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20 Jul 2019
06:11:04@frandavid100:matrix.org@frandavid100:matrix.org left the room.
25 Jul 2019
08:14:35@bobfett:flobob.ovh@bobfett:flobob.ovh joined the room.
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26 Jul 2019
11:50:58@tux:matrix.tii.tu-dresden.deChristoph Johannes Kleine set a profile picture.
29 Jul 2019
02:04:59@madduck:madduck.netmartin ➬ changed their display name from madduck ➬ to martin ➬.
1 Aug 2019
09:01:33@psydroid:matrix.orgpsydroid changed their display name from psydroid to psydrоid.
17:06:41@psydroid:matrix.orgpsydroid changed their display name from psydrоid to psydroid.
4 Aug 2019
15:31:10@yangm97:matrix.org@yangm97:matrix.org invited @yan:yetanothernerd.xyzYan Minari [c].
15:31:17@yan:yetanothernerd.xyzYan Minari [c] joined the room.
7 Aug 2019
06:38:38@vilyaua:matrix.org@vilyaua:matrix.org left the room.
13:38:59@yangm97:matrix.org@yangm97:matrix.org changed their display name from Yan Minari 🚁 to Yan Minari 🚁 (Old).
8 Aug 2019
15:14:40@yangm97:matrix.org@yangm97:matrix.org left the room.
20 Aug 2019
19:09:34@acharles:matrix.orgAhmed Charles joined the room.
21 Aug 2019
15:37:04@kenjiro:matrix.orgKenjiro changed their display name from kenjiro to Kenjiro.
21:40:07@marius.kloeck:antwire.net@marius.kloeck:antwire.net joined the room.
22 Aug 2019
03:05:46@acharles:matrix.orgAhmed Charles set their display name to Ahmed Charles.
21:06:18@unclechu:matrix.orgunclechu changed their profile picture.
23 Aug 2019
03:35:29@washort:greyface.orgdash joined the room.
24 Aug 2019
14:47:49@raiknucuril5:matrix.org@raiknucuril5:matrix.org joined the room.
14:48:05@raiknucuril5:matrix.org@raiknucuril5:matrix.org left the room.
28 Aug 2019
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29 Aug 2019
17:42:16@bobfett:flobob.ovh@bobfett:flobob.ovh changed their profile picture.
17:47:26@bobfett:flobob.ovh@bobfett:flobob.ovh changed their profile picture.
17:49:30@bobfett:flobob.ovh@bobfett:flobob.ovh changed their profile picture.
9 Sep 2019
19:49:51@lalpi:matrix.orglalpi joined the room.
13 Sep 2019
10:07:17@C0261495417904.96792759224430ec7a60.49658452:vn-rtmessaging.rtcenter.org[RTA] Phạm Nguyễn Ngọc Bảo set a profile picture.
14 Sep 2019
07:52:42@etjet:utwente.io@etjet:utwente.io left the room.
16 Sep 2019
04:38:55@bobfett:flobob.ovh@bobfett:flobob.ovh left the room.
17 Sep 2019
16:52:36@gautamojha:matrix.org@gautamojha:matrix.org joined the room.
16:55:56@gautamojha:matrix.org@gautamojha:matrix.org left the room.

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