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12 Dec 2018
16:56:08@freenode_fort3hlulz:matrix.orgfort3hlulzIs this the bull run
16:56:41@freenode_maxfp:matrix.orgmaxfpya it is
16:56:45@freenode_maxfp:matrix.orgmaxfp100% garuntee
17:04:16@freenode_selsta:matrix.orgselstaany Windows 7 users here that can test something?
17:06:17@freenode_selsta:matrix.orgselstagot it already
17:12:11@freenode_charolastra:matrix.org@freenode_charolastra:matrix.org left the room.
17:14:23@freenode_shillo:matrix.orgshilloluigi1111 busy this afternoon?
17:31:16@freenode_monerobux:matrix.orgmonerobux [ WATCH: Why does Trump's image appear under searches for 'idiot?' Google CEO Pichai answers. - YouTube ] - www.youtube.com
17:31:15@freenode__4matter:matrix.org_4mattertopkek https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o6zfp6lRw2E
17:39:42@freenode_coppa:matrix.org@freenode_coppa:matrix.org left the room.
17:43:02@freenode_gethh:matrix.orggethhosom ;)
17:51:47@freenode_spaced0ut:matrix.orgspaced0uton ledgerx
17:51:49@freenode_spaced0ut:matrix.orgspaced0ut2018-12-11 BTC 2018-12-28 Call $15,000.00 $9.00 $9.00 88 755 $9.00 Options contract
17:52:04@freenode_spaced0ut:matrix.orgspaced0uttheir volume really is terrible
17:52:51@freenode_spaced0ut:matrix.orgspaced0ut$5k call options expiring 2020-06-26 are a $950 each. That sounds like a great deal
17:54:30@freenode_spaced0ut:matrix.orgspaced0utwow their top trade is someone bought 600 15k call options in july that expire the end of this year for $510 each. theyre looking fuuuuucked
18:00:22@freenode_spaced0ut:matrix.orgspaced0ut on december 12th last year someone bought 275 $50k call options for the end of this year for $3.6k each. wow. that's the worst trade ive ever seen
18:04:20@freenode_spaced0ut:matrix.orgspaced0utcheck this page out its so interesting
18:06:54@freenode_spaced0ut:matrix.orgspaced0ut i'm about to make an account and get that 5k call option for may 2020. sounds way better than any other plan ive dreamt up for getting a lil leverage on the way up
18:08:26@freenode_spaced0ut:matrix.orgspaced0ut shit maybe not. cause if you pay in btc then put the money back into btc when the price is up you'll have similar amounts lol
18:09:05@freenode_herch:matrix.org@freenode_herch:matrix.org joined the room.
18:23:11@freenode_herch:matrix.org@freenode_herch:matrix.org left the room.
18:28:45@freenode_spaced0ut:matrix.orgspaced0ut oh that "worst trade ive ever seen" was Ari Paul
18:33:45@freenode_lithium_pt:matrix.orglithium_pt joined the room.
18:40:09@freenode_bhayer_:matrix.org@freenode_bhayer_:matrix.org left the room.
18:44:29@freenode_spaced0ut:matrix.orgspaced0uthttps://www.sk3w.co/correlation_spread.html check this chart at the bottom. shows correlations between xmr and other coins
18:44:51@freenode_spaced0ut:matrix.orgspaced0uthighest correlation is with LTC
18:45:48@freenode_Methos_:matrix.org@freenode_Methos_:matrix.org left the room.

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