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About EFA Community: For People around the world, who are interested in Embedded SW/HW, Electronics, Industrial Automation, Robotics, OSH, OSS, Beacons, 3D Fab,Professional N/W'ing, knowledge sharing & discussions on these technologies & engineering.1 Servers

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24 Sep 2017
2 Oct 2017
06:23:45@wyverniv:matrix.orgwyverniv joined the room.
21 Oct 2017
18:50:15@ritu_deshpande:matrix.orgritu_deshpande joined the room.
30 Oct 2017
21:38:34@durtess:matrix.orgPlayer1 joined the room.
21:41:19@durtess:matrix.orgPlayer1Hello, channel seems kind of dead. I hope some people lurk at least
15 Nov 2017
19:59:36@snprintf:matrix.orgmkm joined the room.
20:00:56@snprintf:matrix.orgmkmDefinitely lurking
10 Jan 2018
13:12:41@raknaz:matrix.org@raknaz:matrix.org joined the room.
13:12:50@raknaz:matrix.org@raknaz:matrix.orghey people
13:14:42@raknaz:matrix.org@raknaz:matrix.org removed their display name raknaz.
11 Jan 2018
19:14:00@snprintf:matrix.orgmkmHey there!
27 Jan 2018
17:32:32@gaspar_92:matrix.org@gaspar_92:matrix.org joined the room.
4 Feb 2018
22:40:53@anomie:matrix.organomie changed their display name from 0xF00FC7C8 to anomie.
6 Apr 2018
21:55:42@djibooti:matrix.orgdjibooti joined the room.
7 Apr 2018
17:55:49@acdtrux:matrix.orgAcdtrux joined the room.
26 Apr 2018
17:44:37@gaspar_92:matrix.org@gaspar_92:matrix.org left the room.
18 Jul 2018
20:27:32@mathk2:matrix.orgmathk joined the room.
12 Sep 2018
23:17:27@sceadwian:matrix.org@sceadwian:matrix.org joined the room.
23:17:54@sceadwian:matrix.org@sceadwian:matrix.orgNot particularly busy here eh?
13 Sep 2018
01:48:06@sceadwian:matrix.org@sceadwian:matrix.org left the room.
18 Sep 2018
01:26:12@rix0n:matrix.orgRixon 🅼 joined the room.
19 Sep 2018
23:31:43@rix0n:matrix.orgRixon 🅼 What is 'professional N/Wing' ?
23:33:53@rix0n:matrix.orgRixon 🅼oh, NetWorking? never seen it put like that before lol
26 Sep 2018
08:09:22@synapsrt:matrix.orgsynapsrt joined the room.
27 Sep 2018
02:53:12@acdtrux:matrix.orgAcdtrux changed their display name from acdtrux to Acdtrux.
11 Oct 2018
18:18:38@rix0n:matrix.orgRixon 🅼 changed their display name from Rixon to Rixon 🅼.
5 Dec 2018
05:00:30@imoteph:matrix.orgimoteph joined the room.
13 Dec 2018
21:06:44@danielp3344:matrix.orgDaniel Peterson joined the room.
21:15:21@danielp3344:matrix.orgDaniel PetersonHi all, I have ~8.5 seconds of audio that I need to play on an arduino. But I only have ~25k of space. Are there any good compression algorythms for this? (I only need 8000sps)

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