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16 May 2019
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31 May 2019
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4 Jun 2019
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15 Jun 2019
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16 Jun 2019
03:47:36@nixfreakz:matrix.orgnixfreakzDoes anyone think it’s possible for mycroft to learn? Is it possible to teach mycroft to code?
15:23:52@nixfreakz:matrix.orgnixfreakz What about saving all data on local host then syncing up to the server for deep learning
7 Jul 2019
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25 Jul 2019
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28 Jul 2019
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10:11:58@crwzyhands:matrix.orgcrwzyhandsI believe anything that can be done separate to mycroft can become a mycroft skill.
10:14:37@crwzyhands:matrix.orgcrwzyhandsIs it possible to make mycroft android listen in the same way Google does? So it can respond when the apps closed off phones locked.
12 Aug 2019
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21 Aug 2019
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25 Aug 2019
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11 Sep 2019
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27 Sep 2019
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6 Oct 2019
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9 Oct 2019
11:40:03@s96abrar:matrix.orgs96abrarAs a new user, i just want to know how i can create my own skill?
10 Oct 2019
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11 Oct 2019
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18 Oct 2019
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19 Oct 2019
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29 Oct 2019
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8 Nov 2019
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15 Nov 2019
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