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15 Sep 2022
@_discord_886669897613078529:t2bot.ioclaptrap What do you mean 00:43:29
@_discord_781046718656413700:t2bot.ioDookie Poppinsimage0.png
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17 Sep 2022
@_discord_495895024693805056:t2bot.ioJonas/Dr.Jones joined the room.11:42:22
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19 Sep 2022
@_discord_1005769452140372018:t2bot.ioorozco edgar joined the room.04:37:04
20 Sep 2022
@muhramlee:matrix.orgMuh Ramlee joined the room.20:49:21
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21 Sep 2022
@_discord_886669897613078529:t2bot.ioclaptrap Hope everyone here is doing good out there this hump day 20:35:04
@_discord_454315126489612318:t2bot.ioHaipper#5584 joined the room.23:48:07
@_discord_454315126489612318:t2bot.ioHaipper#5584 hey 23:48:08
@_discord_454315126489612318:t2bot.ioHaipper#5584 is anyone out there? 23:48:10
22 Sep 2022
@_discord_1022434884641357916:t2bot.ioRichardson_99 joined the room.09:45:14
24 Sep 2022
@_discord_1022366651330613309:t2bot.iomushmore joined the room.11:38:05
@_discord_1022366651330613309:t2bot.iomushmore I got some psychedelic and opiates products for anxiety, depression and chronic pain relief . some magic mushroom, dmt, mdma, Peyote, Chocolate Bars ,Psilo Gummies, lsd blotter, molly pills , ketamine , xanax , adderall, oxycodone etc

Interested persons to please get me on ;
Telegram: @myotrip
Snapchat: thompsontrip
Email: thompsonjay176@gmail.com
Wickr me : tpsychonaut12
Signal: +1(702)-900-2307
@_discord_331486473373351946:t2bot.iolamp is that supposed to be here 13:53:42
25 Sep 2022
@_discord_1023529426094411836:t2bot.iocardscairo joined the room.09:48:00
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@_discord_1022391465982296074:t2bot.ioSteve_Ry Sup mann 23:48:05
@_discord_886669897613078529:t2bot.ioclaptrap How's it going brother man 23:49:12
@_discord_1022391465982296074:t2bot.ioSteve_Ry Good! 23:50:52
26 Sep 2022
@_discord_886669897613078529:t2bot.ioclaptrap How did you find our little slice of heaven 00:02:05
@_discord_1018697002344775743:t2bot.ioBoris Trippy 🍄 joined the room.00:49:24
@_discord_1018697002344775743:t2bot.ioBoris Trippy 🍄 Hi 00:49:43
@_discord_1018697002344775743:t2bot.ioBoris Trippy 🍄 I mean no disrespect fam ,Sorry for penetrating your inbox without your permission....I have got some psychedelic products for anxiety and depression like some mushrooms mushroom,weed, dmt, mdma, Peyote Cactus cactus,Mescaline,Shrooms Chocolate Bars yum,Psilo Gummies, lsd blotter, molly pills pill, 2cb, was wondering if you gonna be interested in purchasing. telegram @BorisCallahan 01:08:16
@_discord_1022983941449326633:t2bot.iomike828 joined the room.07:36:04
27 Sep 2022
@_discord_1024285266803961866:t2bot.ioHarry-R joined the room.19:12:40

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