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15 Sep 2019
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27 Sep 2019
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30 Sep 2019
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1 Oct 2019
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21:49:47@danielp3344:matrix.orgDaniel Petersono/
23:01:43@applepi:matrix.treyead.techApplePihttps://github.com/Applepi/tft_zynq project I'm working on
23:01:47@applepi:matrix.treyead.techApplePiTrying to figure it out D:
4 Oct 2019
11:16:33@hoxtrop:matrix.orghoxtropRedacted or Malformed Event
15:45:36@danielp3344:matrix.orgDaniel Peterson hoxtrop: I am somewhat confused...
15:45:42@danielp3344:matrix.orgDaniel PetersonDo you have a diagram?
15:51:41@hoxtrop:matrix.orghoxtropRedacted or Malformed Event
16:02:04@hoxtrop:matrix.orghoxtropRedacted or Malformed Event
16:08:22@hoxtrop:matrix.orghoxtropRedacted or Malformed Event
16:11:07@hoxtrop:matrix.orghoxtropRedacted or Malformed Event
16:12:19@danielp3344:matrix.orgDaniel PetersonUnfortunately.... That's beyond me, sorry
16:14:56@hoxtrop:matrix.orghoxtropRedacted or Malformed Event
16:29:06@hoxtrop:matrix.orghoxtropRedacted or Malformed Event
16:29:21@hoxtrop:matrix.orghoxtropRedacted or Malformed Event
5 Oct 2019
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9 Oct 2019
21:42:27@applepi:matrix.treyead.techApplePiEffff, just found out what connector this lvds connector is and it seems no one uses it for common adapters: DF13-40DS-1.25C
21:42:35@applepi:matrix.treyead.techApplePiAnd the crimping tool is $690 USD D:
10 Oct 2019
01:29:56@danielp3344:matrix.orgDaniel Petersonlol
11 Oct 2019

What do y'all think I should do, I sent some CIEMs to get fixed because the left one lost almost all bass. It was somewhat fixed but it's still 5dB lower than the right ear so its not fixable. So my options are.

  1. Spend $400 to have them converted the their PS4 quad driver setup
  2. Spend $80 and $160 on parts to have https://www.digikey.com/product-detail/en/knowles/GV-32830-000/423-1419-ND/7035240 put in them
  3. Ask for them back for $20-30 + shipping and rebuild them my self for $160 with those same drivers
  4. Buy some other Universal IEMS + Shipping back my old pair
10 Nov 2019
02:03:44@danielp3344:matrix.orgDaniel PetersonScreenshot from 2019-11-09 21-02-06.png
Screenshot from 2019-11-09 21-02-06.png
02:03:53@danielp3344:matrix.orgDaniel PetersonI need help finding a socket for this
02:08:48@applepi:matrix.treyead.techApplePiFor powe9?
02:08:58@danielp3344:matrix.orgDaniel Petersonye
02:10:26@applepi:matrix.treyead.techApplePi I'd look for openhardware for power9 and see if you can find a BOM
13 Nov 2019
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