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10 Dec 2019
06:21:52@kai-kun:matrix.orgstreet rat nigger named KaiRedacted or Malformed Event
06:22:22@kai-kun:matrix.orgstreet rat nigger named Kaiimage.png
06:22:37@seveno_oseven:matrix.orgSeven (online)huh
06:26:24@kai-kun:matrix.orgstreet rat nigger named Kaioh I pinged u cuz some girl from the site smutty.com seemed like a 5 year old
06:26:28@kai-kun:matrix.orgstreet rat nigger named Kaibut I wasnt sure if it was real or fake
06:26:32@seveno_oseven:matrix.orgSeven (online)oh ok
06:26:53@kai-kun:matrix.orgstreet rat nigger named Kaiwanna see
06:26:59@seveno_oseven:matrix.orgSeven (online)uh
06:26:59@kai-kun:matrix.orgstreet rat nigger named Kaii'm still curious
06:27:00@seveno_oseven:matrix.orgSeven (online)ok
06:27:09@kai-kun:matrix.orgstreet rat nigger named KaiRedacted or Malformed Event
06:27:24@seveno_oseven:matrix.orgSeven (online)oh thats just a young faced asian chick
06:27:34@seveno_oseven:matrix.orgSeven (online)they are short and have young face
06:27:52@seveno_oseven:matrix.orgSeven (online)thats the real life version of a loli essentially
06:28:42@kai-kun:matrix.orgstreet rat nigger named Kaioh ok
06:28:49@kai-kun:matrix.orgstreet rat nigger named Kaiits ugly
06:29:07@seveno_oseven:matrix.orgSeven (online)i dont think its super bad but i wouldnt want a girlfriend that looks that young
18:45:23@kai-kun:matrix.orgstreet rat nigger named Kai changed their display name from virgin virginity-stealer (she/her/mom/dad/uncle/grandpa/cousin/step-sister/step-brother) to street rat nigger named Kai.
22:55:10@miasuma:matrix.orgmiasma#5344 (sleep)wHY nOt??
23:28:49@lilkittyboi:matrix.orglilkittyboi joined the room.
11 Dec 2019
00:34:22@miasuma:matrix.orgmiasma#5344 (sleep)First one's pretty hot
23:03:25@senac77:matrix.orgsenac77 left the room.
13 Dec 2019
11:38:41@cball123x:matrix.orgcball123x joined the room.
12:22:03@caoimhin:matrix.orgCaoimhin joined the room.
12:24:22@caoimhin:matrix.orgCaoimhin left the room.
14 Dec 2019
15:35:08@ralph:matrix.allmende.ioralph joined the room.
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