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4 May 2018
@bendlas:matrix.orgbendlasSorry for the pic re-add, I misclicked ...02:30:02
@bendlas:matrix.orgbendlasHow about doing one or more intermediate-advanced hacking sessions at some point? I'd like to work on a matrix app-service, to link our twitter feed into this channel ... ;-)02:33:05
@bendlas:matrix.orgbendlasRedacted or Malformed Event02:35:35
@bendlas:matrix.orgbendlasI mean, there is https://github.com/Half-Shot/matrix-appservice-twitter, but github says it's retired, and it's not in Clojure anyway ;-)02:38:02
@bendlas:matrix.orgbendlasalso, a whole app service (able to mirror twitter users into matrix, via DM) is probably overkill, right?02:42:37
@bendlas:matrix.orgbendlasad May Meetup: be looking forward to have pyr as a guest speaker! \o/02:45:29
11 Jun 2018
@p_brc:matrix.orgp_brcDo we have topics for the next meetup? I have been using Planck lately which could be interesting and maybe a first look at Datomic Ion09:44:32
13 Jun 2018
@bendlas:matrix.orgbendlasPlank is really cool08:57:39
22 Jun 2018
@kloimhardt:matrix.orgkloimhardtCan someone paste the following code into a Clojure 1.9.0 repl? Does anyone understand why the last expression does not throw a spec exception? (do     (require '[clojure.spec.alpha :as s])     (require '[clojure.spec.test.alpha :as ts])     (defn foo [bar] bar)     (s/fdef foo :args (s/cat :baz number?))     (defmulti foo-multi identity)     (defn make-method [multi-fct fct]      (defmethod multi-fct :no-exeption [bar] (fct bar)))     (make-method foo-multi foo) (ts/instrument)     (foo-multi :no-exeption))07:23:16
25 Sep 2018
@bendlas:matrix.orgbendlas kloimhardt Sorry, erst jetzt mal gesehen. Das is, weil (make-method foo-multi foo) schon das Funktionsobjekt aus foo-multi rausnimmt (äquivalent zu (deref (var foo-multi))), bevor ts/instrument die var instrumentiert. 13:49:06
@bendlas:matrix.orgbendlas erm ... s/foo-multi/foo 13:51:53

probier zum vergleich

        (require '[clojure.spec.alpha :as s])
        (require '[clojure.spec.test.alpha :as ts])
        (defn foo [bar] bar)
        (s/fdef foo :args (s/cat :baz number?))
        (defmulti foo-multi identity)
        (defn make-method [multi-fct fct]
          (defmethod multi-fct :no-exeption [bar] (fct bar)))
        (make-method foo-multi #(foo %))
        (foo-multi :no-exeption))
3 Oct 2018
@kloimhardt:matrix.orgkloimhardtbendlas, danke für den Hinweis von "foo" auf "#(foo %). Ich hab in der Zwischenzeit dem Maintainer von sicmutils eine Lösung mit Macros vorgeschlagen https://github.com/littleredcomputer/sicmutils/issues/33 . Die hat er angenommen. Ich hoff ich hab da jetzt nicht die schlechtere Lösung vorgeschlagen.17:44:38
1 Dec 2018
@bendlas:matrix.orgbendlasI created an advent-2018 project in the clojure-vienna github org: https://github.com/clojure-vienna/advent-2018 feel free to contribute :-)16:25:37
10 Dec 2018
@odi79:matrix.orgodi79 joined the room.21:12:46
16 Jan 2019
@bendlas:matrix.orgbendlas kloimhardt: hier was für dich: https://clojureverse.org/t/online-meeting-clojure-data-science/3503 23:00:03
17 Jan 2019
@kloimhardt:matrix.orgkloimhardtCool, danke00:07:16
@odi_79:matrix.orgOliver Dunkl joined the room.07:10:45
28 Mar 2019
@odi_79:matrix.orgOliver Dunkl set a profile picture.14:03:31
6 May 2019
@kommen:matrix.orgkommenwe launched nextjournal's public beta today: https://nextjournal.com/mk/public-beta13:34:36
@kommen:matrix.orgkommenupvotes on hackernews and producthunt weclome ;) https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=19837742 https://www.producthunt.com/posts/nextjournal-213:34:58
7 May 2019
In reply to @kommen:matrix.org
we launched nextjournal's public beta today: https://nextjournal.com/mk/public-beta
@ferakpeter:matrix.orgferakpeterHas anyone experimented with the new version of spec?07:38:29
@ferakpeter:matrix.orgferakpeter changed their profile picture.07:39:28
@kommen:matrix.orgkommen ferakpeter: yes, I've replicated our graphql-like spec approach with spec-alpha2, where I can now use s/select forms to generate a Datomic pull query when it encoutners a Datomic entity in a value to be conformed 10:46:55
@ferakpeter:matrix.orgferakpeterah, cool, would love to see that.11:21:18
@kommen:matrix.orgkommenhere's my playground https://gist.github.com/kommen/d5de2ab9495402dbc89d7d89b6b965fe13:43:24
@kommen:matrix.orgkommenlet me know what you think :)15:26:36
8 May 2019
@ferakpeter:matrix.orgferakpeterlooks useful, I want to try some things with it. did I get it right from Rich's talk that he wants to make "parts" of the schema reusable. For instance if you use the defined schema to make sure that data comes correctly from the DB, and then use ONLY "id text1" for a method, then you can specify that?07:17:25

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