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21 Jan 2021
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@mehmet:grusbv.comMehmet Ali
In reply to @danielp3344:matrix.org
seems like a UART to me, but 115200 8N1 gives nothing
If garbage, I would just try frequencies or use a scope to find the frequency.
22 Jan 2021
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@danielp3344:matrix.orgDaniel Peterson Mehmet Ali: unfortunately I don't have access to a scope, but I will try finding the frequency 01:14:36
@danielp3344:matrix.orgDaniel PetersonIf I could get the heat sink off this CPU maybe I could find a datasheet but it's stuck tight01:15:10
@danielp3344:matrix.orgDaniel Petersonman.....01:29:01
@danielp3344:matrix.orgDaniel Petersonwell I solved the problem01:29:06
@danielp3344:matrix.orgDaniel PetersonScreenshot from 2021-01-21 20-30-24.png
Download Screenshot from 2021-01-21 20-30-24.png
@danielp3344:matrix.orgDaniel Petersonconnector I was talking about on the right doesn't work01:30:56
@danielp3344:matrix.orgDaniel Petersonthe real one is the three pads on the left there01:31:07
@danielp3344:matrix.orgDaniel Peterson😐️01:31:55
@danielp3344:matrix.orgDaniel Petersonat least I can start working now01:32:03
@danielp3344:matrix.orgDaniel Petersonnow I want to know what the other one is01:37:27
23 Jan 2021
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@danielp3344:matrix.orgDaniel PetersonDay 3: the attack continues....19:46:05
@danielp3344:matrix.orgDaniel Peterson apparently this chip (hisilicon hi3520) has 5 uarts 19:46:18
@danielp3344:matrix.orgDaniel Petersonthis is the only one I can find though19:46:27
@danielp3344:matrix.orgDaniel Petersonuboot uses it, but linux does not19:46:31
@danielp3344:matrix.orgDaniel Petersontrying to get mainline to run now since I can't get any signs of life from the kernel it comes with19:46:57
@mehmet:grusbv.comMehmet AliI haven't encountered a case where uboot used one uart but when linux was initialized it switched 19:55:41
@mehmet:grusbv.comMehmet Aliis it possible that linux is not booting at all?19:55:56
@danielp3344:matrix.orgDaniel Petersonthe device definitely boots21:14:56
@danielp3344:matrix.orgDaniel Petersonwell, the linux derived OS on there boots21:15:12
@danielp3344:matrix.orgDaniel Petersonthey might have serial disabled or something21:15:18
@danielp3344:matrix.orgDaniel PetersonI haven't gotten any positive signs of life from any kernel I tried21:15:31
25 Jan 2021
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26 Jan 2021
@mehmet:grusbv.comMehmet Ali Daniel Peterson: any updates? 16:45:57

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