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7 Jul 2024
@smithereens-1:matrix.orgSmithereenshow does IPFS compare to filecoin and storj?23:14:47
@uxbrad:matrix.orguxBradWhat aspects are you trying to compare? Paying for storing files? Immutable content? Investment returns? https://bakeree.io/ipfs-vs-other-decentralized-storage-solutions/23:37:27
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8 Jul 2024
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@smithereens-1:matrix.orgSmithereens uxBrad: how ipfs, fil, storj etc are used in practice 06:56:31
@smithereens-1:matrix.orgSmithereensas a developer, if you were to choose a storage solution, to deliver files to websites06:57:17
@aboriginal:nope.chat@aboriginal:nope.chatRedacted or Malformed Event07:26:31
@aboriginal:nope.chat@aboriginal:nope.chatRedacted or Malformed Event07:27:26
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@ipfsbot:matrix.orgIPFS Bot @joshgilly (Josh Gilderdale) posted in IPFS Image Upload Fail
Hi everyone. We have a system where we upload images to Pinata using IPFS. Things were working well at first, although all of a sudden the API returns false and shows error message in HTML format: IPFS Upload failed: 500 Internal Server Error @media (prefers-color-scheme:dark){body{background-color:#000!important}} 500 Internal Server Error An internal server error has occu...
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9 Jul 2024
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@fiveseven:matrix.orgDale Gribbleใ“ใ‚“ใซใกใฏ00:16:54
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@ipfsbot:matrix.orgIPFS Bot @AustinFoss posted in Download File from IPFS Using Helia Without HTTP
I have an idea in mind Iโ€™m messing around with that I know was doable with the old js-ipfs library but I canโ€™t seem to find how to do it using the new Helia library. What is the equivalent of the old js-ipfs method ipfs.get() in Helia? My helia node is running and making connections properly in my browser, and I now want to download a CID from the network using those libp2p connections and not us...

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