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30 Aug 2018
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3 Sep 2018
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8 Sep 2018
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15 Oct 2018
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13 Nov 2018
10:39:18@mirrorinthewall:matrix.orgmirrorinthewallwho's got the jobs?
19 Nov 2018
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24 Nov 2018
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18:56:11@celine123:matrix.orgceline123Someone happens to install synapse? I can pay
25 Nov 2018
09:01:19@Coffee:matrix.orgCoffeeRedacted or Malformed Event
09:01:20@Coffee:matrix.orgCoffeePing Maximus
13 Dec 2018
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4 Jan 2019
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7 Jan 2019
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21 Jan 2019
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28 Jan 2019
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30 Jan 2019
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16 Feb 2019
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17 Feb 2019
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18:09:21@jackbekket:matrix.orgjackbekketLooking for hire a small dev team who can help me build my prototype (client app) Mostly I need one backend dev for fix up integration of client to the backend And also a strong js developer, who can help us to make missing parts of interface Position of CTO is also available, but we have to fix things fast
18:10:02@aqtusia:matrix.orgaqtusia joined the room.
18:10:13@jackbekket:matrix.orgjackbekketAlso you can contact with me in telegram (@sbekket)
20:51:44@yangm97:matrix.orgYan Minari 🚁 joined the room.
18 Feb 2019
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