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1 Jun 2021
@illeatmyhat:stirner.networkilleatmyhatMaybe it assumes people want editorial control over their content, such that things they "delete" don't live a needlessly long time. Or, because the system is eventually-consistent, that the user doesn't hold onto old stuff for too long?03:27:30
@_slack_filecoinproject_U023L8FT743:ipfs.iozean gyges joined the room.03:27:28
@_discord_183309006767521792:ipfs.ioElpranocotro I don't think this would change broadcast anyway, as from what I remember the DHT has a 2 hours max TTL. 03:28:05
In reply to @_discord_183309006767521792:ipfs.io
long TTLs could lead to bad update propagation, If you have a TTL of 3 days, do an updates, some nodes might keep the old version for up to 3 days
Yeah but if they see the update, they'll update their record accordingly, right? Do you happen to know the difference between "ttl" and "lifetime"? Been dying to know
@_discord_183309006767521792:ipfs.ioElpranocotro I think it's more the eventual-consistent side of things, you should assumes that deletion doesn't work on IPFS anyway 😄 03:28:48
@discordian:matrix.thedisco.zoneDiscordianI like the idea of my record being valid for a very long time because I often think of a Mars <-> Earth scenario03:29:22
@discordian:matrix.thedisco.zoneDiscordianPublishing nodes shouldn't really need to be around for a record to be valid03:29:43
@_discord_183309006767521792:ipfs.ioElpranocotro mars is at most at 22 minutes radio :D, I think 3600 second is enough then 03:29:50
@discordian:matrix.thedisco.zoneDiscordianWow only 22mins? For some reason I didn't grasp that03:30:07
@discordian:matrix.thedisco.zoneDiscordianBut still, long records, less data needs to go around, don't need it to be as reliable03:30:42
@_discord_183309006767521792:ipfs.ioElpranocotro 44mins of ping is still close to what IPoAC provides 03:30:45
@discordian:matrix.thedisco.zoneDiscordianNb, but has a pretty high packet loss tbh03:31:05
@_discord_183309006767521792:ipfs.ioElpranocotro I think one of them has to do with cache, and the other with republication in the DHT, idk if ttl is cache or DHT idk. I would guess TTL = cache, lifetime = DHT but I'm not sure. 03:31:18
@discordian:matrix.thedisco.zoneDiscordianCrank both of them up and see what happens03:31:43
@discordian:matrix.thedisco.zoneDiscordianI should work on ipfs-sync soon 🤔, really want a couple features.03:32:17
@discordian:matrix.thedisco.zoneDiscordianToo busy though : /03:32:48
@illeatmyhat:stirner.networkilleatmyhatfuture business opportunity for a train of floating storage satellites so that nobody has to rely on UDP03:32:49
@discordian:matrix.thedisco.zoneDiscordianDo it03:33:06
@_discord_183309006767521792:ipfs.ioElpranocotro Outernet proposes unidirectional broadcast data, with things such as weather, linux packages and twitter 😄 03:33:32
@_discord_183309006767521792:ipfs.ioElpranocotro (from space obviously) 03:33:37
@_discord_183309006767521792:ipfs.ioElpranocotro apparently it's now called othernet : https://othernet.is/ 03:34:11
@illeatmyhat:stirner.networkilleatmyhatI can't find any information on how to use ipns over pubsub03:36:33
In reply to @illeatmyhat:stirner.network
I can't find any information on how to use ipns over pubsub
@_slack_filecoinproject_U023L8FT743:ipfs.iozean gyges so do i 03:37:16
@discordian:matrix.thedisco.zoneDiscordianWith it enabled, you'll automatically use it when available03:37:30
@_discord_183309006767521792:ipfs.ioElpranocotro https://github.com/ipfs/go-ipfs/blob/master/docs/experimental-features.md#ipns-pubsub 03:37:31
@_slack_filecoinproject_U023L8FT743:ipfs.iozean gyges thanx 03:37:32
@_discord_183309006767521792:ipfs.ioElpranocotro ah discordian was faster 😄 03:37:39
@illeatmyhat:stirner.networkilleatmyhatah, but that tells me how to use it on the CLI. I'm checking out the go-ipfs CoreAPI and haven't found anything03:42:31
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