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7 Dec 2018
19:36:07@namurphy:matrix.orgNick MurphyThis is neat: http://demonstrations.wolfram.com/ColdWavePlasmaDispersion/
9 Dec 2018
17:22:07@namurphy:matrix.orgNick MurphyI'll be at the American Geophysical Union meeting tomorrow, in case anyone else will be there
18:37:25@cadair:cadair.comCadairI will!
18:37:36@cadair:cadair.comCadairIn that I am not going in, but am in DC
10 Dec 2018
17:29:13@darthgera:openastronomy.orgdarthgera joined the room.
17:29:47@darthgera:openastronomy.orgdarthgerahi i am a student at IIIT Hyerabad, India. im excited to contribute to this org. Can someone please guide me
22:10:24@SolarDrew:matrix.orgSolarDrew Hi darthgera , thanks for helping out 😃 The best place to start is to have a look at the list of open issues, https://github.com/PlasmaPy/PlasmaPy, and see if there's anything there that suits your interests
22:10:59@SolarDrew:matrix.orgSolarDrewFeel free to ask again in here or on a specific issue if you have any questions 😃
11 Dec 2018
08:31:01@StanczakDominik:matrix.orgDominik StaƄczakhey darthgera, nice to meet you 🙂 +1 to what Drew said :D
08:31:39@StanczakDominik:matrix.orgDominik StaƄczak something recently changed in astropy (i think?) broke some of our Quantity calculations
08:32:33@StanczakDominik:matrix.orgDominik StaƄczakthe last travis build on master was 12 days ago or so due to us doing no merges since then, I added a daily build cron job to prevent that in the future
08:32:38@StanczakDominik:matrix.orgDominik StaƄczakhttps://travis-ci.org/PlasmaPy/PlasmaPy/jobs/461392521
08:33:19@StanczakDominik:matrix.orgDominik StaƄczakastropy.png
09:31:28@SolarDrew:matrix.orgSolarDrew sounds useful, thanks Dominik StaƄczak :D
09:38:02@StanczakDominik:matrix.orgDominik StaƄczakseems like an astropy 3.1 bug, I opened #587 for it
09:38:03@_neb_github:matrix.orgGithubhttps://github.com/PlasmaPy/PlasmaPy/issues/587 : astropy.units.core.UnitConversionError: 's / m' and 's / m' are not convertible
09:38:08@StanczakDominik:matrix.orgDominik StaƄczaknot quite sure what's wrong there
09:39:45@SolarDrew:matrix.orgSolarDrewDoes seem like those units should be equivalent ...
09:41:20@StanczakDominik:matrix.orgDominik StaƄczakyeah
16:27:44@StanczakDominik:matrix.orgDominik StaƄczakhttps://github.com/astropy/astropy/labels/%3Afire%3A this label is an amazing idea
12 Dec 2018
05:22:32@StanczakDominik:matrix.orgDominik StaƄczakSeems like that issue is getting fixed in astropy 3.1.1, we may need to bump our requirements to that version
05:23:14@StanczakDominik:matrix.orgDominik StaƄczak Is there some way of saying in requirements we're fine with anything past 3 except for 3.1.0?
12:05:24@dstansby:matrix.orgdstansbyIf it's a pip requirement, you can do "astropy!=3.1.0"
17:35:26@namurphy:matrix.orgNick MurphyThat's really helpful to know.
17:36:31@namurphy:matrix.orgNick MurphyI'm back from my three-part work trip, and am remembering that I still need to send out the email requesting nominations for the Coordinating Committee. Good at sending emails, I am not.
17:36:46@cadair:cadair.comCadairyou can also get funky with conda: https://github.com/conda-forge/sunpy-feedstock/blob/master/recipe/meta.yaml#L22
18:10:16@namurphy:matrix.orgNick Murphy Looks like the final report of the U.S. burning plasma decadal survey is going to be presented tomorrow in a webinar.
18:15:27@namurphy:matrix.orgNick Murphy SolarDrew, Dominik StaƄczak, and I submitted a white paper to that last year. I'm going to be watching on the chance that they included something from our draft recommendations.

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