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14 Apr 2018
16:01:07@gymcap:matrix.orggymcap joined the room.
16:01:20@gymcap:matrix.orggymcapAny way to use mycroft on android?
15 Apr 2018
17:19:28@william.caesar:matrix.orgwilliam.caesar joined the room.
17:20:03@william.caesar:matrix.orgwilliam.caesarHello guys

Any way to use mycroft on android?

On the mycroft github, have a android studio project, I think all you need is compile following the instructions from repository

17 Apr 2018
15:31:27@kosebamse:matrix.kosebamse.comKosebamseHi, what are the recommendations running Mycroft on a Pi? Using the Picroft image or installing raspian and install Mycroft on it?
20 Apr 2018
01:37:55@william.caesar:matrix.orgwilliam.caesarwhat is your model of raspberry pi?
07:43:08@kosebamse:matrix.kosebamse.comKosebamseI have a Pi 3B plus (I know that current Picroft image does not work with that model)
07:43:33@kosebamse:matrix.kosebamse.comKosebamseI was also thinking because I am not sure if I always want to flash the SD card completely and loos configuration
21 Apr 2018
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28 Apr 2018
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9 May 2018
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16 May 2018
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21 May 2018
10:56:40@mcfly2:matrix.orgMV joined the room.
11:14:29@mcfly2:matrix.orgMV I ve got spotify on my kodi Installation -
Whats the best approach getting mycroft controlling it?
There is kodi-skills
But i do not know were to change it's settings

An ideas? :)

1 Jun 2018
20:26:59@debiantux:matrix.orgdebiantux joined the room.
12 Jun 2018
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4 Jul 2018
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6 Sep 2018
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28 Sep 2018
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2 Oct 2018
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9 Oct 2018
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15 Oct 2018
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1 Nov 2018
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29 Dec 2018
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19 Jan 2019
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29 Jan 2019
21:09:21@biggaz:matrix.orgbiggaz joined the room.
21:11:53@biggaz:matrix.orgbiggazDoes this work, or do I need to use IRC ...
4 Feb 2019
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