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18 Aug 2019
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24 Aug 2019
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30 Aug 2019
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11 Sep 2019
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19 Sep 2019
10:11:58@tr124:matrix.orgtr124 joined the room.
12:16:47@tr124:matrix.orgtr124 Hey. I'd like to install matrix and test newest RiotX on it. Anybody can help? Will pay w PayPal. Thanks
13:10:25@benpa:matrix.orgbenpa joined the room.
13:31:29@ahmed.yusuf8686:matrix.orgYusuf86 joined the room.
25 Sep 2019
07:20:35@vx3r:127-0-0-1.frvx3r joined the room.
1 Oct 2019
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2 Oct 2019
10:14:28@bachee:matrix.orgBACHEEHi, I want to Host the Riot in a Server and to Have both Apps (Android and IOS ) configured for a Case Study purpose. Anybody can help me to set this up, I am happy to pay for the Service
10:35:10@vx3r:127-0-0-1.frvx3r Is the docker image an option? Do you want to self host it or someone need to host it for you?
10:35:22@vx3r:127-0-0-1.frvx3r * Is the docker image an option? Do you want to self host it or someone need to host it for you?
13 Oct 2019
08:54:09@Half-Shot:half-shot.ukHalf-Shot changed their display name from Half-Shot to Half-Shot ✈️.
18:54:29@Half-Shot:half-shot.ukHalf-Shot changed their display name from Half-Shot ✈️ to Half-Shot.
18 Oct 2019
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21 Oct 2019
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6 Nov 2019
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7 Nov 2019
07:53:13@humanityplusplus:matrix.orghumanityplusplus joined the room.

Hello people, I'm writing up a spec for bounty/paid coding job to be posted here or on freelancer and need your input to refine it. It may be release as open source.
I request bids for a coding job to update MauniumBot (https://riot.im/app/#/room/#maulabbot:maunium.net) with below capabilities;

  1. Integrate with a particular EOSIO blockchain and execute all functions that cleos, the EOSIO CLI client (https://developers.eos.io/eosio-cleos/reference) can do
  2. Optionally (user selected) strip out any JSON tags for increased legibility by the most basic user
  3. Ensure transaction security through the provided end to end encryption tool (https://github.com/matrix-org/pantalaimon) or equivalent
  4. Two way bridge with telegram, discord and matrix groups
  5. Ability to easily add more 'actions' to the chatbot
08:27:50@humanityplusplus:matrix.orghumanityplusplusYour input is appreciated. DMs are welcome.
08:50:41@jeroen:im.leptonics.comJeroen joined the room.
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11 Nov 2019
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