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Lightweight web client - https://hydrogen.element.io/ - current release: 0.2.3 - Roadmap: https://github.com/vector-im/hydrogen-web/projects/1 - FAQ: https://github.com/vector-im/hydrogen-web/blob/master/doc/FAQ.md83 Servers

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28 Jul 2021
@aaron:raim.istAaron Anis: note that you need to enter https://kde.modular.im as the homeserver URL since Hydrogen doesn't support .well-known lookup 03:30:11
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@jsalter:matrix.orgJames changed their display name from James 😴 to James.08:02:46
@jsalter:matrix.orgJames changed their display name from James to James 😴.16:56:46
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@hik:kde.org🏔️hikI am having problems connecting to kde :(20:16:45
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29 Jul 2021
@bwindels:matrix.orgBrunoThis rings a bell but can't remember from where.07:10:34
@bwindels:matrix.orgBrunoWhat browser is that?07:10:46
@jsalter:matrix.orgJames changed their display name from James 😴 to James.08:06:25
@hik:kde.org🏔️hikMicrosoft Edge14:33:18
@tandy1000:matrix.orgtandydid everyone see the 1.0 release of cinny?21:57:30
@tandy1000:matrix.orgtandyits based on element, but it seems to be a nice competitor to hydrogen / element 21:57:54
@tulir:maunium.nettulirI'm pretty sure it's not based on element21:59:35
@daniel:matrix.danilafe.comDanielFrom what I understand, Hydrogen's entire idea is to be optimized from the ground up for being quick and low-footprint. I don't think a fork of element can easily achieve that. But cinny certainly looks very nice!22:01:05
@daniel:matrix.danilafe.comDanielI also don't think cinny is based on element. It doesn't even seem to use Matrix's react SDK22:08:43
@tulir:maunium.nettulir matrix-react-sdk is element 22:09:29
@tulir:maunium.nettulirbut yeah cinny only uses matrix-js-sdk, it's not based on element22:09:52
@tulir:maunium.nettulir(hydrogen doesn't even use matrix-js-sdk though)22:10:06
@daniel:matrix.danilafe.comDaniel yep. I heard some talk about extracting parts of Hydrogen as a library, but I don't know too much. Also, cinny doesn't seem to support small devices quite yet 22:11:41
@daniel:matrix.danilafe.comDanielQuite a big fan of what they're going for, though22:12:23
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30 Jul 2021
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@tandy1000:matrix.orgtandyohh my mistake11:19:08
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31 Jul 2021
@chagai95:matrix.orgChagai ( backup account ) changed their display name from Chagai (backup account) to Chagai (backup account ).08:19:35
@chagai95:matrix.orgChagai ( backup account ) changed their display name from Chagai (backup account ) to Chagai ( backup account ).08:41:30
1 Aug 2021
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