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2 May 2020
@Hayden_A:matrix.orgHayden_AI don't know what the best format would be for it, but I think new users want to import Nuget libraries. If many of the workshops were just about that: 'how I imported X library for y purpose, and here it is in use' that would be hugely useful. 12:47:44
@Hayden_A:matrix.orgHayden_AThis content could be behind a festival paywall, timed I would say, as a means of revenue12:48:48
@Hayden_A:matrix.orgHayden_AI think that creating apps for general purposes with Vl may be the more important idea to emphasize if we aren't focusing on 3D or change development12:50:20
Als Antwort auf @joreg:matrix.org
it is absolutely totally fine to do beta workshop at node. we always said so. if someone proposes them and some will subscribe to them, they will happen.
the question is not "is beta allowed" , this doesn't solve the confusion. in light of the future vvvv with stride, who wants to learn beta ? does it makes sense to do workshops with beta, only because gamma can not cover everything yet, knowing it will be abandoned sooner than later.
@u7angel:matrix.orgu7angeldo i want to propose a dx11 based workshop, knowing it will happen next to the shiny new vvvv version with a game engine and multi threading etc. ? but then again, its not fully there and finished. i'm in a loop you see 😜17:31:24
@domj:matrix.orgdomjI have similar concerns about the gamma vs beta issue in a different context. There's a creative coding course being prepared in my alma mater, CTU the technical university here in Prague. It will likely centre around data visualisation and it would be great to introduce vvvv to the students. But explaining the beta/VL synergy and two programming paradigms (they're similar but on a closer look there really is quite a leap) would likely take too long, since it will likely not be the only tool on the agenda. Focusing on VL (gamma) would also be great since it's an audience of programmers who would likely strongly feel the inherent limits of beta. But as it stands now gamma may not be up to the likely 3D centred data visualisations topic even though a year from now it might be amazing.18:19:51
@micronova:matrix.orgmicronovaas a member of the 'fairly new to learning both group', I would encourage dx11 and beta workshops. beta is so much easier to learn, but most of the concepts there are applicable to gamma. with beta you can pick parts and just start plugging things together and eventually sort your idea out. with gamma it takes a bit of 'programmer' knowledge to get a similar result. generally speaking it just feels a bit opaque, this clears up as the core concepts start to fall into place.18:45:19
3 May 2020

so the main problem regarding the 3d engine is that we cannot say when exactly it will be available. obviously our goal is to release something useful as soon as possible but i see how such a general expression of intent doesn't solve any of the confusion. so let me try another attempt, looking at NODE17 dx11 based workshops. here is my optimistic thinking about how things could work out if all goes to plan.

the following should be well suited for teaching with vvvv gamma using VL.Stride. we should manage to release in time so that early adopters will have enough time to dive into it so they can run such workshops. these level of workshops should actually be much simpler to teach:

  • 3d basics & building interaction
  • intro to dx11 rendering
  • openvr beginners
  • kinect beginners
  • cccc4d
  • really vvvvirtual
  • automotive UI prototyping
  • bullet physics
  • videofx & compositing

with the following, ideally it doesn't matter in what tool they are taught, because it is more about concepts that once understood can be applied to different tools. ideally though they can also be run with VL.Stride:

  • dx11 shaders upper intermediate
  • advanced dx11 shading
  • compute shaders
  • marching rays

then we had this range of workshops that were based on quite elaborate vvvv beta contributions. equivalents of those will most likely not be available in time. will these be obsolete once VL.Stride is out? i doubt so. it will still be valuable to learn about those and get inspired by their concepts. these are proven stable tools that may give some more certainty than our optimistic thinking about the future with VL.Stride:

  • procedural noise
  • instance noodles
  • dx11.particles
  • pbr rendering with fbxv4
  • forward+
  • superphong
  • triangle, tetgen, dope
  • projection mapping

and finally this range where it was probably less about learning vvvv as a tool but playing with it. so also with these kinds it doesn't really matter if beta or gamma:

  • cutting & folding paper
  • 3d printing
  • multiuser VR
  • radical bodies - dance in vr

obviously i don't know the details of all workshops so the above may not work out exactly as i hope here. but does this help in any way?

5 May 2020
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12 May 2020

Amazing list. Makes a lot of sense when you put it in proper context with the general principles like that.

There's definitely enough topics to go around, now just to get to them :)

25 May 2020
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29 May 2020
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7 Jul 2020
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8 Jul 2020
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2 Sep 2020
@domj:matrix.orgdomjHi, since NODE's happening in exactly a month, I thought it might be worth dedicating today's Therapy to it. How's the preparations going? What are you looking forward or even planning to bring to the table? How do you feel about the format? You're all invited to join at 17:30 at https://therapy.domj.net/ 😊11:49:44
@domj:matrix.orgdomj * Hi, since NODE's happening in exactly a month, I thought it might be worth dedicating today's Therapy to it. How's the preparations going? What are you looking forward or even planning to bring to the table? How do you feel about the format? You're all invited to join at 17:30 at https://therapy.domj.net/ 😊11:50:28
@davidbrrrr:matrix.orgDavid Brüll so cool.. we are under heavy rotation to bring all this to life.. not sure if I can make it.. iorec ? do you? 13:07:32
@joreg:matrix.orgiorecja, so good. i will try but cannot guarantee13:09:01
@domj:matrix.orgdomjPatch Therapy Room is open https://us02web.zoom.us/j/7387162659715:41:39
@joreg:matrix.orgiorec domj sorry can't make it. afk.. 15:46:22
@joreg:matrix.orgiorecbut pls do collect ideas and thoughts and let is know!15:46:58
@domj:matrix.orgdomjI'll let you know for sure, as long as there's any15:54:24
@domj:matrix.orgdomjnope, room's closed :)16:26:15
@joreg:matrix.orgiorecthe effort counts! thanks anyway!16:32:13
4 Sep 2020
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19 Feb 2021
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24 Feb 2021
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