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22 Sep 2020
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23 Sep 2020
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24 Sep 2020
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@freenode_devc:matrix.orgdevc hey, how does slack3r vs. newsly_ work? feels like sometimes it's all slack3r and sometimes it's all newsly_? 02:13:21
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@freenode_yano:matrix.orgyano i'm not familiar with slack3r? 11:59:47
@freenode_yano:matrix.orgyanodevc: is that in another channel?11:59:55
@freenode_yano:matrix.orgyanothe source code for newsly is, 12:00:21
@freenode_devc:matrix.orgdevc yano: that answered my question - i lost my weechat config, so i went back and copy-pasted a bunch of commands from an old gist, and i remember 'merging' ##news and #newsbin before hiding #newsbin from the ui, so your answer gave me the idea to check that chan and sure enough slack3r was there. 12:40:58
@freenode_devc:matrix.orgdevc so... another stupid question... does that mean that newsly_ has been reporting news, and it's jsut not showing up in my UI? 12:42:01
@freenode_devc:matrix.orgdevcniiice. just figured it out.12:57:43
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25 Sep 2020
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26 Sep 2020
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27 Sep 2020
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