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13 Dec 2018
19:17:07@freenode_yano:matrix.org@freenode_yano:matrix.orgthere sure are a lot
19:17:12@freenode_yano:matrix.org@freenode_yano:matrix.orgthis is the list of all the feeds, https://gist.github.com/myano/b4c1e06ed36fd64547a3
19:17:14@freenode_jenni:matrix.orgjenni [ feeds.txt ยท GitHub ] - https://bit.ly/2yCCFOy
19:18:51@freenode_NausX:matrix.orgNausX ok that's the unique list of all post?
19:21:29@freenode_NausX:matrix.orgNausXpretty useful, at what frequency is it updated?
19:23:03@freenode_yano:matrix.org@freenode_yano:matrix.org that's all the RSS feeds the bot hits
19:23:17@freenode_yano:matrix.org@freenode_yano:matrix.orgthe bot reaches out to the whole list once every 3 minutes
19:23:38@freenode_yano:matrix.org@freenode_yano:matrix.orgi manually update the feed URL when i remember to or when someone prods me
19:23:57@freenode_NausX:matrix.orgNausXoh, I did look at the link carefully, I thought it was the links it was posting in the main channel
19:23:59@freenode_yano:matrix.org@freenode_yano:matrix.org once in a while i get antsy that there aren't enough international sources so i'll go out looking for other country sources
19:24:02@freenode_NausX:matrix.orgNausX I see now it's rss
19:24:04@freenode_yano:matrix.org@freenode_yano:matrix.orgoh nope
19:24:14@freenode_yano:matrix.org@freenode_yano:matrix.org that's the RSS list that the links come from
19:25:14@freenode_yano:matrix.org@freenode_yano:matrix.org I've been running newsly since about 2012
19:28:42@freenode_NausX:matrix.orgNausX that's the bot itself or that's the rss aggregator?
19:31:33@freenode_yano:matrix.org@freenode_yano:matrix.orgthe bot does the aggregation
19:31:43@freenode_yano:matrix.org@freenode_yano:matrix.org it's just an big infinite loop
19:32:15@freenode_yano:matrix.org@freenode_yano:matrix.org i'm using this, https://github.com/kunwon1/gnuz
19:32:18@freenode_jenni:matrix.orgjenni [ GitHub - kunwon1/gnuz ] - https://bit.ly/SRyJgM
19:49:04@freenode_yano:matrix.org@freenode_yano:matrix.org that's the bot
20:05:41@freenode_NausX:matrix.orgNausX ah! ok, that's nice
20:24:04@freenode_NausX:matrix.orgNausXWe do not hear a lot about the bloomberg story about the chinese hardware hack lately
20:55:04@freenode_yano:matrix.org@freenode_yano:matrix.org yeah, i haven't heard about it
21:01:25@freenode_NausX:matrix.orgNausXnot at all?
21:01:34@freenode_NausX:matrix.orgNausX it's from oct the 4th
21:03:40@freenode_NausX:matrix.orgNausX I'm trying to know if a biker survived after a truck ran over his helmet in philippines, I see a lot of comments saying he's dead, and news saying he's alive, but no updates or proof of either so far, I'm trying to search news website from Philippines but these are crappy sites and search is very limited
21:09:13@freenode_NausX:matrix.orgNausXon the full video we can see him collapsing but nothing can assure that he died at that moment. I think some people are assuming he died when he collapsed but he could just be unconscient
14 Dec 2018
04:38:37@freenode_yano:matrix.org@freenode_yano:matrix.org left the room.

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