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1 Feb 2019
19:50:39@theoryshaw:matrix.orgtheoryshawWhat file is that, sorry?
19:51:22@yorikvanhavre:matrix.orgYorik van Havre this: https://github.com/OpeningDesign/FreeMVD_WorkFlow/blob/master/Specifications%20test%20files/_Random%20Tests/20190131_Simple%20Material%20tags%20creating%20numbers%20at%20end/Test%201%20-%20from%20FreeCAD/02_Material%20tag%20test.ifc
20:29:07@yorikvanhavre:matrix.orgYorik van Havre this is crazy... I don't understand.
20:29:55@yorikvanhavre:matrix.orgYorik van Havre I did a fix, that works (only one ifcSurfaceStyle with a given name in a doc), no difference
20:30:34@yorikvanhavre:matrix.orgYorik van Havre and if I change one letter to the material name, it works
20:35:19@yorikvanhavre:matrix.orgYorik van Havre it seems to be a conflict with the existing TREATED WOOD BLOCKING inside the template...
20:36:46@chopingregis:matrix.orgchopingregisthe revit template?
20:38:43@yorikvanhavre:matrix.orgYorik van Havre yes
20:39:04@yorikvanhavre:matrix.orgYorik van Havre somehow it seems to think this i snot the same material
21:38:43@theoryshaw:matrix.orgtheoryshawCan you replicate the ifc structure in test 2?
21:40:10@theoryshaw:matrix.orgtheoryshawThat did not conflict with the existing material in the template
21:43:48@theoryshaw:matrix.orgtheoryshawRedacted or Malformed Event
22:48:14@yorikvanhavre:matrix.orgYorik van Havre
In reply to @theoryshaw:matrix.org
Can you replicate the ifc structure in test 2?
They seem identical to me.. One ifcSurfaceStyle, used by both the material and the object
22:48:33@yorikvanhavre:matrix.orgYorik van HavreI must be missing something
11 Feb 2019
15:11:49@theoryshaw:matrix.orgtheoryshaw chopingregis: Curious, where are we at with this project? Can you give me an update?
15:12:48@chopingregis:matrix.orgchopingregisWe have to look at the material tag imports with numbers
15:13:29@chopingregis:matrix.orgchopingregis Or we can change those materials manually in revit. Once that's is fixed we can just layout the remaining details
15:13:43@chopingregis:matrix.orgchopingregisAnd export the sheets. You will probably do one last markup
15:13:46@chopingregis:matrix.orgchopingregisAnd shoot to client
15:14:10@chopingregis:matrix.orgchopingregis There is a detail on stand by that the client wants us to wait. I think it's the pool thing.
15:14:46@theoryshaw:matrix.orgtheoryshawcool.. so the revit template has all the lastest freecad models at this point?
15:18:06@chopingregis:matrix.orgchopingregisExcept perhaps the detail the client must clarify I suppose
15:18:46@theoryshaw:matrix.orgtheoryshawthat's fine.. i'm thinking i'lljust make the necessary mods in revit then
15:19:15@theoryshaw:matrix.orgtheoryshaw...then export out an IFC from revit
15:20:39@chopingregis:matrix.orgchopingregisYeah all the models in revit are up to date with latest markups and all the details with no duplicates details
15:21:07@chopingregis:matrix.orgchopingregis All that's left was to put material tags and drip the details on sheet and export
17:08:55@yorikvanhavre:matrix.orgYorik van HavreI still couldn t make much sense of the material thing... Are there a lot to fix if we need to do it manually? I mean, is it a very bad problem or a mild one?
17:09:34@theoryshaw:matrix.orgtheoryshawna.. i can fix it manually in revit, at this point

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