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19 Sep 2019
In reply to@esotericfascist:200acres.org
hyper bad
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15:48:33@bigger_john:matrix.orgBIG JOHNfucker
In reply to@bigger_john:matrix.org
hyper fucker
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In reply to @bigger_john:matrix.org
hey bro
15:56:26@bigger_john:matrix.orgBIG JOHNfucker sissy boy
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15:57:04@esotericfascist:200acres.orgesotericfascistHey bro
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In reply to@esotericfascist:200acres.org
hyper chill
15:59:35@esotericfascist:200acres.orgesotericfascisthyper chill
15:59:40@esotericfascist:200acres.orgesotericfascistRedacted or Malformed Event
16:11:34@esotericfascist:200acres.orgesotericfascist invited @angrygoose:200acres.organgrygoose.
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In reply to @esotericfascist:200acres.org
tf those niggers doing
/ck/ a baste
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20:57:10@dude_mon:200acres.orgDude_Mon [200]!google image RIP goose
20:57:13@_neb_google:matrix.orgGoogleRIP goose
RIP goose
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