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4 Jun 2020
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11 Jun 2020
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13 Jun 2020
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14 Jun 2020
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15 Jun 2020
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18 Jun 2020
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19 Jun 2020
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20 Jun 2020
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23 Jun 2020
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24 Jun 2020
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28 Jun 2020
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@ehlo:jhammons.iojhammonsHi y'all!05:35:18
@ehlo:jhammons.iojhammonsI'm very excited to have found Mycroft.05:35:32
29 Jun 2020
@testman42:matrix.orgtestman jhammons: What do you want to use it for? 12:41:24
@testman42:matrix.orgtestman * jhammons: What do you want to use it for? 12:41:38
@ehlo:jhammons.iojhammons testman: Good question. At the bare minimum, it would be nice to have some good speech recognition on my LineageOS phone. Aside from that, I'm keen to have all of my RaspberryPi's in/around the house (used mostly for a surveillance system) as a way to tie my voice into, say, OpenHAB which integrates with my Phillps Hue lights, etc. 15:09:44
@ehlo:jhammons.iojhammonsI see Mycroft is hiring. I'm keen to apply to see what, if anything, I could do to help them make this more mainstream. So far my only problem is I can't get the Android mobile APK I built to run on my phone. It starts and then stops. I suspect it's because I am running pure LineageOS without any Google Play services or libraries.15:10:43
30 Jun 2020
@sudoreboot:feneas.orgsudorebootI look forward to using it as a PC assistant07:31:21
@sudoreboot:feneas.orgsudorebootSometimes I just want to quickly look something up or as a complement to complex keybindings07:32:11
@sudoreboot:feneas.orgsudorebootOh and for translations and dictionary07:35:22
@sudoreboot:feneas.orgsudorebootIt could prove just as useful for the desktop environment as DDG bangs for web search07:38:00
@scott:perthchat.orgscott 22:06:57
@ehlo:jhammons.iojhammonsYeah. I run Searx from my house, so all my searches just come from there. It's a pretty good self-hosted meta search engine for everyday use.23:31:51
2 Jul 2020
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4 Jul 2020
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