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18 Jan 2021
@john_whitton:matrix.orgJohnW changed their display name from john_whitton | Sunrise Protocol to John | Sunrise Protocol.13:38:32
19 Jan 2021
@ukraine:matrix.orgchervol | MultiChain Ventures left the room.18:45:24
16 Feb 2021
@pim:nltrix.net@pim:nltrix.net 07:37:31
@pim:nltrix.net@pim:nltrix.net removed their display name pim.07:38:38
@pim:nltrix.net@pim:nltrix.net left the room.07:49:45
@pitbullch:matrix.orgPitBullCH joined the room.17:34:47
@pitbullch:matrix.orgPitBullCH set a profile picture.17:40:28
@pitbullch:matrix.orgPitBullCH left the room.17:43:10
18 Feb 2021
@blockzilla1:matrix.orgblockzilla1 joined the room.00:37:02
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20 Feb 2021
@nikolay_sh:matrix.orgnikolay_everstake left the room.09:02:19
22 Feb 2021
@shuaiyuan:matrix.orgShuai.Yuan changed their display name from Shuai.Yuan | SNZPool to Shuai.Yuan.15:06:10
@sleeply:matrix.orgsleeply joined the room.21:59:02
25 Feb 2021
@wholesum:matrix.orgwholesum left the room.05:30:55
6 Mar 2021
@gregorst:matrix.orggregorst left the room.00:38:28
21 Mar 2021
@amandarose:matrix.orgamandarose joined the room.10:57:40
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22 Mar 2021
@contcontsuli1988:matrix.orgcontcontsuli1988 joined the room.12:32:47
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23 Mar 2021
@john_whitton:matrix.orgJohnW changed their display name from John | Sunrise Protocol to John.18:08:19
24 Mar 2021
@john_whitton:matrix.orgJohnW changed their display name from John to JohnW.15:25:51
6 Apr 2021
@ccris02:matrix.orgccris02 joined the room.03:32:52
@john_whitton:matrix.orgJohnW changed their profile picture.15:26:04
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9 Apr 2021
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