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23 Nov 2022
@darknao:libera.chatdarknao I think we are a bit off topic anyway, so let's move to the open floor for the remaining of the meeting 20:17:36
@darknao:libera.chatdarknao#topic Open Floor20:17:43
@pboy:libera.chatpboyOK, my wish: We need a working plan for the next months and a plan who will do what.20:18:21
@pboy:libera.chatpboyresp. who is planning to do what. 20:18:42
@darknao:libera.chatdarknaoI was personnally going to work on the docs website revamp20:19:32
@darknao:libera.chatdarknao but that's not happening anytime soon, as I'm also working on the actual fedora websites revamp too 20:20:09
@darknao:libera.chatdarknaoso most likely after f3820:20:27
@darknao:libera.chatdarknao note that I may start before that, but it's not going to be ready before f38 anyway 20:21:09
@pboy:libera.chatpboyI think we several open issues: our team page, the release notes project, the quick docs, the tools set, a replacement for the old administration guide, just to name a few.20:22:04
@pboy:libera.chatpboyAnd some design or UX items, e.g.. a mor visible identification of the update status of our docs pages.20:22:54
@darknao:libera.chatdarknaoI also think we should use gitlab tickets more20:22:54
@darknao:libera.chatdarknaowe have a fews things on our plate as you explain, and most of them are just topics on discussion.fp-o20:23:32
@anthonymcglone:fedora.imAnthony McGloneI saw the Quick Docs thread over on the discussion fedoraproject org site. I can help out with that (or some of the other priority items mentioned). 20:23:57
@pboy:libera.chatpboydarknao agreed. Maybe we should discuss out ideas on discussion and the generate tickets for each (sub)project20:24:05
@darknao:libera.chatdarknaousing tickets more will probably help new contributors to know where they can help20:24:10
@pboy:libera.chatpboyWe should try to find out, who wants to do what.20:25:00
@pboy:libera.chatpboyand to coordinate it20:25:09
In reply to @darknao:libera.chat
using tickets more will probably help new contributors to know where they can help
tickets mean issue boards?
@darknao:libera.chatdarknao hankuoffroad: yes 20:25:33
@pboy:libera.chatpboyand probably we have to search for someone for a specific tasks 20:26:00
@pboy:libera.chatpboy We are running out of time. I'll open a thread about this on discussion. 20:26:39
@darknao:libera.chatdarknaook thanks everyone20:28:38
@anthonymcglone:fedora.imAnthony McGloneI agree about creating tickets as well. It's great for defining tasks with a set of acceptance criteria. 20:28:48
@pboy:libera.chatpboyYes, tickets have the advantage that you can find them again, unlike discussion.20:30:01
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26 Nov 2022
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