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7 Nov 2021
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8 Nov 2021
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13 Nov 2021
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21 Nov 2021
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22 Nov 2021
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26 Nov 2021
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30 Nov 2021
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9 Dec 2021
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10 Dec 2021
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12 Dec 2021
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12 Jan 2022
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13 Jan 2022
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15 Jan 2022
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19 Jan 2022
@demonshreder:matrix.orgKamal (demonshreder)Redacted or Malformed Event18:52:54
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@fshm-bot:matrix.orgfshm-botFSHM Uptime Bot Testing18:58:01
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@fshm-bot:matrix.orgfshm-bot[FSHM SearX] [✅ Up] 200 - OK19:16:27
@fshm-bot:matrix.orgfshm-botRedacted or Malformed Event20:44:04
20 Jan 2022
@fshm-bot:matrix.orgfshm-bot[FSFTN Wiki] [🔴 Down] timeout of 48000ms exceeded10:10:14
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@fshm-bot:matrix.orgfshm-bot[FSFTN Website] [🔴 Down] timeout of 48000ms exceeded10:12:00
@fshm-bot:matrix.orgfshm-bot[FSFTN Website] [✅ Up] 200 - OK10:13:38
@fshm-bot:matrix.orgfshm-bot[FSFTN SearX] [✅ Up] 200 - OK10:14:58
@fshm-bot:matrix.orgfshm-bot[FSFTN SearX] [🔴 Down] Request failed with status code 42910:18:16

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