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30 Jan 2023
@_discord_845024654959443996:t2bot.ioatg612#6737 Thx 20:33:13
@_discord_840784353993687061:t2bot.ioBurcu#3046 Thankies 20:35:51
@_discord_816128396307988510:t2bot.ioVan#6263 Thank you VandarGR !! 20:37:50
@_discord_445731626937352192:t2bot.ioVandarGR guys does this url work for you ? 20:42:01
@_discord_445731626937352192:t2bot.ioVandarGR \https://dogedex.xyz/ 20:42:01
@_discord_445731626937352192:t2bot.ioVandarGR * https://dogedex.xyz/ 20:42:08
@_discord_805014051951738911:t2bot.iofiinix00 *There has been a critical error on your website."

Response, but no go
@_discord_710985028322197574:t2bot.ioCryptoQueen Critical error for me 20:44:24
@_discord_710985028322197574:t2bot.ioCryptoQueen lol touch something red Fiinix ! 20:45:28
@_discord_710985028322197574:t2bot.ioCryptoQueen 😅 20:45:34
@_discord_805014051951738911:t2bot.iofiinix00 Something red? Fire? 🔥😁 20:46:01
@_discord_445731626937352192:t2bot.ioVandarGR lol Queen this is the superstitious tradition mostly of the Mediterranean countries ?? 20:47:05
@_discord_710985028322197574:t2bot.ioCryptoQueen Yes!! I thought this is globally known 😅 20:48:05
@_discord_710985028322197574:t2bot.ioCryptoQueen When you say the same thing you touch something red in order to remain always a friend with the other one ! 20:48:51
@_discord_445731626937352192:t2bot.ioVandarGR 🙂 20:49:05
Download Screenshot_20230130-215030624_1.jpg
@_discord_805014051951738911:t2bot.iofiinix00 Found one on Urban Dictionary, kind of reminds me of "Smurf/Gammel smurf/Gargamel" the one who sais this word first after both saying the same thing wins, and if both say "Smurf" at the same time you pick the next word like "Gammel smurf"

The one who wins may hit the other one or request something, like a soda
@_discord_445731626937352192:t2bot.ioVandarGR lol 21:01:35
@_discord_710985028322197574:t2bot.ioCryptoQueen You see boys ?? I didn't make it up from my mind 😅 21:02:12
@_discord_445731626937352192:t2bot.ioVandarGR guys wtf , I have issues with so many sites today or the exchanges are closing ?:P 21:03:31
@_discord_1067792231647428618:t2bot.ioPeter 7#8956 joined the room.21:05:33
@_discord_1067792231647428618:t2bot.ioPeter 7#8956Redacted or Malformed Event21:05:34
@_discord_400040091839365120:t2bot.iokn4d#2531 Maybe Microworker at 3 cent each mail for 30$? 21:15:18
@olivia_adams01:matrix.orgolivia_adams01 joined the room.21:21:16
@olivia_adams01:matrix.orgolivia_adams01Redacted or Malformed Event21:49:06
@_discord_445731626937352192:t2bot.ioVandarGR lol 21:58:07
@_discord_445731626937352192:t2bot.ioVandarGR someone was faster than me 😛 21:58:13
@_discord_249659927071686657:t2bot.ioblackopz_crypto#5818 changed their display name from blackopz#5818 to blackopz_crypto#5818.21:58:36
@_discord_445731626937352192:t2bot.ioVandarGR https://twitter.com/BTCZOfficial/status/1620156172711124992 22:00:56
@_discord_1002726675542454312:t2bot.iozalpader Rok I don't have anyone who was not in BTCZ 😅 22:18:02

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