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24 Jan 2020
19:14:32@telegram_828747544:t2bot.io.:VMS:.Pkg add is fucking my ram
19:14:41@telegram_232516155:t2bot.ioAlex Arslan
In reply to @aaron:matrix.org
The biggest problem is Firefox needs 16 GB ram to function.
19:14:56@telegram_828747544:t2bot.io.:VMS:.But I was with the browser and maybe it didn't free that memory
19:15:11@telegram_828747544:t2bot.io.:VMS:.Or maybe it's pkg add xD
19:15:42@telegram_828747544:t2bot.io.:VMS:.It's pkg add maintaing in memory all the dependencies is installing?
19:16:05@telegram_828747544:t2bot.io.:VMS:.Because that calibre package had dependencies like it was a browser
19:17:40@telegram_828747544:t2bot.io.:VMS:.* Because that calibre package had dependencies like it was a browser
19:32:24@ky0ko:cybre.spaceky0kothat's probably because in order to read several e-book formats you effectively need a browser
19:33:07@ky0ko:cybre.spaceky0koso it does in fact have a browser integrated into it
20:38:14@telegram_828747544:t2bot.io.:VMS:.Meh it isn't working for what I wanted
20:38:27@telegram_828747544:t2bot.io.:VMS:.I wanted to remove the drm of a perl book
20:39:03@telegram_828747544:t2bot.io.:VMS:.But I need wine to install adobe digital editions so the dedrm tools can take the .der file it needs
20:39:14@telegram_828747544:t2bot.io.:VMS:.So meh, waste of time, space and ram
In reply to @ky0ko:cybre.space
as someone who works on embedded dev stuff for a living, the RISC-V stuff out there is already 1000x better than the arm ecosystem
Consumer ARM is basically only qualcomm so I don't even talk about it
22:25:38@ky0ko:cybre.spaceky0konothing i work on is qualcomm
22:26:03@ky0ko:cybre.spaceky0kois all NXP and TI
22:27:30@ky0ko:cybre.spaceky0koi've done non-work-related stuff with qualcomm and exynos SoCs though
22:27:39@telegram_446804686:t2bot.ioKeijøThankfully, but I don't like how much Librem 5 is hyped when it comes to NXP
22:28:35@ky0ko:cybre.spaceky0kopurism is a bad company pushing overpriced bad products and they are a bad actor in the free software community
22:28:51@ky0ko:cybre.spaceky0koi'm hoping for the pinephone to end up being a solid product
22:29:53@ky0ko:cybre.spaceky0koi refuse to support purism based on their past actions
22:30:29@telegram_446804686:t2bot.ioKeijøPurism has no clue how to make hardware
22:33:49@telegram_446804686:t2bot.ioKeijøI'm kind of baffled that "open source" operating systems mean as little as GNU/Linux + RedHat garbage to people
22:34:00@telegram_446804686:t2bot.ioKeijøand there's so many more better projects that are actually simpler
22:37:51@telegram_828747544:t2bot.io.:VMS:. Ky0ko what about risc v and netbsd? I thought I'd find more info there http://wiki.netbsd.org/ports/riscv/ xD
22:57:54@ky0ko:cybre.spaceky0koafaik its still very early
25 Jan 2020
01:15:19@fasxmut:matrix.orgFas Xmut
In reply to@telegram_232516155:t2bot.io
MsgPack is pretty good. The company I work for uses it pretty extensively.
Yeah. A bettet case than json, protobuf, but msgpack is more easy to code, and very easy to integrate with c++ STL container, c++ stream.

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