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28 May 2021
@faynealdan:matrix.orgFayne AldanNice18:02:48
@faynealdan:matrix.orgFayne Aldan I’m surprised it’s not officially on IPFS. 18:03:12
@faynealdan:matrix.orgFayne Aldan Actually, now that I think about it, why would you NOT use Element over IPFS? Ensures availability. 18:03:39
In reply to @faynealdan:matrix.org
I’m surprised it’s not officially on IPFS.
Me too
@swedneck:feneas.orgjan Swedneck
In reply to @discordian:matrix.thedisco.zone
Apparently Element Web works perfectly fine if you just slap the files onto IPFS and load it
y'know, ipfs.io really ought to "host" an up-to-date version
@discordian:matrix.thedisco.zoneDiscordianHaha yeah if the Matrix folks won't, maybe there should be an ipfs.io one18:04:09
@discordian:matrix.thedisco.zoneDiscordianIf we have our own HS now, it could make registration/joining the community easier too over Matrix (set the defaults to ipfs.io)18:04:40
@swedneck:feneas.orgjan Swedneckespecially since it's annoying to run it from localhost, what with HTTPS18:04:56
@discordian:matrix.thedisco.zoneDiscordianI'll run this idea by Dietrich, I'm sure he'll think it's cool18:05:42
@swedneck:feneas.orgjan Swedneckbtw is there an ipfs space yet?18:07:03
@discordian:matrix.thedisco.zoneDiscordianNot yet AFAIK. I'm assuming that'll be after beta? I think they said they could possibly nuke existing spaces before the end of beta anyways so I didn't even enable it on my HS yet.18:07:43
@cyplo:cyplo.devcyplo joined the room.18:12:39
@faynealdan:matrix.orgFayne Aldan Maybe we could form a community where we pin static web apps, like Element, over IPFS. 18:13:18
@discordian:matrix.thedisco.zoneDiscordiantbh I'm looking forward to Web1.0 type stuff, but over IPFS, like blog rings and whatnot18:13:52
@faynealdan:matrix.orgFayne Aldan Make a GitHub repo with CI to automatically pin over Pinata so we can just update submodules and everything is done automatically. 18:13:59
@discordian:matrix.thedisco.zoneDiscordianI think https://cluster.ipfs.io/ might interest you18:14:31
@faynealdan:matrix.orgFayne Aldan I’ve looked at that page before and I have no idea what it is lol 18:15:29
@discordian:matrix.thedisco.zoneDiscordianTbh I also find it a bit powerful for day-to-day too18:15:52
@discordian:matrix.thedisco.zoneDiscordianBut it allows you to have multiple nodes in a cluster, and manage pinsets18:16:17
@faynealdan:matrix.orgFayne Aldan/shrug18:21:35
@discordian:matrix.thedisco.zoneDiscordianSo your idea sounds similar to what I wanted to do, have some way for everyone to contribute to a pinset, and pin it, removing/adding as that set changes?18:22:17
@discordian:matrix.thedisco.zoneDiscordianI think if we do that, we should utilise MFS to have human-readable names for things18:22:46
In reply to @discordian:matrix.thedisco.zone
Apparently Element Web works perfectly fine if you just slap the files onto IPFS and load it
Just did that, pretty cool
@faynealdan:matrix.orgFayne Aldan Yeah, and it’d be nice to be able to pin static web apps, like Element Web, so we can just save them on our computer and access them without going online. 18:24:34
@faynealdan:matrix.orgFayne Aldan Kinda similar to how I use Docker for hosting different services for personal use. 18:25:04
@faynealdan:matrix.orgFayne Aldan I have a VPN I use to connect to my home computer so I can access some of my personal services from my phone. 18:25:39
@discordian:matrix.thedisco.zoneDiscordianYeah, I totally agree. I really want a browser where I can bookmark websites, and bookmarks are pins or something.18:25:56
@faynealdan:matrix.orgFayne AldanOh wait, doesn’t IPFS Companion have a button to just import a page into IPFS? How well does that work?18:29:00
@discordian:matrix.thedisco.zoneDiscordianIt looks alright, it imports it to MFS which is good, but I don't think it prompts much, so it feels more like throwing things into a bucket18:29:46
@discordian:matrix.thedisco.zoneDiscordianAlso I think it only imports the current page, it'd be nice to be able to set scope18:30:14

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