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5 Jun 2018
21:21:52@grahamperrin:matrix.orgGraham Perrin For reference, an issue involving the Reopen Closed … submenu of Session Manager:
21:22:09@grahamperrin:matrix.orgGraham Perrinm.video Event
21:22:48@grahamperrin:matrix.orgGraham PerrinEasily reproducible here:
21:23:02@grahamperrin:matrix.orgGraham Perrin
  1. point at the submenu
21:23:27@grahamperrin:matrix.orgGraham Perrin
  1. point at an adjacent Session Manager menu item
21:23:33@grahamperrin:matrix.orgGraham Perrin
  1. again, point at the submenu.
21:52:10@grahamperrin:matrix.orgGraham Perrin Again for reference only, an example of peculiarity that can occur whilst running Waterfox with truss(1).
21:53:02@grahamperrin:matrix.orgGraham PerrinIn this case I began to use the History menu before Waterfox had completed its load of extensions:
21:53:16@grahamperrin:matrix.orgGraham Perrinm.video Event
21:58:41@grahamperrin:matrix.orgGraham Perrin Context: Recently closed windows (menu option) present but non-functional : waterfox
22:00:24@grahamperrin:matrix.orgGraham PerrinA frame from the screen recording of truss:
22:00:33@grahamperrin:matrix.orgGraham Perrin2018-06-03 06:01:37 frame.png
2018-06-03 06:01:37 frame.png
22:01:18@grahamperrin:matrix.orgGraham Perrin A screenshot of Session Manager preferences for Undo Close:
22:01:28@grahamperrin:matrix.orgGraham Perrin2018-06-03 07:07:18 Session Manager Options.png
2018-06-03 07:07:18 Session Manager Options.png
22:02:06@grahamperrin:matrix.orgGraham Perrin – it was not a workaround for the issue that bugs the main History menu of Waterfox.
22:02:16@grahamperrin:matrix.orgGraham PerrinI'll summarise in the Reddit post.
22:37:35@grahamperrin:matrix.orgGraham Perrin A couple of screenshots of Session Manager. In the second shot, the Reopen Closed … menu is broken:
22:37:48@grahamperrin:matrix.orgGraham Perrin2018-06-05 23:30:58.png
2018-06-05 23:30:58.png
22:37:55@grahamperrin:matrix.orgGraham Perrin2018-06-05 23:31:44.png
2018-06-05 23:31:44.png
6 Jun 2018
21:09:32@grahamperrin:matrix.orgGraham Perrin On the screen to the right: Firefox 60.0.1_3,1 with Conex, Panorama View and Vertical Tabs Reloaded.
On the screen to the left: Waterfox with legacy Tab Groups and legacy version of Vertical Tabs Reloaded.
21:13:51@grahamperrin:matrix.orgGraham Perrinm.video Event
7 Jun 2018
01:38:19@grahamperrin:matrix.orgGraham Perrin Hmm … interop. Panorama View can not be used reliably (hidden tabs are improperly shown) when Tiled Tab Groups is enabled. Another recording, from around a month ago:
01:39:10@grahamperrin:matrix.orgGraham Perrinm.video Event
01:39:27@grahamperrin:matrix.orgGraham PerrinRedacted or Malformed Event
01:40:04@grahamperrin:matrix.orgGraham Perrin I guess, extensions conflicts were the cause of this overlap issue affecting Tiled Tab Groups:
01:40:24@grahamperrin:matrix.orgGraham Perrin2018-05-12 06:45:19 overlap.png
2018-05-12 06:45:19 overlap.png
25 Jun 2018
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17 Nov 2018
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18 Nov 2018
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