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10 Feb 2019
20:29:16@zmanian:matrix.orgZakiJust a heads up. Feb 11th is a travel day for me so if something goes wrong. I won't be able to triage instantly
22:08:45@zmanian:matrix.orgZakiYou can turn off GoS 5
23:20:34@zmanian:matrix.orgZakiGenesis file fixed shasum -a 256 genesis.json edd827fbacd63576efa721cffaeaa4adc4b3d4631a6ef336635d36f6db10d23d genesis.json
12 Feb 2019
08:25:15@i7495:matrix.orgi7495 | Genesis Lab changed their display name from i7495 to i7495 | Genesis Lab.
11:28:42@ponchik69:matrix.orgponchik69 (p2p validator) changed their display name from ponchik69 to ponchik69 (p2p.validator).
11:30:35@ponchik69:matrix.orgponchik69 (p2p validator) changed their display name from ponchik69 (p2p.validator) to ponchik69 (p2p validator).
19:35:31@andrewcz:matrix.orgAndrew | Agile Ventures changed their display name from Andrew (happytezos.com) to Andrew | Agile Ventures.
13 Feb 2019
12:30:10@ponchik69:matrix.orgponchik69 (p2p validator) set a profile picture.
12:30:18@ponchik69:matrix.orgponchik69 (p2p validator) removed their profile picture.
12:30:31@ponchik69:matrix.orgponchik69 (p2p validator) set a profile picture.
14 Feb 2019
14:25:22@koa___:matrix.orgwinslyn | https://Stake.ID changed their display name from koa___ | https://Stake.ID to winslyn | https://Stake.ID.
15:56:29@workless58:matrix.orgHarry changed their display name from workless58 to Harry.
18:22:28@kevinlubkcm:matrix.orgkevbkcm changed their display name from kevinlubkcm to kevbkcm.
21:50:32@jackzampolin:matrix.orgjackzampolin We are going to be cutting an 0.32.0 release in the coming day to address this issue: https://github.com/cosmos/cosmos-sdk/issues/3646
21:50:42@jackzampolin:matrix.orgjackzampolinFix is here: https://github.com/cosmos/cosmos-sdk/pull/3654
21:51:41@jackzampolin:matrix.orgjackzampolin After that release either later today or early tomorrow we will be starting a gaia-12000 test network in a similar fashion to gaia-11001
15 Feb 2019
00:50:29@zmanian:matrix.orgZakiJust a heads .
00:50:35@zmanian:matrix.orgZakiGame of Stakes 6 is over
00:50:43@zmanian:matrix.orgZakiThank you all for playing
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05:48:44@zmanian:matrix.orgZaki Apparently some folks successfully confused me about when GoS ends
05:49:07@zmanian:matrix.orgZaki This doesn’t really count as a successful attack
05:49:19@zmanian:matrix.orgZaki So blah
08:36:15@Chinezupwnz:matrix.org@Chinezupwnz:matrix.org joined the room.
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15:05:02@egunawan85:matrix.orgegunawan85 set a profile picture.
16 Feb 2019
00:52:09@trevor2017:matrix.orgTrevorGG changed their display name from trevor_afu to TrevorGG.
00:53:13@trevor2017:matrix.orgTrevorGG set a profile picture.

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