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6 Oct 2022
@jrei:matrix.orgj8rEven if you know what's the issue, what can you do? If it worked before, it is probably a regression coming from a library13:24:14
@jrei:matrix.orgj8rIf you made btrfs snapshots you could rollback though13:24:35
@jkarlson:kapsi.fiEmil KarlsonI'm on nixos, so I can definitely roll back13:25:15
@jrei:matrix.orgj8rBy "browsers", you meant Firefox and Chromium?13:26:36
@jkarlson:kapsi.fiEmil Karlsonyes13:26:47
@jkarlson:kapsi.fiEmil Karlsonalso thunderbird and electron crash13:26:59
@jkarlson:kapsi.fiEmil Karlsoncould be a thing like gtk13:27:07
@jkarlson:kapsi.fiEmil Karlsonthis also happened on fedora, arch and nixos, so not individual distro thing13:27:41
@jrei:matrix.orgj8rCould be yes13:28:10
@jrei:matrix.orgj8rThis is nearly always coming from a library issue at the root, distributions are "just" packaging it13:29:38
@jrei:matrix.orgj8rOf course compilation flags and other configurations are also important, but to a lesser extent13:30:51
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@cat7life:matrix.orgCatMan7LifeIm looking for element-desktop-nightly for opensuse or an .RPM13:56:15
@klugmathias:matrix.org0.Eth3rnal_ It's just Linux
In reply to @jkarlson:kapsi.fi
anyone running a rolling release distro notice browsers having start to crash on display power save mode fairly recently
I didn't notice a difference, FF still crashes around ~3 times a day, just as always.
@klugmathias:matrix.org0.Eth3rnal_ It's just LinuxActually is fedora rawhide rolling? 14:13:08
@jkarlson:kapsi.fiEmil Karlson!!14:12:55
@klugmathias:matrix.org0.Eth3rnal_ It's just Linux Well half the packages are managed by nix now as dnf stopped working. 14:13:44
@klugmathias:matrix.org0.Eth3rnal_ It's just Linux Also running sway. 14:13:51
@klugmathias:matrix.org0.Eth3rnal_ It's just Linux It's just classic fedora stuff. It doesn't even surprise me anymore. 14:16:31
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@planetjool:envs.netDual boots Arch and Nix changed their display name from Switched to Arch to Dual boots Arch and Nix.16:07:21
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@lurkki:pikaviestin.fi🎅 leipreachán na Nollag changed their display name from Nix Lover (unironically) to 🎅 leipreachán na Nollag.18:05:06
@lurkki:pikaviestin.fi🎅 leipreachán na Nollag
In reply to @coinbase_nft:matrix.org
In reply to @lurkki:pikaviestin.fi
another scammer i guess
@ngh:matrix.orgnghWhat makes you think that? 🤔20:49:58
@oj:d0.ee100% OJThe mods are just going mad with power. Keeping the crypto man down.21:05:25
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@panahifar.ah:matrix.orgامیرحسین پناهی فر | Amir Husayn Panahifar changed their display name from امیرحسین پناهی فر to امیرحسین پناهی فر | Amir Husayn Panahifar.22:01:28
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