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12 Oct 2021
@6piz7wk:tchncs.de6piz7wkis there a way to calculate it?23:31:50
@6piz7wk:tchncs.de6piz7wki want to do prototype PCBs 23:31:59

Resistance is inversely proportional to cross-sectional surface area except not exactly but I don't know how the not exactly part works

@inv41idu53rn4m3:matrix.orginv41idu53rn4m3do some web searches :)23:34:48
@6piz7wk:tchncs.de6piz7wkbut i wanted to avoid doing that!23:35:32
@lispmacs:matrix.orglispmacsper the electronics textbook next to my bench, conductivity of a wire varies depending on type of material. Also, the longer the wire, the more resistance. Also, the greater the cross-sectional area of the wire, the less the resistance23:57:16
@lispmacs:matrix.orglispmacsalso, most types of wire have more resistance at warmer temperatures23:57:44
@lispmacs:matrix.orglispmacs6piz7wk: ^23:58:30
13 Oct 2021
@6piz7wk:tchncs.de6piz7wkgreater the cross-sectional area of the wire the less the resistance?00:00:06
@6piz7wk:tchncs.de6piz7wkSo for prototyping i shouldn't have issues with using a thicker wire for traces?00:00:24
@6piz7wk:tchncs.de6piz7wk... as thicker is more managable by hand00:00:30
* @6piz7wk:tchncs.de6piz7wk wants to isolate the wires and lay them on a sticky surface 00:00:48
@lispmacs:matrix.orglispmacsthat is correct00:01:02
@capt_hindsight:matrix.orgCaptHindsight 6piz7wk: thickness of the traces and their distance from one another and other layers also effects their impedance 00:27:16
@capt_hindsight:matrix.orgCaptHindsight 6piz7wk: https://www.4pcb.com/trace-width-calculator.html 00:28:46
@6piz7wk:tchncs.de6piz7wkthanks noted it, working on an abstract atm00:30:21
@capt_hindsight:matrix.orgCaptHindsightAC analysis https://www.eeweb.com/tools/microstrip/00:30:41
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14 Oct 2021
@6piz7wk:tchncs.de6piz7wk changed their profile picture.02:44:32
@6piz7wk:tchncs.de6piz7wk changed their profile picture.02:52:58
19 Oct 2021
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20 Oct 2021
@lthvd:matrix.orgLouwrensHi ! Does anyone have a pointer to good documentation / tutorial on Teensy (4) timers/counters ? Examples for beginner appreciated πŸ™‚14:03:21
21 Oct 2021
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