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15 Sep 2020
@rocco8773:matrix.orgrocco8773 * For now at least. Google docs is where we advertise the minutes being.17:26:57
@rocco8773:matrix.orgrocco8773I'm not a huge fan of google docs, so I'm not opposed to moving to a different platform. I put up with them because they're easily accessible by the community.17:28:27
@rocco8773:matrix.orgrocco8773Could you automate a pdf copy of the hackmd file to google docs?17:29:22
@StanczakDominik:matrix.orgDominik StańczakTo the google drive folder with minutes? Sure, with pandoc17:30:29
@rocco8773:matrix.orgrocco8773Yeah, to the minutes folder. It could be a pdf and/or the md file. I'm more concerned about it be automated. Because I know we will be lazy and not manually copy it at the end of day17:31:53
@StanczakDominik:matrix.orgDominik StańczakGood point. I can set up a cron job for that for now, and then do some CI magic with the gdrive api later.17:34:17
@StanczakDominik:matrix.orgDominik StańczakAnd the CI stuff is easy since hackmd has auto github sync: https://github.com/PlasmaPy/plasmapy-meeting-notes/blob/master/2020-09-15.md 17:35:30
@jacob_schwartz:matrix.orgjacob_schwartzI'm finishing up a meeting & will try to be there in a few :(18:39:38
@StanczakDominik:matrix.orgDominik StańczakNo worries, take your time18:39:48
@jacob_schwartz:matrix.orgjacob_schwartz Thanks to Eric for your suggestion to find existing databases. So, there's this one: https://www.nndc.bnl.gov/sigma/ which I think will have every cross section we'd need. The only part that's slightly annoying is that it's in a tabular format, since it's a Serious Business neutronics database, and that there's not rate coefficient data. 20:38:44
@rocco8773:matrix.orgrocco8773One option we should have is allowing users to specify their own database to substitute for our default one. Probably not something to include in your first iteration, but at least keep it in mind.21:20:08
@rocco8773:matrix.orgrocco8773this might be useful too21:27:56
@rocco8773:matrix.orgrocco8773If NIST has a database, then that would be nice. Then you'd have a trusted source.21:28:59
@rocco8773:matrix.orgrocco8773That will be a big one, we'll have to grab data from a trusted source.21:29:23
@jacob_schwartz:matrix.orgjacob_schwartzFrom a quick search I don't think NIST has one. While it has many SRDs for atomic data, I don't see any for nuclear data other than masses and half-lives. https://www.nist.gov/srd/physics I'm afraid the databases on the IAEA page are atomic and molecular data. Confusingly, here 'atomic' means processes dealing with electrons etc, not transformations of the nuclei. I'll keep looking around.22:03:05
16 Sep 2020
@rocco8773:matrix.orgrocco8773I polled the crew on the BaPSF slack channel about this. For atomic/molecular cross sections I got these two links: https://www.nist.gov/pml/atomic-spectra-database https://us.lxcat.net/data/set_type.php For nuclear cross-sections, Troy Carter recommended: https://www-nds.iaea.org/exfor/endf.htm00:36:22
@namurphy:matrix.orgNick MurphyWhen dealing with atomic and nuclear databases, we'll need to be careful with the licenses....for example: "LXCat does not authorize third parties (commercial interests, in particular) to redistribute data from the LXCat site. "01:23:29
@namurphy:matrix.orgNick Murphy...which is a big limit to scientific reproducibility.01:24:03
@namurphy:matrix.orgNick Murphy...but NIST data should be public domain since it's US federal government.01:27:37
@rocco8773:matrix.orgrocco8773 Well, if you continue reading LXCat's redistribution policy it's doesn't sound as dire as their heading. If we get contact the LXCat team (info@@lxcat.net) we might be able to work something out. Of course, that is if we decide one or more of their databases are necessary for our functionality. 23:46:46
@rocco8773:matrix.orgrocco8773In any event, we should probably list this sources as places to get cross-section data. I do think our functionality should allow for the input of custom (user) databases.23:48:34
17 Sep 2020
@namurphy:matrix.orgNick MurphyYeah...reaching out to different databases would be a really helpful thing to do, especially since licensing of database data has been a persistent thorn in my side. 15:15:03
@namurphy:matrix.orgNick MurphyAlso: it feels strange to not have a seven hour long Zoom meeting today.15:16:43
@solardrew:openastronomy.orgSolarDrewthat is too many hours15:21:10
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19 Sep 2020
@namurphy:matrix.orgNick Murphy I finally got around to uploading PlasmaPy 0.4.0 to Zenodo. Still need to update the Star Fleet android personnel file. 00:00:37
@namurphy:matrix.orgNick Murphy...I mean the metaData.00:00:44

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