it years ago. The newest os from oneplus
@cybi:hackbrettl.deviceProbably yes.09:33:28
@cybi:hackbrettl.deviceI used the os from the nethunter ci..09:34:18
In reply to @cybi:hackbrettl.de
I used the os from the nethunter ci..
I dont know what you mean by ci...
@cybi:hackbrettl.device Continuous intergration servers. Daily builds. 09:43:35
@cybi:hackbrettl.deviceI only used it because I ran into problems with my os.09:44:39
@k1nk0z:subr0sa.0j0.jpk1nk0zI dont really yet have a grasp of the architecture of nethunter09:45:36
@k1nk0z:subr0sa.0j0.jpk1nk0zwhat is optional and what is mandatory09:45:45
@k1nk0z:subr0sa.0j0.jpk1nk0zand what is underlying09:45:50
@k1nk0z:subr0sa.0j0.jpk1nk0zmost things either install on top of the curren os image09:46:09
@k1nk0z:subr0sa.0j0.jpk1nk0zor they replace the os image09:46:15
@k1nk0z:subr0sa.0j0.jpk1nk0zwith nethunter I dont fully get how that works there09:46:26
@cybi:hackbrettl.deviceActually it’s a app and a kali in chroot. And s custom kernel I think.09:47:00
@cybi:hackbrettl.deviceYou can use your own os image09:47:23
@k1nk0z:subr0sa.0j0.jpk1nk0zbut how do you run a different kernel with the existing android os or lineage os?09:47:31
@k1nk0z:subr0sa.0j0.jpk1nk0zok so I can replace oxygeneos with lineageos and then install nethunter on top of that09:48:02
@cybi:hackbrettl.deviceThe kernel is not that much different. It will run...09:48:22
@cybi:hackbrettl.deviceRedacted or Malformed Event09:49:32
@cybi:hackbrettl.device 09:50:35
@cybi:hackbrettl.deviceRedacted or Malformed Event09:50:46
@cybi:hackbrettl.device * 09:53:01

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