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23 Oct 2021
@enigma9o7:matrix.orgenigma9o7just run linux from a cd/dvd or more likely today a usb drive01:06:03
@enigma9o7:matrix.orgenigma9o7almost all of the popular distrubitions offer a live image, meaning,you can boot it without messing with your actual hard drive01:06:19
@enigma9o7:matrix.orgenigma9o7just put it on a dvd or flash drive, boot it and see what its like01:06:31
@enigma9o7:matrix.orgenigma9o7if you like it, installit01:06:33
@enigma9o7:matrix.orgenigma9o7if you dont, dont01:06:35
@enigma9o7:matrix.orgenigma9o7if yer like completely new and dunno which linux to start with, well yeah thats an annoying issue01:06:58
@enigma9o7:matrix.orgenigma9o7cuz you only really know after you played around a while already01:07:08
@enigma9o7:matrix.orgenigma9o7but if you have no clue and want a good start and coming from windows, install mint xfce01:07:20
@enigma9o7:matrix.orgenigma9o7(personal reccommendation, others may reccommend others, but nobody who knows whats up will disagree that its a good start)01:07:45
@buff52heavy:matrix.orgbuff52heavySounds good. I'm liking Arch so far.01:08:48
@enigma9o7:matrix.orgenigma9o7well ok if you started with arch, good for you01:09:31
@enigma9o7:matrix.orgenigma9o7nobody does that01:09:38
@enigma9o7:matrix.orgenigma9o7like nobody01:09:39
@enigma9o7:matrix.orgenigma9o7so either somebody helped you, or you really like reading01:09:47
@enigma9o7:matrix.orgenigma9o7reading boring technical stuff01:09:52
@enigma9o7:matrix.orgenigma9o7but good for you01:09:54
@enigma9o7:matrix.orgenigma9o7a new linux user can most certainly start with arch if they follow instructions01:10:45
@enigma9o7:matrix.orgenigma9o7and really folowing instructions is all that really matters01:10:52
@buff52heavy:matrix.orgbuff52heavyI've got a good codemonkey in my corner. They've been volunteered to help me do the next install myself. XD01:11:28
@enigma9o7:matrix.orgenigma9o7and you'll learn quicker than mint/ubu users01:11:30
@buff52heavy:matrix.orgbuff52heavyI'm loving it so far. It's gnarly.01:15:51
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@tauoverpi:feneas.orgLevy (javascript delenda est)
In reply to @enigma9o7:matrix.org
if yer like completely new and dunno which linux to start with, well yeah thats an annoying issue
@phahkoh:matrix.orgphahkohIn old, tired of messing about. Settled on fedora kinoite.07:44:17
@phahkoh:matrix.orgphahkohBut have fun :) i do have arch still on a second drive 07:45:01
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