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Pen Testing at its finest. A Kali Linux kernel for Android devices. Jam packed with pen testing tools for wireless cracking and MITM attacks as well as Rubber Ducky and Wifi Pineapple. Morw info can be found at Kali.org.27 Servers

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2 Jul 2021
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3 Jul 2021
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5 Jul 2021
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6 Jul 2021
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7 Jul 2021
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8 Jul 2021
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9 Jul 2021
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11 Jul 2021
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12 Jul 2021
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17 Jul 2021
@monovector:matrix.orgmonovectorIs it possible that someone tells me if it is possible to install kali/ nethunter on a phone where is Windows mobil 7.5 installed. Because I think if I can install Android on it. It should work to install nethunter. Or not?08:40:51
21 Jul 2021
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22 Jul 2021
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25 Jul 2021
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@sshuld:matrix.orgsshuldDo the meta packages only install CLI components or do they sometimes install GUI apps for the CLI tool? 12:01:52
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26 Jul 2021
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27 Jul 2021
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28 Jul 2021
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