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30 Mar 2020
18:50:39@ff777:matrix.orgFF777 FF man is big buff man who fucks his computer!!! who? the women in yellow thong? her tits are 100% fake....but all the other ones look real..
18:52:11@ff777:matrix.orgFF777fake tits look like hard solid orbs......real tits are softer like pudding and not completely round like fake tits
31 Mar 2020
05:49:37@rajuishere:matrix.org@rajuishere:matrix.org joined the room.
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22:38:19@ff777:matrix.orgFF777m.video Event
1 Apr 2020
05:43:30@jancum:matrix.orgjancum joined the room.
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2 Apr 2020
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19:28:25@ff777:matrix.orgFF777changed room power levels.
19:28:40@ff777:matrix.orgFF777changed room power levels.
19:28:53@ff777:matrix.orgFF777changed room power levels.
19:29:17@ff777:matrix.orgFF777changed room power levels.
19:32:14@ff777:matrix.orgFF777changed room power levels.
19:32:52@ff777:matrix.orgFF777changed room power levels.
19:34:19@ff777:matrix.orgFF777changed room power levels.
20:11:56@ff777:matrix.orgFF777m.video Event
3 Apr 2020
18:33:42@lizaxxx:matrix.org@lizaxxx:matrix.org joined the room.
18:33:54@lizaxxx:matrix.org@lizaxxx:matrix.org Adult Dating Site 😜 https://is.gd/lWo2pX
19:06:35@jusoko:matrix.org@jusoko:matrix.orgRedacted or Malformed Event
19:17:13@ff777:matrix.orgFF777 lizaxxx this is the 2nd room you've come in to and in the same minute shilled some stupid site.. could you please stop thanks
19:19:46@jusoko:matrix.org@jusoko:matrix.orgRedacted or Malformed Event
19:20:57@ff777:matrix.orgFF777yeah i know but i give them the benefit of the doubt..
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23:21:31@naughtyfunpaul:matrix.orgnaughtyfunpaul joined the room.
4 Apr 2020
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