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28 Jun 2021
@smith_ai:matrix.orgcosmoRegistered. Night 11 pm10:09:33
29 Jun 2021
@smith_ai:matrix.orgcosmoI dont know how many of us follow hackaday blog posts on daily basis. But today i am surprised to learn, about how one young maker with right support and workflow knowledge, made a Integrated circuit just like a carefully crafted recepie, with a specific objective right in his home.15:40:34
@smith_ai:matrix.orgcosmoWhat most electrical, electronics, instrumentation, computer science engineers would have only been introduced as a "the master craft" in their university/college curriculum have always been a process that seems to be very hard, very capital intensive, non democratic, clouded with patents and IPR..... seems to be finally breaking down. Many of us have been programmed with the moore's law, which is not actually a scientific law, but only dubbed as "law" which is just an actual observation, and have serious criticism.15:42:47
@smith_ai:matrix.orgcosmoi am happy to introduce Sam Zeloof, : https://www.youtube.com/user/szeloof ; http://sam.zeloof.xyz/first-ic/15:43:33
@smith_ai:matrix.orgcosmobut ironically, since today evening i have tried to watch his videos explaining all the nits and grits of the etching process involved seqentially in his home made IC's... but i atleast slept 4 times,..... he is not a great video maker, but he is definitely who we forgot to appreciate.15:44:52
@smith_ai:matrix.orgcosmoPractically, the instruments and equipments involved in the making process were need to be made by the commons.... and democratizing them is the way to democratize the IC production as a production process of collaboration by commons.15:45:57
@smith_ai:matrix.orgcosmoand i honestly didnt know how did i missed this for the past 3 years. !!!15:46:38
@smith_ai:matrix.orgcosmoAlso i agree, that with correct supply of resources, anyone can make. But practically, that is not enough, and reality is so much different. Provided a computer does not make one a creator. Afterall, we are maximally consumers of information and media. Only very little of our contribution goes for commons. I urge everyone to learn something related to making a material hardware of any kind. Ofcourse it shall involve FOSS ecosystem of tools.15:48:45
@smith_ai:matrix.orgcosmoFor instance : there is a Free and open source automated 3d microscope, 3d printable telescope etc....15:49:22
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and for those who missed this session : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U6HLvidui1g
@smith_ai:matrix.orgcosmo * i am happy to introduce Sam Zeloof, : https://www.youtube.com/user/szeloof ; http://sam.zeloof.xyz/first-ic/22:40:51
30 Jun 2021
@garblur83:matrix.orggarblur83https://wallet.fail/ This presentation about hacking hardware wallets is really enlightening. 10:03:41
1 Jul 2021
@demonshreder:matrix.orgKamal (demonshreder)FB_IMG_1625118026683.jpg
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5 Jul 2021
@demonshreder:matrix.orgKamal (demonshreder)https://blog.scottlogic.com/2021/07/03/github-copilot-first-thoughts.html https://copilot.github.com/ Github announces AI that can code for you02:42:51
@demonshreder:matrix.orgKamal (demonshreder)https://zephyrtronium.github.io/articles/copilot.html This poses a new legal challenge for the Free Software Movement to determine what would be the license of the code made by Github CoPilot. CoPilot is trained on public (mostly FOSS) code repositories which have differente licenses attached to it but once the AI is trained, there is no specified license for the AI. This is yet another example of how our public efforts are being used to earn free (no effort) profits for corporations.02:46:09
@demonshreder:matrix.orgKamal (demonshreder)European Union MP and Pirate Party member writes on the Github CoPilot issue, an optimistic take on the matter https://juliareda.eu/2021/07/github-copilot-is-not-infringing-your-copyright/17:34:07
6 Jul 2021
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19 Jul 2021
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20 Jul 2021
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26 Jul 2021
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