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About EFA Community: For People around the world, who are interested in Embedded SW/HW, Electronics, Industrial Automation, Robotics, OSH, OSS, Beacons, 3D Fab,Professional N/W'ing, knowledge sharing & discussions on these technologies & engineering.32 Servers

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30 Aug 2022
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31 Aug 2022
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2 Sep 2022
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@noahwood:matrix.orgNoah WTrying to spread the word about this project and get some help with it. I found an amazing OctaCore SoC with built-in modem and datasheets, so I'm making an OSHW phone, full details at hackthisphone.com My plan is to turn this into the Framework of phones08:30:19
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3 Sep 2022
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6 Sep 2022
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7 Sep 2022
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8 Sep 2022
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9 Sep 2022
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10 Sep 2022
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13 Sep 2022
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15 Sep 2022
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16 Sep 2022
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18 Sep 2022
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20 Sep 2022
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24 Sep 2022
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25 Sep 2022
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27 Sep 2022
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30 Sep 2022
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1 Oct 2022
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5 Oct 2022
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