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15 Oct 2016
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26 Dec 2016
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22 Feb 2017
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29 Mar 2017
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12:56:30@rubo77:matrix.eclabs.derubo77Redacted or Malformed Event
12:57:03@rubo77:matrix.eclabs.derubo77Seems, there are some more Chats about iot already
12:58:21@DasNordlicht:matrix.ffslfl.net@DasNordlicht:matrix.ffslfl.net#lorawan-sl-fl:matrix.ffslfl.net LoRaWAN and IoT Network in SH
13:01:15@rubo77:matrix.eclabs.derubo77Is there a special room for thethingsnetwork?
28 Jun 2017
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1 Jul 2017
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25 Sep 2017
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6 Oct 2017
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20 Oct 2017
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13 Jan 2018
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18 Jan 2018
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3 Mar 2018
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25 Apr 2018
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11 May 2018
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16 May 2018
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7 Nov 2018
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12 Feb 2019
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