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11 May 2023
@psynature:matrix.orgPsyNatureπŸ„ 🌈 https://t.me/Psilocybin_Microdosing_Trippy01:41:21
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12 May 2023
@luffy:chat.mistli.netluffy joined the room.02:17:56
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15 May 2023
@_discord_453732906553049094:t2bot.ioHyphae NodeIMG_1259.jpg
Download IMG_1259.jpg
@_discord_453732906553049094:t2bot.ioHyphae Node @everyone which 2 would you choose? 10:29:12
@_discord_453732906553049094:t2bot.ioHyphae NodeIMG_1259.jpg
Download IMG_1259.jpg
@_discord_453732906553049094:t2bot.ioHyphae Node Numbered to make it easier 10:41:31
17 May 2023
@_discord_453732906553049094:t2bot.ioHyphae Node Anyone have experience with peyote? 05:00:02
21 May 2023
@_discord_849127189857435668:t2bot.iosolluna16 joined the room.15:07:18
@_discord_849127189857435668:t2bot.iosolluna16 permaculture fungi farm here! 15:09:12
@_discord_849127189857435668:t2bot.iosolluna16 ❀️‍πŸ”₯ 15:09:15
@_discord_849127189857435668:t2bot.iosolluna16 learning to master fungi cultivation with gardening 15:09:31
@_discord_849127189857435668:t2bot.iosolluna16 started a company and discord if anyone's interested I dont want to spam this chat with an invite link as I think it would be a good match connecting both of these community'sπŸŽ‰ 15:53:39
@_discord_1088486958642249738:t2bot.iocoldstein Ayy I wouldn't mine an invite! 16:23:50
@_discord_1088486958642249738:t2bot.iocoldstein * Ayy I wouldn't mind an invite! 16:24:03
22 May 2023
@_discord_453732906553049094:t2bot.ioHyphae Node I would also appreciate an invite - I have some experience with this 17:36:45
25 May 2023
@_discord_865840519409958932:t2bot.ioNicolaii joined the room.16:08:46
26 May 2023
@_discord_833123886660452353:t2bot.ioLauraBabes462#7247 joined the room.20:50:19
@_discord_833123886660452353:t2bot.ioLauraBabes462#7247 changed their display name from LauraBabes462 to LauraBabes462#7247.20:50:21
@_discord_833123886660452353:t2bot.ioLauraBabes462#7247 Hi friends! I'm looking for a recommendation to a website or a link or something to a reliable chart depicting magic mushroom strains and their benefits for mental health/spiritual health, and their respective effects. I have grown Mazatapec in the past for their spiritual growth and healing benefits, but I want to compare other strains 20:50:22
@_discord_159985870458322944:t2bot.ioMEE6#4876 GG LauraBabes462, you just advanced to level 1! 20:50:22
27 May 2023
@_discord_1014599347444404305:t2bot.ioPierre changed their display name from Pierre to Pierre#4320.17:07:04
@_discord_1014599347444404305:t2bot.ioPierre changed their display name from Pierre#4320 to Pierre.17:07:09
28 May 2023
@_discord_1014599347444404305:t2bot.ioPierre Click on my bio to Join a society of physicians therapists and health care professionals dedicated to advancing education regarding. Weed,LSD, DMT,Shrooms,Xanax,Molly and more with top notch quality products, Discreet packaging, Reviews from satisfied customers and touchdown pics for you all, go see some amazing stuffs and top quality products on their daily posts 22:04:18
Download IMG_20230528_193917_081.jpg
30 May 2023
@psynature:matrix.orgPsyNatureπŸ„ 🌈 https://t.me/Psilocybin_Microdosing_Trippy08:18:04

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