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18 May 2022
@_discord_365822512447225857:t2bot.io FairBot [telegram] <fabiopcv> 112+36201 05:10:23
@_discord_426842722436120577:t2bot.ioRok It is on website www.getbtcz.com 05:24:48
@_discord_426842722436120577:t2bot.ioRok But here is link L33T https://github.com/btcz-electrum/electrum-btcz 05:26:33
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@_discord_365822512447225857:t2bot.io FairBot [telegram] <fabiopcv> Have we submitted form to binance? 11:07:10
@_discord_365822512447225857:t2bot.io FairBot [telegram] <SSAMA_0.0> we need 500k $ 11:07:27
@_discord_365822512447225857:t2bot.io FairBot [telegram] <fabiopcv> do not need to pay for binance 11:08:14
@_discord_365822512447225857:t2bot.io FairBot [telegram] <fabiopcv> and they accept privacy coins 11:08:59
@_discord_365822512447225857:t2bot.io FairBot [telegram] <SSAMA_0.0> soon or later they will list btcz automatically 11:09:50
@_discord_304928645103878149:t2bot.ioL33T#5811 RokI see i downloaded wallet but there is only 1 recieveing address isnt there supposed to be more 11:12:09
@_discord_365822512447225857:t2bot.io FairBot [telegram] <fabiopcv> if i am not wrong, wvwry time that you receive amount, the address change 11:13:13
@_discord_365822512447225857:t2bot.io FairBot [telegram] <fabiopcv> every* 11:13:23
@_discord_304928645103878149:t2bot.ioL33T#5811 yes but I want to mine directly to that address i dont want change miner address every time 11:14:01
@_discord_365822512447225857:t2bot.io FairBot [telegram] <fabiopcv> you don't need 11:14:18
@_discord_365822512447225857:t2bot.io FairBot [telegram] <fabiopcv> you can use same... 11:14:40
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@_discord_445731626937352192:t2bot.ioVandarGR The first address is associated with your wallet anyway. 12:46:16
@_discord_445731626937352192:t2bot.ioVandarGR The reason why BitcoinZ tends to generate new ones is in order to protwct your privacy 12:46:34
@_discord_445731626937352192:t2bot.ioVandarGR However this doesn't mean that any previous address is not yours. 12:46:48
@_discord_445731626937352192:t2bot.ioVandarGR They will work forever 12:47:23
@_discord_445731626937352192:t2bot.ioVandarGR (maybe we should consider making a nice FAQ section about BitcoinZ about such questions). 12:48:00
@_discord_365822512447225857:t2bot.io FairBot [telegram] <Dinan> Hello~! 14:33:12
@_discord_365822512447225857:t2bot.io FairBot [telegram] <SSAMA_0.0> Hi 14:33:16
@_discord_445731626937352192:t2bot.ioVandarGR * The reason why BitcoinZ tends to generate new ones is in order to protect your privacy 14:42:31
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@_discord_351173029159763971:t2bot.ioFiletop I think thats a good idea. When I started mining this was a big point of confusion for me. I had to restore my wallet and it didnt generate the same address. I was panicking. I still had payouts pending to the old address and thought they were lost. Didnt realize they still worked. Of course I understand it now. But back then it was above me. 17:33:43
@_discord_445731626937352192:t2bot.ioVandarGR I totally understand that, a couple of friends were wondering as well! 18:36:35
@_discord_418542123479203850:t2bot.iosimon Another 19:42:44
@_discord_418542123479203850:t2bot.iosimon https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/bitsubishi/ 19:42:47
@_discord_418542123479203850:t2bot.iosimon https://twitter.com/Poloniex/status/1526839544347521024?t=JubBeRBvLtequA4s5agNjw&s=19 19:50:20

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