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16 Dec 2018
18:14:30@chopingregis:matrix.orgchopingregisexactly i've been wondering, these profiles are very detailed, so are these also general details that can be reused? if yes what is a clever strategy in storing them for imediate strategic reuse?
18:15:25@theoryshaw:matrix.orgtheoryshawas in freecad clones, or the like?

as in freecad clones, or the like?


18:18:33@chopingregis:matrix.orgchopingregisScreenshot from 2018-12-16 13-17-15.png
Screenshot from 2018-12-16 13-17-15.png
18:18:40@chopingregis:matrix.orgchopingregisScreenshot from 2018-12-16 13-17-37.png
Screenshot from 2018-12-16 13-17-37.png
18:18:47@chopingregis:matrix.orgchopingregisfor example this detail was reused
18:20:37@theoryshaw:matrix.orgtheoryshawyes, i think that would be a good idea. In general, anything that we repeat more than once, i think should take this approach... that's why i use 'profile families', or groups in revit... because if something changes, we can have that change iterate through the other details as well.
18:23:57@theoryshaw:matrix.orgtheoryshawI would like to get Yoriks thoughts on this approach as well, as we've had many conversations around translating 'profiles' via IFC, etc.
18:24:35@theoryshaw:matrix.orgtheoryshawwe want to do it in a way that anticpates something we can translate through IFC in the near future
18:26:08@theoryshaw:matrix.orgtheoryshawtaps into that conversation, among others
18:27:44@chopingregis:matrix.orgchopingregisalright i'll be having that in mind as we get more familiar with the workflow on how to identify such places where the details can be stored in a way that makes it reusable. As for the changes that can be made once and iterate through out the model and other details aswell, This also will be a matter of ponderation, currently I know that freecad has a certain workflow and there are possible venues for using it's current tool to make these changes, however since it's not as grown up as revit, it certainly can't mimick in every regard, but for now i'll say that the workflow we are embarked on currently is a very much autocad like approach, which is good for mastering the foundations and requirements of a level up 3D bim workflow. The good news is that with where freecad is at right now, alot ofit's tools and functionalities can be optimised, i.e well refined, for example the x-ref ability, the ability of objects to have a base later profile etc grids that can start to function as reference planes etc
18:30:10@theoryshaw:matrix.orgtheoryshawYes, i would like defer to Yorik, in how he would like to approach this.
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interesting you've already had this conversation 2years ago ;-) veterans
18:42:29@theoryshaw:matrix.orgtheoryshawwelcome to the rabbit hole. :)
18:42:54@theoryshaw:matrix.orgtheoryshawif you want, you can also pick up some of these material changes: Newport_Beach_CA_Residence\Transfer\20181215 - internal - markups
19:16:38@yorikvanhavre:matrix.orgYorik van Havre

Yes, i would like defer to Yorik, in how he would like to approach this.

I'd say it doesn't matter much for now.. There are 2 basic ways, 1) clone the extruded object (structure) or 2) make another structure from the same profile. Both will work the same way as rvt families. But, it's easy to change the base profile of a structure. So it's easy to fix and clean afterwards, no real need to be over cautious now..

19:45:37@chopingregis:matrix.orgchopingregisScreenshot from 2018-12-16 14-44-45.png
Screenshot from 2018-12-16 14-44-45.png
19:45:40@chopingregis:matrix.orgchopingregis theoryshaw: How do you mean here?
20:21:11@chopingregis:matrix.orgchopingregisNewport_Beach_CA_Residence/_CLOSED_Newport_Beach_CA_Residence/Transfer/20181115 - from client - initial documentation

Newport_Beach_CA_Residence/_CLOSED_Newport_Beach_CA_Residence/Transfer/20181115 - from client - initial documentation

20181121 - Structural.pdf

20:26:03@chopingregis:matrix.orgchopingregisI've looked through the related structural drawing, but i'm not sure what i need to get from it.
20:39:52@theoryshaw:matrix.orgtheoryshawJust change the name of that material name in freecad.... I think it says treated plywood now.
20:40:43@theoryshaw:matrix.orgtheoryshaw So what's bubbled..is something I changed in revit...that now needs to be reflected in freecad.
20:46:09@chopingregis:matrix.orgchopingregisright so when you say a board needs to be 5/8" it truly must be 5/8" like u've bubbled
20:46:49@chopingregis:matrix.orgchopingregisScreenshot from 2018-12-16 15-46-26.png
Screenshot from 2018-12-16 15-46-26.png
20:47:47@theoryshaw:matrix.orgtheoryshawI think that material name is correct already in freecad
20:49:40@theoryshaw:matrix.orgtheoryshaw https://matrix.to/#/!gdvcWSscjGuxMWObxo:matrix.org/$15448041152746308JtYQD:matrix.org
20:50:27@theoryshaw:matrix.orgtheoryshawHad something to do with that conversation...it had a number it it that I corrected
21:39:55@chopingregis:matrix.orgchopingregisScreenshot from 2018-12-16 16-37-45b.png
Screenshot from 2018-12-16 16-37-45b.png

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