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27 May 2021
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@_discord_201860371038863360:ipfs.ioNock Hi, can someone help me to check my dns config ? To not wait 48h propagation delay for nothing 😅 17:01:47
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@hardcoresushi:matrix.underworld.frHardcore Sushi Nock Not an expert in DNS, but what do you need ? 17:13:51
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@harekiet:harekiet.comHarekietSet the ttl to an hour? 17:25:04
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@_discord_201860371038863360:ipfs.ioNock I've followed this : https://dnslink.io/#tutorial
Setup :
_dnslink.<sub>.<domain>.com. TTL 60     TXT "dnslink=/ipfs/<cid>"
<sub>.<domain>.com. TTL 0     CNAME     gateway.ipfs.io.
@discordian:matrix.thedisco.zoneDiscordianWhat domain? We can just look up the config17:49:42
@discordian:matrix.thedisco.zoneDiscordianOtherwise looks fine17:50:46
@discordian:matrix.thedisco.zoneDiscordianFWIW dnslink works with IPNS too, so you don't need to worry about updating the CID later.17:51:04
@_discord_201860371038863360:ipfs.ioNock Ok ok, so maybe I've to wait more tome (20h for now), yeah i've not tried to create an ipns for now, I am just starting to play with ipfs 17:53:07
@sheogorath:shivering-isles.comSheogorathIf it's a new entry it should work basically immediately.18:07:38
@sheogorath:shivering-isles.comSheogorathOnly if you edit it there should be a noteworthy delay18:08:02
@fusetim:matrix.orgFuseTimmaybe your DNS resolvers are slow to update, can we test it ourselves ?18:10:51
@fusetim:matrix.orgFuseTim * maybe your DNS resolvers are slow to update, can we test it ourselves ? Oh wait it can't 18:12:20
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@evanito:matrix.orgEvanito Hey @_discord_201860371038863360:ipfs.io a screenshot of your actual DNS provider settings would help. That's where I found most misconfiguration issues to be. 18:20:57
@evanito:matrix.orgEvanitoOtherwise, I recommend requesting your site over TOR to get fresh DNS results, bypassing the TTL18:22:32
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