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7 Dec 2018
20:15:36@wlsaud619:matrix.orgJ_ateam changed their profile picture.
9 Dec 2018
06:52:54@zmanian:matrix.orgZakiAll the genesis transactions for Game Of Stakes have been reviewed and the correct ones have been merged. The final genesis file will be release on Tuesday Dec 11 at 06:00 UTC
06:53:27@zmanian:matrix.orgZakiRedacted or Malformed Event
06:54:02@zmanian:matrix.orgZakiIf we succeed this will be by the largest BFT network in history.
22:32:18@zmanian:matrix.orgZakiJust a quick update on where we are. https://github.com/cosmos/cosmos-sdk/pull/2984 Broke simulation but wasn't caught at the time.
22:32:34@zmanian:matrix.orgZaki it's in v0.28-rc1 release
10 Dec 2018
04:29:32@wlsaud619:matrix.orgJ_ateam changed their display name from J to J_ateam.
04:36:42@jayb:matrix.orgJayB | Cosmostation changed their display name from JayB to JayB | Cosmostation.
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21:29:07@zmanian:matrix.orgZakiThe Cosmos v0.28 release is the GoS release https://github.com/cosmos/cosmos-sdk/tree/v0.28.0
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22:15:11@6c186c713:matrix.org6c186c713 (grassfed) changed their display name from 6c186c713 to 6c186c713 (grassfed).
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11 Dec 2018
03:08:31@rich_hazel:matrix.orgbenjamin | lunamint changed their display name from benjamin to benjamin | lunamint.
03:46:10@zmanian:matrix.orgZakiWe are delaying Game of Stakes for 48 hours

Game of Stakes Hardfork 1 wishlist


18:06:48@zmanian:matrix.orgZaki if you are a validator on genki-3000 please restart your validator and sentries
18:06:56@zmanian:matrix.orgZakithis will help us debug a tendermint issue
20:53:37@8uh:matrix.org8uh joined the room.
12 Dec 2018
21:09:21@zmanian:matrix.orgZakiI will share an updated GoS timeline in less than hour
22:38:45@zmanian:matrix.orgZakiWe will commit to a 1 week feature freeze on testnet release but only 1 day on a bugfix release. Monday was the last feature release expected and validators are playing with min feeze and gas limits for the first time. Lets aim for next Tuesday as GoS launch and encourage players to participate in testnets. The Tendermint liveness bug is being investigated thanks to some amazing contributions of forensic artifacts from the community. Dec 18th is what I am targeting for GoS
13 Dec 2018
11:14:04@koa___:matrix.orgkoa___ set a profile picture.
13:48:12@zmanian:matrix.orgZaki BTW you can set multiple fee tokens gaiad start --minimum_fees 1STAKE,1photino
18:42:39@zmanian:matrix.orgZakiWe are discussing some improvement to how fees work here https://github.com/cosmos/cosmos-sdk/issues/3105
14 Dec 2018
06:01:11@jeelimm:matrix.orgjeelim_ateam changed their display name from jeelimm to jeelim_ateam.
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15 Dec 2018
00:53:58@zmanian:matrix.orgZakiSome expectation settings for December 22nd to Jan 2nd. GoS will continue during this time period. I will be online and available to answer question and make decisions. The team will be taking time off, working on personal projects and spending time with their very patient families. If GoS goes down, do not expect an immediate hot fix before January.
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16 Dec 2018
19:46:41@zmanian:matrix.orgZakiIn tendermint 0.26 we made some important changes to the way timeouts work in Tendermint Consensus that brings the implementation in line with the consensus proofs. Timeouts are an important variable now when deciding how large a validator set, how geographically distributed your validator set is and the desired blocktime. https://forum.cosmos.network/t/consensus-timeouts-explained/1421

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