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29 Oct 2021
@_discord_643633906452529182:t2bot.ioMad Myc I'm glad you found us too 🙂 16:21:24
@_discord_643633906452529182:t2bot.ioMad Myc I have wet socks and its really annoying. 16:21:49
@_discord_720458332510486609:t2bot.ioclaptrap#6176 You have the sweatiest feet 16:29:48
@_discord_643633906452529182:t2bot.ioMad Myc Lol. Not really. But it's really wet out and I need new shoes. Its so fucked how expensive good vegan shoes are. I gotta save up for that shit like most people save up for a car or a cell phone. 16:35:21
@_discord_720458332510486609:t2bot.ioclaptrap#6176 How much do they cost? 16:42:07
@_discord_720458332510486609:t2bot.ioclaptrap#6176 A completely vegan shoe that is comfortable would be pretty hard to engineer honestly 16:42:35
@_discord_643633906452529182:t2bot.ioMad Myc Well the cheapest ones I can find are the saucony jazz vegan. They retail for about $60 but they aren't water proof so they are only good for summer. Everything else is like 100 or more. More like $200 for a decent pair. Then there is the problem that most vegan shoes just look funny. 16:44:44
@_discord_643633906452529182:t2bot.ioMad Myc Idk why the designers think that vegans only like ugly shoes. 16:46:48
@_discord_643633906452529182:t2bot.ioMad Myc Stuck my socks in the heater vent at work and got some funny looks 😅 16:47:34
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30 Oct 2021
@_discord_700398314566451343:t2bot.ioWolfTail#0327 joined the room.02:37:15
@_discord_700398314566451343:t2bot.ioWolfTail#0327Redacted or Malformed Event02:37:15
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Download anQGMXE_460s.png
@_discord_471824123736227841:t2bot.ioeminemsbrother#2968 When you eyeball the microdose 15:56:33
@_discord_643633906452529182:t2bot.ioMad Myc I hope everyone has a great weekend! 18:44:38
@_discord_720458332510486609:t2bot.ioclaptrap#6176 I'm about to propose to my gf 18:52:52
Download IMG_20211030_143636053.jpg
@_discord_720458332510486609:t2bot.ioclaptrap#6176 How's my hair 18:53:04
@_discord_643633906452529182:t2bot.ioMad Myc Looks great. Congratulations dude! 18:54:35
@_discord_888229271636676669:t2bot.ioPaishoCalypso yaaaaas 19:18:20
@_discord_720458332510486609:t2bot.ioclaptrap#6176 I'm a fiancee 💥🥳 19:49:55
@_discord_888229271636676669:t2bot.ioPaishoCalypso fuck yea boi 21:20:02
@_discord_218091018484973569:t2bot.iowotalotigot#7315 Congrats man!! 22:16:45
31 Oct 2021
@_discord_598999497388851201:t2bot.ioSweetvrob#9727 Congrats 🎉 05:50:29
@_discord_598999497388851201:t2bot.ioSweetvrob#9727 Don't forget to live feed the wedding day here , 😉👍🏽 05:51:33
@_discord_720458332510486609:t2bot.ioclaptrap#6176 Thanks everybody 😁 I appreciate you guys! 14:30:35
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