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30 May 2023
@oceaniarose:matrix.orgOceaniaroseMe last week: Tachi use over 3 7hours total usage and shosetsu was about 7 hours for the week. This week im 3 days in and ive already hit 24hours total shosetsu usage 🤣.23:21:30
31 May 2023
In reply to @krilies:matrix.org
There is a YouTuber that said he was getting burned out of a certain game, that was 4 years ago and he is still making daily videos out of the game
@krilies:matrix.orgQuetzalcoatlRimWorld 06:52:11
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@krilies:matrix.orgQuetzalcoatl Clocks#3311: Can we get a memes channel? 17:04:59
@_discord_771429490710413353:t2bot.iokiazu42#8593 joined the room.18:31:58
@_discord_771429490710413353:t2bot.iokiazu42#8593 changed their display name from kiazu42 to kiazu42#8593.18:31:58
@_discord_771429490710413353:t2bot.iokiazu42#8593 Hello ho do you know what extention i need to download 18:31:59
@krilies:matrix.orgQuetzalcoatlYou don't, you download a few a pick the ones you orefer18:32:29
@krilies:matrix.orgQuetzalcoatlIf you're looking for a specific novel then download a few and use a global search18:33:01
@errort:7371111.xyzerrortWhat I did was download all them then and then do a search to see which sites have what you want and then only keep what you need18:33:08
@_discord_771429490710413353:t2bot.iokiazu42#8593 Ho can you give me some advisse on the one i need to download? 18:37:44
@_discord_203210841607241728:t2bot.ioFeedMeOreos There's nothing wrong with downloading one you don't need, so try them out as you like 19:19:54
@_discord_203210841607241728:t2bot.ioFeedMeOreos You can always uninstall the ones you don't like 19:20:08
@_discord_771429490710413353:t2bot.iokiazu42#8593 Ok thanks 19:30:17
In reply to @krilies:matrix.org
I love these.
@dathypnoboi:matrix.orgDat Hypnoboianyone playing tos2?23:43:19
@dathypnoboi:matrix.orgDat HypnoboiI've been enjoying it, it's nice getting back into tos23:43:47
@krilies:matrix.orgQuetzalcoatl(Town of Salem 2)23:54:03
1 Jun 2023
@dathypnoboi:matrix.orgDat Hypnoboiyeh00:39:12
@krilies:matrix.orgQuetzalcoatlDownload P1ZZ4_M0ZZARELL4-13x2xd7.mp405:32:42
@dathypnoboi:matrix.orgDat HypnoboiI can never associate with anyone who would hit the griddy for the UK05:33:40
@dathypnoboi:matrix.orgDat HypnoboiSo sadly I cannot join05:33:49
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