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18 May 2022
@ngh:matrix.orgnghpls no18:30:09
@tauoverpi:tchncs.deLevyzip files sent by email with the current date as the version18:31:08
@ngh:matrix.orgnghYes please18:32:18
@tauoverpi:tchncs.deLevycode sent within a Micro$oft word document18:33:28
@tauoverpi:tchncs.deLevyversioning is just incrementing a number at the end of the name18:34:55
In reply to @tauoverpi:tchncs.de
versioning is just incrementing a number at the end of the name
Like editing DNS or some database schemes.

Oh I mean

  • stuff-1.docx
  • stuff version 2.docx
  • Stuff (version 3).docx
  • stuff v 6.docx
@michal-atlas:matrix.orgMichal_Atlasokay, you won't believe what one of my classmates did in our introduction to git course he did that, IN GIT he literally just had a docv1.txt docv2.txt checked in and pushed to his repo18:56:27
@danielp3344:matrix.orgDaniel Petersonhttps://xkcd.com/1459/19:30:07
In reply to @tauoverpi:tchncs.de
Tcll: At least try it before the C rewrite as Zig is meant to replace C here
Zig isnt explicit and statically typed....
In reply to @tauoverpi:tchncs.de
it's at least not as bad as java->scala
Scala died because of too much complexity. Java is still alive and keeps growing
In reply to @lordmzte:mzte.de
my fav build system is cargo but zig is also awesome
Nothing can replace tup (gittup.org/tup)
In reply to @jobotnik:matrix.org
Zig isnt explicit and statically typed....

> Zig isnt explicit

do go on, it's also statically typed which is nice

@jobotnik:matrix.orgjobotnikYes statically, but not explicit20:28:45
@tauoverpi:tchncs.deLevycompared to C there are far fewer implicit casts 20:29:45
@tauoverpi:tchncs.deLevyyou have quite a few pointer attributes which are tracked by the type system rather than having you guess at what they should be which is what happens in C20:30:28
@tauoverpi:tchncs.deLevy the only implicit casts are safe pointer casts ([]u8 -> []const u8 and so on) and integer/float widening 20:31:28
@tauoverpi:tchncs.deLevyand a few more https://ziglang.org/documentation/master/#Casting20:32:12
@tauoverpi:tchncs.deLevysee how anything which may lose information or result in an inexact value is handled with a builtin which you must call upon yourself20:33:23
@tauoverpi:tchncs.deLevy you cannot truncate without @truncate() or @intCast() (assert no bits are lost), integer overflow is caught unless you specify the behaviour on overflow with either modular or saturating arithmetic operators 20:36:00
@tauoverpi:tchncs.deLevyso whenever there isn't an obvious correct choice, the language forces you to make one20:37:30
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@tauoverpi:tchncs.deLevyeven division on integers requires a choice in truncation behaviour20:37:42
@tauoverpi:tchncs.deLevyso I'd say zig is certainly more explicit than C when it comes to types, operators, pointers, and casts20:39:31
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