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BAKI BAKI NORE BITCHES Uhh, anything goes just be respectful, no slurs, no spamming, and no setting the chat on fire *cough cough* Kacchan- Rule 2) No bullying, copying, jerking off to anyone as said in the first if you do disrespect anyone i will kick you as a warning.. -Monoma)) Rule 3) If someone is being toxic and none of the mods or admin is on you can dm one of us and we will get back to you as soon as possible. -Monoma)) The next are by kirishima. Don't be toxic, not everyone has the same ship/opinion as you 2) Do not cause drama, it ruins vibes 3) Please do not share pedophilia ships 4) If theres already a ship there, there is no point in trying to shove yours unless they are comfortable with it 5) NSFW is allowed, just do not share Gore or Hentai. -Kirishima)) ~Sister rooms~ https://app.element.io/#/room/#AllMight:matrix.org https://app.element.io/#/room/#oopgay:matrix.org4 Servers

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8 Mar 2021
@emo_loner_scar:matrix.orgFumikage Tokoyami~
In reply to @tendo_satori:matrix.org
(hugs bk) ^^
-kisses her cheek-
@tendo_satori:matrix.org🦅🔪Tori Dracone~ i just wanna fuckin sleep😀🔪
In reply to @emo_loner_scar:matrix.org
-kisses her cheek-
@omi-omi:matrix.orgKatsu ItsukiPlease. 22:29:11
@emo_loner_scar:matrix.orgFumikage Tokoyami~send cursed image-22:29:42
@mountlady:matrix.org ⛰️🪵Mount Lady🪵⛰️ joined the room.22:30:55
@mountlady:matrix.org ⛰️🪵Mount Lady🪵⛰️ wait Fumikage Tokoyami~: are you nd🦅🔪Tori Dracone~ i just wanna fuckin sleep😀🔪 dating irl??? 22:31:26
@mountlady:matrix.org ⛰️🪵Mount Lady🪵⛰️*and22:31:31
@emo_loner_scar:matrix.orgFumikage Tokoyami~no22:31:41
@mountlady:matrix.org ⛰️🪵Mount Lady🪵⛰️oh22:31:50
@mountlady:matrix.org ⛰️🪵Mount Lady🪵⛰️there is 68 ppl in this room22:32:43
@mountlady:matrix.org ⛰️🪵Mount Lady🪵⛰️O_O 22:32:55
@omi-omi:matrix.orgKatsu ItsukiONE MORE22:33:34
@omi-omi:matrix.orgKatsu ItsukiPLEASE22:33:36
@omi-omi:matrix.orgKatsu ItsukiONE MORE PERSON JOIN.22:33:42
@mountlady:matrix.org ⛰️🪵Mount Lady🪵⛰️no 2 more so it will be 7022:33:51
@omi-omi:matrix.orgKatsu ItsukiNo. 69 is superior.22:34:05
@mountlady:matrix.org ⛰️🪵Mount Lady🪵⛰️and not 69 thats a bad number22:34:12
@mountlady:matrix.org ⛰️🪵Mount Lady🪵⛰️( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)22:34:22
@omi-omi:matrix.orgKatsu Itsuki "Bad number" snorts 22:34:28
@emo_loner_scar:matrix.orgFumikage Tokoyami~69 iz funnie noomber22:34:30
@emo_loner_scar:matrix.orgFumikage Tokoyami~like 34+3522:34:40
@omi-omi:matrix.orgKatsu ItsukiY e s.22:34:55
@mountlady:matrix.org ⛰️🪵Mount Lady🪵⛰️
In reply to @omi-omi:matrix.org
"Bad number" snorts
@emo_loner_scar:matrix.orgFumikage Tokoyami~
In reply to @omi-omi:matrix.org
Y e s.
m h m.
@mountlady:matrix.org ⛰️🪵Mount Lady🪵⛰️
In reply to @mountlady:matrix.org
-my dirty mind is triggered-
@y/n12:matrix.org L/N Takami i- facepalms 22:35:53
@omi-omi:matrix.orgKatsu Itsuki
In reply to @mountlady:matrix.org
-my dirty mind is triggered-
S a m e .
@omi-omi:matrix.orgKatsu ItsukiI didn't read it right- lesbfhgch22:36:07
@emo_loner_scar:matrix.orgFumikage Tokoyami~
In reply to @mountlady:matrix.org
-my dirty mind is triggered-
bro same
@mountlady:matrix.org ⛰️🪵Mount Lady🪵⛰️pfft-22:36:17

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